Khushi Vape Pen. The Features, and Review of the Khushi Voltage Vaporizer

    Khushi Vape Pen. The Features, and Review of the Khushi Voltage Vaporizer

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    What is a Khushi vape pen?

    The Khushi vape pen is a variable voltage battery pen that is used for vaporizing dry substances. The Khushi vape pens have been identified for having variety of products in the market that vape users can select from.

    The pen has maintained its convenience and efficiency by making the pen accessible to beginners and the advanced user too. They have standard designs that are well packaged and good looking.

    When we look at the number of superiors dry herb vaporizers in the market, we can see that the Khushi vape pen is not so much unique and it may be a hard choice for vape enthusiast.

    People tend to look into more advanced and improved features but this vape pen still has a promising performance. The pen works perfectly and has been praised all over in their reviews and feedbacks. The pen still features some of the most basic tools that you would expect in a vape pen.

    Features of the Khushi vape pen

    • Available in three outstanding colors
    • Lightweight device that is compact in design and easy to use
    • 1100mAh lithium-ion battery that can be recharged
    • USB charging cable is included
    • Quick recharging time at 1.5 hours
    • Five time button press for device activation
    • Variable voltage pen that is button activated
    • Preheat mode that is activated by pressing on the power button twice
    • LED indicator for battery and voltage settings
    • 510 threading connection for easy assembly and disassembly

    Khushi vape pen design and build

    Going by the design and features, the Khushi vape pen looks like that standard dry herb vaporizers in the market. By taking a closer look at the pen, you will start seeing the various differences that set it apart from the other brand of vape pens.

    The vape pen features a clear tank that enables users to see how their vapor builds up in the device. The tank on this device is screwed at the top of the battery and the same 510 threading for connecting cartridges is used for charging as well.

    The pen is also considered as a two part because it only has a battery and a tank that has the mouthpiece mounted on it. The 510 threading connection is good for connecting the device to many other 510 threaded cartridges. The Khushi vape pen features a simple build and the tank is well fitted with coils that make heating easier in the chambers.

    The tanks can hold up to 0.5 grams of substance and this is an attractive amount that is highly considered by people who need to burn more herbs without having to constantly fill their tank after every session. The added visible tank allow the user to see how the vapor build up and this is equally satisfying.

    How to use the Khushi vape pen

    When you take your pen from its package, you will find a vape battery, a mini charger and a tank. Go ahead and take out the rubber cover at the base of your cartridge and insert it into the battery. Ensure that you are using a battery that is already full charged and perfectly working.

     To turn on the device, press on the power button five times and press it again three times to navigate through the variable voltage settings. To start vaping on dry herbs, start from a lower voltage to heat up the coil adequately and then move up to higher voltages to give more power output that will fully heat up your substances.                   

    When the pen is already set up and active, take a draw from the mouthpiece. You will realize how moving up and down through the voltage settings will greatly influence how you get to vape.

    If you feel like the Khushi vape tank does not serve you adequately, then you have the option of using other 510 compatible threaded cartridges.  And it should help if you remember that this pen does not have a cut off timer, so you have to switch it off every time you are done using it. Switching of your device ensure that your coils are protected from burning up and your herbs getting overtly cooked up.

    How the Khushi vape pen performs

    The Khushi vape pens is one of the best dry herb vaporizers you can lay your hands on. The 1100mAh battery is sufficient for heating up your substances and can last you for long. The pen can adequately heat up the elements giving you one of the best ad smoothest vapor.

    When you go on a full battery charge, the pen can successfully deliver hits for up to twelve hours. You just have to ensure that you use good temperatures that will be smooth on your coils.

    The device has one button for control and this has become a common feature for most vape pens. To turn on the device, you need to press on the power button five times consecutively till the LED indicator lights come on.

    When your vape pen runs out of power, you need to charge it but one thing to remember is to ensure that your battery is fully drained before you connect it to a charging port. This is guaranteed to give you a stronger charge hold next time you are going to use the pen.

    The variable voltage allows you to set the temperatures to favorable voltages that can sufficiently burn up your substances. 

    Even with the 510 threading, you need to be sure that the particular cartridge easily fits into the battery because some may be smaller and some may be too large and could end up getting stuck. This is necessary before you load up a dry herb tank.

    How to charge your Khushi vape pen

    Proper charging of your vape penis one key ways you can protect the life of your pen. This is one way your battery will stay healthy and serve you for a longer time. When your pen runs out of charge, you need to get it recharged on time. In the vape it, you will find a micro USB charger that is fixed on the 510 connection of the pen.


    You can then connect the charger to any outlet that is connected to a power source. You will see the LED lights displaying a continuous color scheme to show that the battery is charging. When your device is full, the lights will keep blinking and finally switch off.

    Make sure you check on your battery to avoid over charging or discharging. Taking care of your battery means that it will be there to serve you for a longer time.

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