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How to get the oil out of a disposable vape?

2nd Mar 2024 | 216 | Dickson

One common knowledge you need as a beginner vaper is how to extract oil from a disposable vape. Disposables have become hot products, and more people have started to opt for them. However, a significant concern is how to remove oil from the disposable when it is time to dispose of the product. 

In this article, we address how to remove oils from your disposables. We also include the safety precautions to consider and how the unique disposable design affects the process. Keep reading to learn how to disassemble your disposable and get the disposable oil out. 

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What Constitutes a General Design of the Disposable Vape?

You must understand how the design works when removing e-liquid from the disposable vape. In this section, we go over all the parts of disposable vape. 

A. Components: 

Disposables are made up of batteries, coils, and e-liquid reservoirs. The vape comes with a precharged battery and is prefilled with e-liquid. Dismantling most disposables is unnecessary as you don't have to refill them.

Once the liquid runs out or the battery dies, you have to dispose of the vape. If you want to dispose of the vape, drain the disposable.

B. Challenges of dismantling a sealed disposable device 

Hence, dismantling your sealed disposable device can be challenging. While you start the process, some challenges exist. The process requires you to use some tools, and you also stand to ruin the device with any misstep. 

What Safety Precautions Should You Follow When Using a Disposable Vape?

When you decide to take apart your disposable vapes, there Are some safety precautions you must take to ensure you probably go about it. More so, taking this step prevents any possible complications that might arise: 

A. Ensuring The Device Is Powered Off 

Before dismantling your disposable vape, ensure that the device is powered off. Tampering with the disposable without switching off the device increases the risk of electronic-related disasters.

More so, you prevent the risk of any damage to the device. Trying to pry a device open while it still has its battery can lead to a malfunction or cause the device to work ultimately. 

B. Handling the device with care to avoid damage 

When handling the device, ensure you do so carefully to avoid accruing any damages. You have to be careful with taking it and the tools you use. The proper tools ensure that you don't inflict significant harm, and you get to separate the vape parts without problems. 

C. Identifying the type of disposable vape 

While you know that disposables are typically not designed to be dismantled, disposable vapes differ. The design that the disposable has can serve as a guide on how you can get each part dismantled. Some have screws, and others need to be propped open with a sharp object or knife. You can search the specific device for disassembly instructions for the vape. 

How to Disassemble the Disposable Vape? 

Here are the steps to take to turn off the disposable vape. Regardless of your device, this is how to disassemble disposable vapes. 

A. Removing The Mouthpiece 

When you want to dissemble the disposable vape, the first step is to remove the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is usually one of the easy parts of a vape to prop out. You might have to add a little force and yank the mouth pierce from its place. 

B. Separating the battery from the e-liquid reservoir 

To reduce the chance of any problem like sparks and shock, it is paramount that you remove the battery. You can use a flathead screwdriver to pry the battery out of its spot. When doing the step, you must ensure all the wires are still connected to prevent irreparable damage. 

How to Extract the E-Liquid? 

Once you have pried the battery and separated the mouthpiece, the next step is to take out the e-liquid. You can do this using the following methods: 

If the aim is to be precise, opting for a syringe or dripper is an appropriate option. You can also turn the container upside down to drain all the fluid in the e-liquid compartment. You can empty all the e-liquid into a clean, suitable container. This step is crucial if you plan to use the e-liquid again.  

How to Handle the Coil?

The vape coil is very delicate and should be treated as such. During the dismantling process, it is integral that you ensure the coil remains intact and there is no damage whatsoever to the wick material.

You can protect these two by carefully transporting the e-liquid away from the vape. If you remove the e-liquid any which way, you risk damaging the wick material and ruining the coil. When either of the two happens, the vape becomes inoperable. 

1) Dispose of the Components Responsibly 

Dismantling is often the first step to disposing of the contents of an e-cigarette. What are the proper disposal steps for the e-liquid and other components of the device? For the e-liquid, you can save the flavoured e-liquid for your reusable vapes or flush it away with water. 

The options available for the other parts of the device include recycling or returning the vape parts to the manufacturers. The manufacturers have better use of the components. These methods are environmentally friendly and reduce the risk of contaminating the environment. 

2) Risks and Considerations 

Dismembering your vape device, especially disposables, comes with a lot of risks and considerations. You stand a significant chance of ruining the device if you misstep it. For instance, you can destroy the wick or coil of the vape. You can also ruin the battery or get shocks if you don't turn off the power before dismantling the product. 

For the e-liquid, it is paramount that you properly handle it. While the substance seems harmless, exposure to pets and children has dire consequences. So, while you extract the e-liquid from the disposable, keep it in a safe and dry place.

There, it is out of reach from the children and pets, and it also prevents any form of spills. On the flip side, however, you can dispose of the substance immediately to avoid any problems. 

Why Would You Want to Dismantle Your Vape? 

As a beginner, you may wonder why anyone would want to dismantle their disposables. With that in mind, we offer solid reasons why users seek to dismantle their disposable vape. 

Cleaning: Vapes get dirty with continuous use, and the disposables are no exception. Many vapers dismantle their disposal vapes to ruin grim and dirt that might have pilled up in the tank to get a better and cleaner vaping experience. 

Fixing: When a disposable vape stops working, taking it apart can help you spot the underlying issues and find solutions. Often, it could be a snipped wire or an occluded coil. 

Customization: Many vapers take apart their disposable to replace the parts and make a more suited vape. 

Disposal: The most appropriate way to remove a disposable vape is to dismantle it. Taking apart the vape components allows you to dispose of/recycle your vape pen in a more environmentally friendly way. 

What Are the Alternatives to Extracting Oil? 

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Instead of buying a disposable and going through the hassle of taking out the e-liquid without harming the components, you can opt for the reusable options. Now, you can easily take off the liquids and get the e-liquid you want almost seamlessly without any problems.

Alternatively, you can explore other compatible accessories for oil extraction. This way, you avoid all the strenuous puffs and extra room processes familiar with extracting oil from your device. 

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When you want to remove oil from your disposable, the first step is to remove the mouthpiece. Once you remove the mouthpiece, separate the battery and use a syringe to suction the fluid. However, these steps require high-end care to prevent unnecessary damage to the vaping device as you take it apart.

While dismembering your disposable to get oil out of its work, you can opt for a less messy process by using reusables and refillables. These devices allow you to remove your vape juice from the container quickly.

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