WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

JUUL vs. Vape, Which is better for Health?

17th Apr 2021 | 827 | upends v

UPENDS Guide to the Relationship between Juuling and Vaping

As you quit smoking, you would like to continue enjoying the nicotine or marijuana hit. This is possible if you adopt either Juuling or vaping. These two give you the best alternative to continue enjoying and quenching your cravings.

You need to fully understand these two scenarios as you quit smoking to make you not fall back to smoking. Juuling in this scenario refers to the use of a specific e-cigarette known as JUUL to vape. Vaping, on the other hand, involves using any e-cigarette brand to enjoy the nicotine hit.

Due to our vast knowledge in vaping and Juuling, we have set aside this guide to give you insights into these two scenarios. Let's read to the end!

What is Vaping?

To understand the concept of vaping fully, it's prudent that we understand what a vape is. A vape, mostly referred to as an electronic cigarette (E-Cigarette), is a device that heats up an e-liquid to change it to an inhalable vapor.

So what is vaping? Vaping is the process of using a vape to inhale a vapor that it creates. The vapes are battery-powered and can be activated when you take a puff. The vapes have cartridges that hold the e-liquid To facilitate vaping. The e-liquid is heated up by the heating element to turn into an inhalable vapor that you inhale. The e-liquid contains nicotine, chemicals, and flavorings.

Unlike traditional cigarettes that burn tobacco to release nicotine in the form of smoke, vaping allows you to enjoy nicotine through inhalable vapor.

What is Juuling?


Juuling and vaping relate closely. Juuling is a form of vaping but restricted to a certain brand of e-cigarette called JUUL. A JUUL resembles a USB drive in design but does not look like a traditional cigarette.

JUUL devices also heat up a cartridge containing an e-juice to convert it to an inhalable vapor.

Juuling has gained popularity in the recent past as many JUULs are small enough to fit into your pocket, allowing you to enjoy Juuling anywhere, anytime.

A JUUL eliminates the confusion in operating it; it does not have many parts that can intimidate you more so when you new to Juuling.

Why Do Teens Prefer JUUL vs. Vape

Juuling is popular among teens because many of them think that JUULS does not contain nicotine, among other reasons. Some of the main reasons that the teens relate as to why they prefer Juuling include;

  • The JUULS are available in different flavors that allow them to enjoy the best flavor of their choice.
  • Juuling is widely accepted; thus, they can JUUL easily, even at points where tobacco is not accepted.
  • They see their peers and family members Juuling.
  • Because of the relaxed restriction on JUULs, teens can easily obtain them and thus making Juuling easy.

JUULs can fit into the pocket, thus easy for the peers to hide them in pockets when they are in JUUL prohibited points.

Difference between Vape and JUUL

The fact about a Vape and a JUUL is that both are e-cigarettes. They both offer the best way to consume nicotine without the smell or tar associated with smoking.

Here is the notable difference between the two;

A Vape pen comes with three main parts; the battery, a heating coil, and a liquid reservoir. It requires that you fill the liquid reservoir with your favorite e-liquid, activate it by pressing a button, or by puffing and start enjoying.

A JUUL, on the other hand, is a Juuling device that is the best for beginners in the vaping world as it is easy to use. It only requires two parts, the flavor pods, and the device, to operate. A JUUL is USB drive-shaped and resembles a standard cigarette that can fit into our pocket.

JUULs are specific vape pens from a specific brand while vapes cut across: a vape is a collective term that encompasses a variety of vaping equipment, including the JUULs.

The vape has an advantage as it provides a wide range of customization in delivering the amount of nicotine.  

JUUL vs. Vape, Which is better for health?

JUULs are a type of vape that, when used to consume nicotine, is referred to as Juuling. We can all agree that there is no much difference between Juuling and vaping. Juuling and Vaping all come with a similar experience out they only differ in the equipment used. Whereas Juuling is restricted to the use of JUULs, vaping encompasses the use of JUULs, among other vaping equipment.

Both Juuling and vaping are used to let you quit smoking without failing to get the required hit. The health effects of Juuling can be similar to those of vaping.

JUUL Nicotine vs. Vape Nicotine

JUUL and vape contain nicotine, but they differ in the brand you use. There is no major difference between the nicotine content that you can consume through a JUUL and that you can consume using a vape.

Many teens are lured to Juuling as they think that JUULs only contain water flavoring, but this is not the case; the JUULs contain nicotine as much as the vapes do.

When using a JUUL, you consume the nicotine content through Juuling, which is a form of vaping that restricts you to using just one brand. The JUUL limits you to specific customization and may restrict you to the amount of nicotine you consume per puff.

If you choose a vape, you can vape nicotine using different vape brands with no limit; you can also use JUUL as a vape. The vape allows you wide customization. Thus you can enjoy vaping in different settings on a vape. The vape allows you to enjoy different nicotine flavors and different nicotine strengths. This means that the vape allows you to decide on the amount of nicotine you want to consume.

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The equipment you choose between a JUUL and a vape depends on your preference and the experience you have in the field of vaping or Juuling. A JUUL is less complicated, thus easy to use, making it user-friendly. Due to JUUL’s simple user interface, it is disadvantageous as it limits you on customization features. The vape, on the other hand, encompasses a wide selection of vape pens. The vape gives you an opportunity to choose from a wide variety of vape pens, including the JUUL, depending on their availability and ease of use.