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Joos Disposable Vape Pen. An Ultimate Guide and Review About the Joos Vaporizer

15th Oct 2022 | 3250 | upends v

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What is a Joos Disposable vape pen?

The Joos vape pen is a disposable vaporizer made by nature’s grace company. The Company is based in Illinois and they are known to provide a wide range of marijuana products into the market. The Joos vape pen is a sub-brand that deals with selling only disposables which are of 0.3 grams.

They have wide range of flavors and are considered to be among the smoothest disposables. The pen utilizes different strains of marijuana and they come already pre-filled. Every pen is well packaged and has been designed perfectly to avoid leakages. 

The hardware used to develop this pen has played a major role in improving the simplicity and usability of the device. It is even more convenient owing to its small size. You just have to ensure that you fully utilize your oils before the pen runs out of charge.

But you need not to worry if your pen runs out of charge. This is because once the battery goes flat you can easily recharge it and consume all the remaining liquid will go to waste. 

But for users who know how to control their draws, the three grams are manageable and you can easily finish them in time. The pen has varied oil strengths and they are equally smooth that have softer effects to the user. 

Build and design of the Joos

When you open the Joos disposable, the pen looks very simple and it similarly resembles any other vape disposable. The pen looks very similar on how to charge it and how to power it, and you can use any android charger to power it. The pen is short and cylindrical and the external casing resembles that of a normal vape pen.

Delivery of the Joos

One thing you will love about the Joos is how they are smooth hitting when inhaled. The vapor is so smooth that you would easily not feel how it slowly goes down your lungs. The hits should not be confused for being light, but they should be counted on as smooth with zero harshness.

This vape disposable is good for a beginner who is still new and is likely to settle for lighter smoking. 

For vape users who have higher tolerance, you will still find this vape pen to be amazing and you will consider having it in your collection. You might expect to start coughing when using this pen, but the hits are too smooth to even give a cough but when you take in big rips then you will feel the cough hit you. By taking big sized hits can get you high quicker so that is all you need to do if you are seeking to get super high. 

The vape pen has a unique kind of euphoric highness that is so uplifting. This is because it is majorly a hybrid of sativa and is very pure. This is a very essential products for those who want to start their day on a higher level.

The unique thing about this disposable is that you will feel high in the mind rather than in the body as experienced with other vape pens. You can easily carry on with your day to day activities without feeling overwhelmed. 

The indica strain flavors will keep you high for most of the time after using the pen. You get a mild high in your body and the most important thing is that it calms you down. The most significant aspect of using this pen is that it can get you high by taking only a few hits. You will not feel sleepy and lazy as other brands would do but if you do more than enough hits, then you will definitely feel sleepy. 

Oil quality of the Joos disposable

When you take your Joos pen from its packaging, one thing that will catch your eye is the oil is thick. Both strains, indica and sativa have a striking strong gold color and it very still, it only moves when you thoroughly shake it.

You will appreciate how the oil is consistent and potent and it will show you the difference between street cartridges where the oil changes after every minute. These kinds of oils do not run out on you quickly so you may need to take some time vaping before you get another one.

The most outstanding feature about this disposable is how good they taste. Both the sativa and indica flavors are rich in taste and in most cases do not taste artificial. Unlike other vape pens, this pens have a good mic of terpenes in them and this is one attractive feature. 


To begin, the sativa strain gives an amazingly sweet and sensational taste. This is one flavor that you will likely enjoy. It is not too sweet but with the perfect mix of terpenes, you will have something to feel happy about. The indica flavor has more weed flavor and it may taste familiar. 

Considering that the pen oil is thick, it has a lasting ability which is considerably efficient. If you are a heavy smoker, you could easily finish the indica and sativa flavors within a few days. The only thing holding you back will be the potency because you have to hit a lot to get the perfect high.

If you choose that you want to hit frequently then you will need more packs. All factors considered, this disposable pen can be very easy to conserve. 

Another thing that you will like about this disposable is that you can charge it. This makes it a better disposable compared to the other brands which do not have any charging features so you will have to throw them out once done with them.

The charging feature allows you to fully use your oils before you get another one. Charging the pen is simple, all you have to do is screw the base of the charger with an android charger. 

Pros and cons of the Joos Disposable vape pen


  • The pen has some of the smoothest hits you can find in a disposable 
  • The taste in the oil flavors is outstanding and cannot be compared
  • The high is long lasting owing to the well mixed terpenes
  • You can easily charge the pen despite being disposable
  • The design is simple and you can easily walk with it around
  • The oil tanks are glass so you have visibility on the amount of oil you have used


  • It is nearly impossible to finish the last drops of the oil when it is almost done, the design is complicated so the oils do not get good absorption into the wick. 
  • The pen is only available in 0.3 grams so you will not be so lucky if you are looking for bigger sizes

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