WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to Make THC Oil for Vaping at Home

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Do you know that one of the safest ways to ensure the credibility of the ingredients in your THC juice is to make it yourself? Yes! Once you know how to carefully handle it, there is nothing too difficult about making THC oil yourself and in this article, we shall take you through how to make THC oil for vaping at home

1.      How to Use THC Vape Juice?

There are no complexities involved in the use of THC vape juice. Just like any other vape juice, THC vape juice is used in vape pens and vaporizers. O thing you might however need to note if you are vaping THC for the first time is to start with a small dose. You can then increase it as necessary in the future.

2.      What You’ll Need to Create a Safe THC Oil for Your E-Cig or Vape Pen

The materials you will be needing to create a safe THC oil depends on what method of extraction you are adopting as there are 3 main methods. We have the Vegetable Glycerin (Long-term), the Vegetable Glycerin (Short-term), and Rosin Extraction.

In this article, we shall be looking into the Rosin way of Extraction as it appears to be the safest and purest of them all.

To make THC oil using the Rosin Extraction, you will be needing the following materials:

 Dense, Dry Herb

A Hair straightener

Small glass vessel

Parchment paper

A bottle of the potion natural terpene solution (1g)

A Lighter

A Vape Pen Cartridge Syringe

A Mixing Wand

A Dropper Bottle.

3.      Steps involved in making THC

It is important to note that the average duration of time this whole process will take you is about 1 to 2 hours. Now, let us get started.

Once you have gotten your materials available- try to relax your mind, it is not a too difficult process, the first material you have to get ready is your very dense nug which you would be using to press out the rosin. After that, get your hair straightener and make sure that it is set to a temperature that would do the job perfectly (a temperature of about 250-280℉) should be okay for the job.

The next thing to do is to carefully wrap the dense nug in a parchment paper and neatly roll it, when you are done with that, use your hair straightener to press the rolled parchment paper making sure you apply a good amount of pressure. Keep repeating this process of rolling and pressing with new nugs till you get about 3 grams of rosin.

Once your rosin is up to about 3 grams, get them off the parchment paper. If they are not going to easily get off, you can refrigerate them for a few minutes- about 2 to 3 minutes. After you have gotten the pressed rosin off the parchment paper, put the rosin in a glass vessel and add about 8 drops of the portion terpene solution you have, using an eyedropper.

The next step is to carefully flash heat the mixture in the glass vessel using a lighter for about 3 to seconds till the liquid bubbles. You should be very careful so that the light does not stay too long as this might make it get too hot, spoiling the whole process.

After you have flash heated it, mix the solution thoroughly with your mixing wand ensuring that the solution is finely mixed, after mixing it, get your syringe and suck out the liquid.

Add this liquid to a vape pen or E-cig and then lastly, sit back and enjoy a very relaxing and satisfying vape!


Though this method might seem a bit complicated to you if you are just trying it for the first time, we can assure you that you will subsequently find it very easy after this first time. This method is not only the safest form of extracting THC but it is also the fastest, the purest and the most effective one of the three, so we recommend that you stick by it.


It is true that so many smokers like that their vape juices contain some amount of THC, apart from THC liquids, one other E-liquid that a lot of smokers cannot do without is CBD E-liquid.

CBD E-Liquids contain CBD and CBD is an agent that is extracted from Cannabis and herb plants and it has a lot of health benefit. When vaped, it gives a calming, healing, and relaxing feeling. CBD comes as additives that can be added to your vape juices or even as e-liquids themselves. You might want to give it a try soon, you sure would love it!

4.1 Benefits of CBD

Vaping CBD has a lot of benefits and some of them are:

It is a good Anti-depressant and it fights anxiety well

It has lots of anti-inflammatory properties that are good for your body

It is very good for the treatment of epilepsy and seizures

It is a great treatment for nausea

It helps in combating Migraine

It serves as a great Analgesic

4.2 Few Side Effects of CBD

CBD is mostly absorbed safely by many people but in some few cases, it might cause:



Dry mouth.

you should seek medical attention or stop the intake if you have any of these symptoms.

There are a lot of brands that have include CBD production in their list of e-juices, either as an additive that you can easily add to any vape juice of your choice or as a pre-mixed e-liquid itself.

Some of the top-selling brands of CBD E-Liquids are:

4.3 Top-Selling brands of CBD E-liquid


This product presents various strengths of 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg and it is one of the leading CBD in the market today. It comes in a very beautiful pack and it is of high quality. The makers are widely known for products that are only for the strong-minded. This is because the ingredients used in their products are always of very high quality, very natural, and highly potent. The product is available in a wide range of amazing flavours that would make you always asking for more.


This product presents 700mg and 1200mg strengths and it is designed to produce a perfect and strong draw. Like its name suggest, this brand has so many hidden awesomeness that can only be understood when vaped. It is one of the best CBD juices out there and it is available in varieties of flavour for you to choose from. You sure would enjoy it!

4.3.3 CBDFX

If you are a strong lover of sweet and delicious vape flavours, then we highly recommend that you try out this product. The product is wonderfully produced with lots of very sweet flavours that give your taste bud all the pleasure and satisfaction it deserves. This CBD juice is available in flavours like blue raspberry, pineapple express, rainbow candy, and lots more. It is very easy to use and it is available in three strengths which are 500mg, 100mg, and 1500mg

4.3.4 WINK CBD Vape Pen

The slogan of this brand is that it is produced by women, also for use by women! This product is awesomely produced by women and it can be seen in its very attractive package. The product is produced using mainly natural and quality ingredients with no artificial agents and it are also one of the best CBD juices out there.


VAPE BRIGHT e-juice is a high-quality product that presents with lots of awesome flavours for you to choose from. The product is available in 250mg and 1250mg strength and it has its position as one of the top 12 CBD vapes in the market today. The e-juices are made using original and natural ingredients without any artificial agent. To really understand how awesome this vape juice is, we suggest that you try it out one of these days- they truly deserve to be amongst the top-rated.


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6.      Conclusion

Though it is quite easier to get your THC vape juices readily made from various vape juice companies, some vapers prefer to make their THC themselves. If you are one of those people, you can follow the above-mentioned steps while making your THC. Be sure to take all cautions and follow the instructions carefully. If you would love to check out various THC e-juices and CBD e-juices, we recommend that you try out UPENDS.com