Jewel Vape Pen. A Complete Review of the Jewel Vaporizer 2021

    Jewel Vape Pen. A Complete Review of the Jewel Vaporizer 2021

    What is the Jewel vape pen?

    The jewel vape pen is a product of Atmos Nation designed with a uniquely small size that can fit your hands. If you are looking to have a discrete vape pen and will give the maximum performance, get yourself the Jewel vape pen. The Jewel has a ceramic coil that delivers the most clear and tasty vapor. Its herb chamber is large enough to hold enough herbs to ensure you enjoy vaping all day long without refilling.

    The Jewel vape pen has a single button activation system which makes it easy to use even for newbies. The button is clicked five times to switch the pen on and off. Its battery capacity is 350mAh which is rechargeable. The battery also has pins that help connect the cartridges and the battery. The 510 threading comes as an advantage to make it easily compatible with most wax cartridges. The vape pen is easy to reload. 

    The Jewel vape pen review

    • The Jewel mouthpiece offers a smooth airflow which then connects to the heating chamber directly. The mouthpiece is, however, sold separately. 
    • The battery is a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 350mAh, which distributes heat evenly to the cartridges. It also has springs with pins that help connect the attachments and the battery. The PCB microchip sensor ensures complete protection and locking the safety regulator.

    • The Jewel vape pen has a cordless USB charger that directly connects with the pen. The charger helps avoid much trouble that comes with most wired chargers. You need only to screw the charger onto the pen, plug it into a portable adapter, and then put it into the power source.
    • The packing tool is made from dental-grade stainless steel with a firm grip at the center. Every packing tool is designed with a scoop at one end and a sharper arrow-like edge on the other side. This feature makes them ideal when it comes to handling wax products and dry herbs as well.

    What is in the box

    • 1 x chamber connector
    • 1 x cordless USB charger
    • 1 x rubber mouthpiece
    • 1 x 350mAh lithium battery capacity
    • 1 x heating chamber
    • 1 x packing tool
    •  1 x user manual

    Features of the Jewel vape pen

    • It has an automatic temperature control
    • It is 2.5mm by 6mm by 2.5mm
    • It is portable
    • It has different color options; gold, green, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, white, blue, and black.
    • It has a battery capacity of 350mAh
    • It has a 30 days warranty for the battery.
    • It has a draw to activate feature

    Specifications of Jewel vape pen

    • The vapor quality is top-notch compared to other vape pens because it is a conduction model. With dry herbs, however, it tends to produce a harsh warm vapor making the pen hot.
    • Atoms offer a one-year warranty on the Jewel vape pen, which is surprisingly more protracted than what other pens have to offer.
    • Loading the vape pen is pretty easy, provided you know what you are doing. It takes the shortest time heating.
    • The price is much friendlier. For approximately $80, you can get yourself the Jewel vape pen which you can use even to vape only wax.
    • The Jewel vape pen may be wider than most vape pens, but it is pretty easy to carry along, with just 4 inches long.
    • The battery life of this pen is surprisingly better than most wax model pens in the market.
    • It comes with only one button, which is used to turn the pen on and off and control the temperature setting. The single temperature setting seems to be perfect for wax vaping but rather harsh for vaping herbs.
    • Even beginners can figure out how to use the Jewel vape pen because of its ease of use. The single-button operation makes its simplicity adorable.

    How the Atoms Jewel vape pen works

    The first thing to do is to ensure that the vape pen has a full charge. Then you take your preferred vaping agent and load it into the chamber; it could be dry herbs or wax concentrates.

    After loading, you want to remove the chamber and make sure it is loosely attached to ensure that the airflow is perfect.

    You will then click the power button firmly as you draw air to create a clean, thick, and creamy, flavorful vape.


    How to maintain your Jewel vape pen

    Cleaning the vape pen on a regular will ensure it stays in good shape all the time. However, before you start cleaning the pen, make sure you remove the battery.

    While cleaning the chamber, use the cleaning brush provided by the Atoms in the package box. Clean around the chamber walls; however, do not touch the heating element.

    Remove the filter from the pen and clean it, clearing the airways.

    Use a moist paper towel to clean the mouthpiece. Always ensure you recharge the vape pen to the total capacity. Charging the battery halfway may lead to short-circuit, which may damage the battery life.

    Pros and Cons of Jewel Vape Pen


    • It has a long-lasting battery
    • It comes with a one year warranty
    • It delivers good vapor quality
    • The price is very affordable
    • It is easy to use even for beginners
    • It comes in a variation of colors to choose from
    • It is discrete
    • It has a sleek, classy design
    • It has no lingering smell
    • It has cheap replaceable parts
    • It is easy to clean


    • The dry herbs don’t give the quality vapor
    • It is wider hence don’t look much like an e-cig

    FAQs about the Jewel vape pen

    How do I use the Atoms Jewel vape pen?

    The first thing you need to do is load the concentrates or herbs into the chamber and leave some space. Switch the vape pen on by pressing the power button and holding it. Inhale for a steady flavorful vapor.

    Why is my Jewel vape pen not working?

    The common issues when your vape pen is not working are the heating chamber or battery. If you notice that your pen is not working, check one of the two to be sure how to rectify the problem.

    Why is my Jewel vape pen blinking?

    The vape pen could be blinking because of battery issues. When the battery is not screwed firmly, it cannot fully charge, leaving the indicator light flashing. To fix this, unscrew the battery, screw it back and make sure it is firmly attached this time around.


    If you are planning to buy any vape pen, your money's value should always be your number one priority. The Atoms Jewel makes this dream come true by giving you the best vaporizer there is at such a fantastic price.

    The Jewel offers you two ways to enjoy your vaping in a single vape pen. Its portability makes it easy to carry along if you are going for outdoor activities. Using Jewel to vape dry herbs may be harsh and warm, but if you maintain the proper airflow, then you should be able to enjoy your dry herbs as well. The color variation helps you choose the color that best describes your personality.


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