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Jupiter Vape Pen Review and Instructions

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Jupiter prides itself as a global manufacturer when it comes to high-quality vape pens. This company was established in 2015 and is currently reputable when it comes to vaporizer cartridges and more. I can assure you that the Jupiter vape pens are high quality and adhere to high-quality standards.

Today we are going to review Jupiter vape pens. Additionally, you will get instructions on their usage.

Jupiter Vape Pen Review

1.     Jupiter Liquid 9

This was the first Jupiter Research vaporizer that caught the attention of users worldwide. The liquid 9 has a nine-sided design that makes it attractive. Liquid 9's body is made of magnesium alloy.

Its cartridge base is silver-plated that guarantees a magnetic connection between the cartridge and the power supply. Moreover, liquid 9 has an in-built spectrum that safeguards the cartridge reservoir as you fill and use the vaporizer.

The power supply of this vaporizer is made using CNC machining, which gives it a stylish look. For the vape pen to be consistent and perform well, it is powered by the CCELL heating technology. Another great thing about this vaporizer is that it has an inhale activation.

Technical Specifications

These are the technical specifications of the Jupiter Liquid 9.

  • Maximum viscosity – 110,000cP
  • Battery Capacity – 320mAh
  • Technology – CCELL Heating Technology
  • Type of Charger – Micro-USB
  • Reservoir Volume – 0.5mL and 1.0mL

This vaporizer is available in black, blue, and grey.

2.     Jupiter Liquid 6

There are five cartridges under the Jupiter Liquid 6 vaporizer. They include;

  • Engineering thermoplastic (ETP)
  • Glass
  • Infinity
  • Septum
  • Stainless Steel

The Liquid 6 ETP has two reservoir volumes, 0.5mL and 1.0mL. The CCELL heating technology powers it. Jupiter Liquid 6 ETP uses the top-fill, which makes it is easy to fill. For it to prevent you from content exposure, it has a tamper-resistant press-fit mouthpiece. This vaporizer is universally compatible thanks to the 510-thread connection.

As for the Liquid 6 glass is it has three reservoir volumes 0.3mL, 0.5mL, and 1.0mL. This gives variety to choose from. Like the ETP, the extract filling method is top-fill. Its mouthpiece is made of ceramic or plastic. The Jupiter Liquid 6 glass is powered by CCELL heating technology fixed in a porous ceramic.

As for the Liquid 6 infinity, it is among the new Jupiter Research products. It has a 0.5mL reservoir volume.

The infinity cartridge has a 510-thread connection and open top-fil design. Its housing is made of either durable glass or engineering thermoplastic.

The Liquid 6 septum's housing is made of engineering thermoplastic. It comes with two reservoir volumes, 0.5mL and 1.0mL. As you use and fill the cartridge, it is secured by septum.

The last Liquid 6 cartridge is stainless steel. It has a 360-degree rotatable press-fit mouthpiece that thwarts you from content exposure. Like the other cartridges, the stainless steel uses an open top-fill and has a 510-thread connection. The housing is made of glass, while all other components are made of stainless steel.

3.     Jupiter Liquid X

Buy one of the best vape pens in the market from Jupiter Research. The Jupiter Liquid X is an all-in-one and ready-to-use vape pen. It has a powerful vapor production thanks to the CCELL heating technology.

There are two types of Liquid X vape pens, the Liquid X 500 and Liquid X Glass. The Liquid X glass is best for high viscous oils (110,000 centipoises). It has a durable glass reservoir that comes in two capacities, 0.3mL, and 0.5mL. Due to two reservoir capacities, the 0.3mL is referred to as Liquid X G300, while the 0.5mL is known as Liquid X G500.

They both have varying battery capacities too. The G300 has a 190mAh while the G500 has a 330mAh battery capacity. The Liquid X glass uses the open top-fill design and has an LED activation indicator.

The Liquid X 500 has a stainless-steel housing that maintains the oil's flavor and ensures it is effective. This vaporizer has a 330mAh battery capacity, and the battery's housing is stainless-steel. Liquid X 500’s reservoir volume is 0.5mL. Also, it has a 360-degree top-fill design and a tamper-proof press-fit mouthpiece.

NB: The only thing we found queer about this vaporizer is that it is not rechargeable but disposable.

4.     Jupiter Pike

The Jupiter Pike is a disposal all-in-one vaporizer powered by CCELL heating technology. This vaporizer has an in-built pod cartridge. Suppose you use highly viscous oils, then Jupiter Pike is the vape pen to purchase.

Pike has a reservoir capacity of 0.5mL, and it uses an open top-fill that allows you to add extracts to the reservoir. It uses a disposable Li-ion battery that has a capacity of 350mAh. This vaporizer has an activation LED indicator.

Its mouthpiece is press-fit with a gloss finish and top-notch safety features that prevent the extract's tampering and leaking.

5.     Bellos

Bellos is a Jupiter Research pod vaporizer that is powered by CCELL technology. You can choose from a wide variety of designs and colors. Its lightweight and ergonomic design make it portable.

The mouthpiece of Bellos is snap-fit which provides users with an ideal airflow. This vape pod is rechargeable, and you can use a USB to recharge its 320mAh battery. Bello's reservoir has two capacities of 0.5mL and 1.0mL. The 0.5mL has a height of 33mm, while the 1.0mL has a height of 40.3mm.

This device has an LED light that shows the device is working.

Benefits of Buying Jupiter Vape Pens

Using vape pens is the best way of consuming cannabis. It is safe and secure. But is it the only advantage of using vape pens?

No! today, we will inform you about the benefits of purchasing a vape pen by Jupiter.


Cannabis odor can be choking to some of the people you are in the same house. But when using a vape pen, no one will suffer from the smoke. This is because it doesn't emit any odor. Additionally, you can carry your vape pen wherever you want. Once you are done vaping, you can place it securely and go on with your activities.

High Efficacy

You may expect that the last vapor you smoke to have a more negligible effect than the first. That's not the case as it is similar, be it the first or last hit. In case you open the cartridge, you might lose the taste and potency, but this doesn't occur on Jupiter or UPENDS vape pens.

This is because their reservoirs are well-sealed, preventing any leak. It also applies to the mouthpiece, ensuring a high efficacy till the last vape.


Another thing about Jupiter vape pens is that they are cheap. You don't have to spend so much money to get a good vape pen. Vape pens are very affordable as you can get a high-quality vape pen at no more than $30. This makes it an easy way to smoke weed without worrying about the cost.


How long does it take a Jupiter Pen to Charge?

The charging time of a Jupiter pen depends on the battery capacity. Suppose your vape pen has a large capacity it will take more time than one with a low capacity. There are two methods of charging rechargeable Jupiter vape pens. Either through a USB or micro-USB. It takes not more than minutes to fully charge. Some pens can take hours to recharge.

Jupiter vape pen not working

When you notice that your Jupiter vape pen is not working, don't panic. Check your battery's contact with the cartridge. This is because the battery contacts might be clogged, and all you need to do is wipe the battery contact with an alcohol-based wipe. When you finish, connect the pen and check if it is working.

How to use a Jupiter vape pen

All you need to do is to inhale, and the extract comes out of the mouthpiece. The best thing about Jupiter vape pens is they are buttonless. So, no way extract will come out without anyone inhaling through the mouthpiece. Moreover, this prevents accidental leaks.

Where to buy a Jupiter vape pen

As an individual, you can purchase a Jupiter vape pen by visiting vapepartsmart.com. Here is where you will get authentic Jupiter products. If you are a wholesaler, it will best you contact Jupiter and order large quantities.

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