WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Juul Vape Pen. All You Need to Know About Juul Disposable Vape Pen

12th Jun 2021 | 433 | upends v

What is a Juul vape pen?

The Juul vape pen is a starter kit portable vaporizer that uses the pod system for tanks. The vape kit is non-refillable and is closed. The closed pod system means that you cannot use any other tanks or juices on the device.

The pods to use for this pen are proprietary and you need to source them directly from the Juul Company. You can get pre-filled pods with nicotine salts rated at 3% and 5% which have different flavors.

What to expect from a Juul vape pen

  • The pen has a tiny form factor that can easily fit your pocket
  • The tight draw mouth to lung feature is made to mimic drawing from cigarettes
  • One thing you will appreciate is that it will never give you any dry hits because it has an internal temperature system
  • The pen can take a full hour to charge and it can last you up to twelve hours
  • The vape pods are filled with non-tobacco sourced nicotine salts

Design and build quality of the Juul vape pen

The Juul pen has the same size as a normal cigarette and actually appears to be very familiar. The assembled device holds the battery and the pod and is a couple of inches long and has a weight of a few grams. By comparing the Juul to other devices, you get a pen that is lighter and comfortable to use.

One of the most important features of the Juul e-cigarettes is that it was made to have an ergonomic design. The pen is easy to hold between your hands and the feeling is no different from using a normal cigarette.

The pen is additionally light enough and you can comfortably hold it between your lips anytime you take a drag. But as you take a drag, you need to remember that the Juul is slightly heavier than the cigarette so it might fall off your mouth if you are not careful about how you are using it.

When you look closely into the device, you will notice it has a small LED light that will light up anytime you insert your Juul pod into the battery and anytime you take puffs from the pen.

This particular LED light can be used to check the amount of battery that your device is left with. When you want to check your battery levels, you will tap twice on the area below the LED light. It will flash in any of the three colors to show how much power your device is still left with.

When it shows green, that means that the device is fully charges and yellow means that the battery is close to half-full. When the red color comes up then that is a warning sign and you have to place your battery into charging. As soon as you can

Build of the pen

The Juul labs utilized the one-piece construction formula and that is very spectacular. You might not see or feel any seams on the pen. The finish is very even and sturdy when you hold it in your hand.

Compared to other re-cigarettes that will feel more of plastic and hollow, you can tell that the Juul pod comes fully loaded. The Juul vape pen has been made to be very efficient owing to the magnetic charging dock which is one of the best quality products.

When we talk about the charging dock, all you need to do is to place the Juul into the slot and it will immediately start charging. Compared to the other e-cigarettes that you need you to unscrew all the flavor capsules and then screw the batter onto a USB charger.

Performance of the Juul vape pen

When you first set your eyes on the Juul pen, you will be skeptical and you will immediately think about the horrible vape pens you might have come across. But when you start using the device, you will realize it is very different.

By looking at the vaping experience of the vape pen, you will conclude that the throat hit, the nicotine buzz you get from vaping the Juul and design are quite phenomenal.

When you are a seasoned vape pod users, you can easily go through a 5ml pod without getting to feel high. But with the nicotine pods from Juul, you can get a good high by taking one or two puffs. So you are sure that the Juul can last you for three days.

If you are a beginner in using Juul products, you need to take note of how many puffs you can take because you could easily get carried away when you chain smoke this pen. If you lose your count while taking so many drags, then you will feel one of the strongest nicotine buzz and you could feel too nauseated so maximum care is required. 


Pros of the Juul vape pen

The pen is super easy to use

The Juul cannot be any simpler to use. All you need to do is place your pod when you want to vape and there are no buttons or complicated menus that you will need to navigate. Just take your hits when you want.

You get consistent puffs

The pen is very different from other similar vape pens because it has an innovative technology and performance. The tech here works well and with the temperature control, you do not get burnt vapors.

It has draws that hit like cigarettes

The perfect draws some to how you prefer to vape. The Mouth to lung draw is fairly one that gives you the feeling of smoking on a cigarette. The draw needs you to inhale first then it gets passed onto the lungs.

The pen is small and discreet

The Juul is really a lightweight device that is similar to an ink pen. Has approximately 14 grams with the pods installed on it. When fully assembled, the pen can go to 9.5cm in length the small size and light weight is attractive to smokers

Accurate choice of flavors

The Juul vape pen has a good choice of flavors and these flavors are so difficult to explore. The flavors are fairly accurate for what they are supposed to do. Compared to other flavors, this pen has averagely sweeter vape pens.

The pen is not messy

The Juul pen does not come with messes. So you will not have to worry about leakages and spillages. The Juul pods and the battery have gone through tremendous evolution over time. The earlier versions had leakages issues and they have now been fixed. The mouthpieces have been fitted with cotton pads that assist to prevent the liquids from getting to your mouth.

They have a good customer service and warranty

The Juul pod is a unique kind of vape pen, it comes with a one-year warranty and has a customer support team that has a good reputation. The Juul has received good feedback. The pen is solid in a way that even if you drop it countless times, the wear and tear do not stop the pen from working.

Cons of the Juul pod

The nicotine options are limited

One of the major selling points of the Juul is that they have higher nicotine strengths. But the majority of flavors are only available in lower nicotine levels. Juul currently have the famous mint and tobacco flavors. This is a good pen for people transitioning from combustible cigarettes. 

Limited flavors and pen colors

There are no multiple color options for the Juul so you will not have a lot of options to choose from. The Juul Company realized this and added navy blue and gold colors.  A few superb flavors have also been added and more options mean good experience.


The transitioning from smoking to vaping on e-cigarettes can be tough but with the Juul pen, the process has been made much easier for vape users. The pen is highly recommended for beginners and it is additionally perfect for people who want to get discreet sessions and seeking that nicotine buzz in their day.