WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How Much Are Vapes At Gas Stations?

2nd Mar 2024 | 163 | Dickson

Vapes have become popular; they are sold almost everywhere, including gas stations. Surprisingly, gas station vapes have shocked the world of vaping, and for good reasons. The products are affordable, portable, and easily accessible. While they are growing in popularity, many people are still unsure of the prices they should expect from the vape stores. 

Fortunately, in this article, we explore the average prices of vapes at gas stations and the products you should look for on your next visit. Read on to explore the deep ends of gas station vapes and the available types.

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What Are the Types of Vapes Available? 

When you visit a gas station vape store, you will find several types of vapes. What are these types available, and what is unique to each? This section covers all the types of vapes available and their distinct features. 

A. Disposable e-cigarettes 

Disposable e-cigarettes are vape devices that come pre-charged, pre-primed, and pre-filled. The e-cigarette is usually filled with flavorsome e-liquid like other types. The significant difference between this type of cigarette and the others is that it is not rechargeable. Once the battery dies, you have to toss it away. 

In exchange for its one-time use, it is much more affordable, convenient, and portable than other options. The lifespan is measured in puff counts. The puff counts range from 200 to 400. However, modern options now provide up to 6,000 puffs in one vape. 

B. Vape pens and starter kits 

Vape pens and starter kits are everything a person needs to start vaping. The overall kit includes a vape device that's shaped like a pen. This design makes it compact and highly user-friendly. The design is similar to traditional cigarettes with longer battery life for longer battery life. 

Aside from the vape pens, there is also the starter kit. The starter kit includes all you need, from e-liquid and vape coils to chargers. However, there are much more advanced kits that offer the most customizable options. Chances that you will find that at a gas station vape store are pretty low, but we don't want to strike out the possibility. 

C. Nicotine salt devices 

Specific devices are better suited for nicotine salts. The nic salts have lower PH and allow more nicotine concentration. The low pH means you don't get a throat burn when drawing on the vape.

Many famous brands have designed specific vape pens/tanks to draw on this unique vape juice effectively. You will find many of these products if you take a short trip around some of the gas station vape stores around you. 

What Is the Price Range for Disposable E-cigarettes? 

Disposable e-cigarettes are the cheaper vape options generally, and the same applies to when you go to get it in gas station stores. There are several types. As with most products, the disposable has various pricing ranges. They are low-cost, mid-range, and premium or specialty options. 

You can find lower-cost options between $5 to $10. Those options often have a smaller volume capacity, with about 600 puffs before they are inoperable. The mid-range options are usually priced between $10 to $25. What's more, they are 10 ml and above with more puffs.

Finally, you can also find some higher-class products at the gas stations. Their prices get up to $40. So, for disposables at gas stations, the price range varies from $5 to $40.  

What Is the Price Range for Vape Pens and Starter Kits at Gas Stations?

Vape starter kits are vape pens/pods and other necessary vaping equipment. Unlike disposables, the vape devices are usually refillable/reusable. Vape pens are generally affordable, but when you include the prices of other starter kit components, the prices can reach much higher numbers.

What's more, the kind of kits you get dictates the price. For instance, the basic starter kits are much cheaper than intermediate and customizable kits. The price range is between $20 to $200. 

Vape kits that are compatible with nicotine salts are perfect for smooth throat hits. Several options include sub-ohm coils and MTL coils. There are countless brands on the nic salt devices market, so when you visit the gas station, you will find all your favorite brands up for grabs.

As for the price, they are pretty affordable. The range starts from as little as $6 to $20. They are also refillable. Many of them even come with free e-liquids that you can use to refill the devices when you exhaust the vape. 

What Factors Affect the Prices of Vapes At Gas Stations? 

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Many factors contribute to the prices of vapes at gas stations. In this section, we address the significant factors contributing to the prices of vapes at gas stations. 

A. Brand Reputation 

Popular and renowned brands are often more expensive than other lesser-known brands. So, when you go to a gas station, you know the popular brands will be costly. However, there are exceptions to the role. For instance, some brands are overly expensive with no reputation backing them. 

B. Features And Specifications 

The more features, the bigger the price tag. Vapes with a lot more features and specifications are often priced higher. Examples are vape pens with specifications like alterable controls and features like LED lights. More often than not, vapes with several extra features are usually more expensive. 

C. Geographic Location 

Where you get the vape also determines how much it will go for. Some gas stations usually have higher prices than others. Hence, when you want cheaper products, gas stations with low prices are typically better options as there is a higher chance that the vapes will be more affordable. 

Regarding which option is better between the specialty vape shops and gas station stores, it is not strictly black and white. Both of them have their benefits.

For a price comparison, vapes from specialty vape shops are cheaper than those from gas stations. That's because there is usually a link between specialty vape shops and manufacturers. However, that's generally different with gas station shops. 

Advantages and disadvantages of purchasing vapes at gas stations 

Deciding whether to get a vape from gas stations depends on the pros and cons. So, what are they? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing vapes at gas stations: 


  • Convenience: Gas stations are accessible, so you don't have to search too much to find the stores you are looking for. This easy access makes it appropriate for those who want to get their products quickly. 
  • Variety: You are likely to get access to various products from several top vape brands. If you want to walk through several options, this option might be great for exploring all the different types of vape, their specs, and features. 


  • Fake Vapes Are Common: Unlike specialty shops or online orders at manufacturer sites, fake vapes are common at gas stations. Many famous brands are adulterated and sold in bulk at convenience stores and gas stations. Buying your vapes at these spots increases the chances of meeting a fake or adulterated product. 
  • Gas station employees don't answer your vape questions: When you have inquiries, you won't get the correspondence you want from the stations. You might not get the answer to the questions like how to refill and how long you must wait while priming. 

When you want to decide if to opt for vape stores to go for, there are some options that you need to consider. The first of the many considerations is your budget. If you want more value for your money, you should go to a specialty vape shop. You must also understand that vape stores offer more product features and popular brands. 

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Gas stations and vape stores offer several vaping options. Plus, some of them provide competitive prices. However, it is best to weigh the options of where you buy your vape well. While the choice is convenient, there are better options.

Aside from gas stations, there are other options like vape shops. But we recommend that you get your vapes from brands like Upends. You can order on the site and get your Upends vape quickly. The brand promises the ultimate vape experience at competitive prices.