How to recharge a disposable vape?

    How to recharge a disposable vape?

    In recent years it seems that electronic cigarettes have been gaining ground. After the first models that were launched some time ago, vaporizers or "vape" in which smoking is done through a vaporizer that must be filled with a liquid called "e-liquid," have become fashionable now. Let's see below a guide of steps to know how to fill a vaporizer quickly.

    Vaporizers are refilled through a simple and straightforward process, and once you master them, you can do it quickly at any time. Vapes are made up of several parts, and one of them is a small tank in which we must place the liquid to vape.

    Tanks come in top-fill and bottom-fill formats, and the way you fill it will depend on that format. In both cases, you will have to unscrew the tank from the body of your electronic cigarette or mod (battery) and then place a few drops of the liquid directly on the coil before continuing to refill the tank, as we explained.

    Steps to refill a top-fill vaporizer

    1. To refill a top fill tank, start by removing it from the body of your cigarette.
    2. Unscrew the base and carefully remove the coil. In most cases, it should slide right out. Saturate the coil with several drops of e-liquid using a dropper to place a drop of e-liquid inside each hole. Replace the coil and put the atomizer back into the tank.
    3. Next, unscrew the top of the tank to add your e-liquid. Most e-liquids come with a dropper to make adding e-liquids quick and simple. Continue filling until you have reached the tank's fill line (you mustn't exceed that line as doing so will saturate the vaporizer, and in addition to dripping, it will eventually stop working).
    4. Reassemble the tank and screw all the parts back together. Be sure to wipe up any spilled liquid before starting.
    5. Let the e-liquid soak for a few minutes so that the coil is fully saturated. Then turn on your device, and you're good to go.


    Steps to refill a bottom-fill vaporizer

    1. First, to refill a bottom-fill vaporizer, start by removing the tank from the body of your cigarette. Next, unscrew the coil body and remove it from the top of the tank.
    2. Refill the coil with a drop or two of e-liquid in each hole of the coil.
    3. Replace the coil and screw it back into the tank. Next, unscrew the entire bottom of your vaporizer, so you have access to the tank itself.
    4. Most e-liquids come with a dropper for easy filling. Place the dripper against the inside of the tank and release the e-liquid into it until it reaches the fill line.
    5. Reassemble the tank, taking care to wipe up any e-liquid spills that may have occurred. Let the liquid soak for a few minutes to ensure that the coil has enough time to saturate.

    Filling a vaporizer is easy, but it is also important that before filling the tank, we wash it to have it completely clean when we are going to introduce the liquid, thus ensuring a better flavor when vaping.

    Click here to access a video that will help you better understand how to perform this task.


    Why is my disposable vape pen not working?


    That is a question you can ask yourself as soon as you receive your electronic cigarette kit. It arrives home, and you open the package, you put it to charge and nothing, there is no instruction book, no information on the internet, steps to follow to see the problem. But here, we bring the solution to you:

    1. Broken or defective atomizer:

    If the battery light comes on when you press the button, but no smoke comes out, maybe the problem is in the atomizer. If you have another atomizer, you should try it to rule out the problem.

    1. There is no liquid in the atomizer:

    Maybe with the illusion of quitting smoking, you forgot to put liquid in the cigarette, and that's why no vapor comes out. If so, unscrew the mouthpiece and put the liquid on the edges of the walls, never in the central tube (that's where the vapor comes out). Try again to see if that was the problem.

    1. Defective battery:

    If the battery does not turn on the light when you press the button and you have tried pressing 5 or 6 times in a row and nothing, probably the problem is in the battery. If you have another battery, you should try it or take it to the store to buy another one or have yours replaced.

    1. Melted atomizer:

    the atomizer has a limited life span. If you use the cigarette daily after one month, at any time, it may stop working, and you will have to buy another atomizer. If your atomizer is CE 5 or higher, you can simply change the resistance. If it is a CE 4, you should throw it away. This is because the resistance that heats the vapor has a limited life; when the resistance dies, there is no more vapor coming out of the cigarette (1 month or month and a half).

    1. The battery has a better life:

    The battery has a useful life of 300 charges; from those 300 charges, it starts to lose strength. If you keep using it, there will come a time when it will stop working completely; you will have to charge the battery at that moment. 300 recharges, charging it every day would last about ten months so you can do your math.

    Why is my disposable vape cartridge not working?

    Here are some reasons why this may be happening:

    • Bubbling and liquid are coming out:

    The resistance of your e-cigarette is flooded with liquid. That occurs when too much liquid enters the heating element, and it floods.

    Here the solution depends on whether the atomizer is a top air inlet or bottom air inlet.

    Upper air intake:the vape bubbles, liquid droplets jump out, and the liquid rises to the mouth.

    To solve this, we recommend that you remove the mouthpiece (drip tip), turn the device upside down on absorbent paper, and press the button for 5-6 seconds in an inverted position without sucking. You can shake it slightly to expel the excess liquid inside the heating element. You have to repeat this operation until you get a clean puff without bubbles. Afterward, you can clean the air duct well with a piece of paper.

    Lower air intake: the vape has liquid leaks from the bottom (leaks from the air intake holes).

    To solve it once the resistance is flooded, it is best to open the air inlet to the maximum, put a tissue around the air inlet holes and blow hard out through the mouthpiece without pressing the button. This way, the excess liquid from the heating element will flow out onto the tissue.

    • When I vape, it tastes burnt:

    It may be that the resistance has worn out; after that, the solution is to replace it with a new one. Remember that if the heating element has been working without liquid at some point, it is most likely that the cotton inside it has burned, and the only solution is to replace the heating element with a new one.

    The liquid does not drain correctly inside the resistor: you may be using a liquid with too much density, and it does not enter the resistor correctly. Try using resistors with a larger liquid inlet. Opening the air inlet more helps more liquid to flow.

    The atomizer is low on liquid. Using the electronic cigarette with a dry atomizer can seriously damage it. Refill it.

    Remember to take deep puffs so that the cotton is well moistened and will work properly.

    • The atomizer does not work properly:

    Usually, these problems are solved by replacing the resistance with a new one.

    The resistance of the atomizer has a limited lifetime, and it is necessary to replace it periodically.

    Check the connections of the atomizer with the battery and the resistor.

    The use of the o-rings loses effectiveness. Blows can also damage the resistance and the glass, affecting the water tightness. In some models, you can replace the pyrex tank or change the o-rings.

    • Leak liquid:

    If it is from the air inlet holes, use the solution proposed above. If it is due to the gaskets, check that it is well closed, check that the heating element is correctly installed and tightened, check the silicone o-rings, and replace them if necessary.

    Now you have all resolved!

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