WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How Long Does THC Vape Stay In Your System?

2nd Mar 2024 | 219 | Dickson

We know you are frantically looking for a straight answer to the question of how long THC vape stays in the system. Unfortunately, it is not black and white. When you inhale any form of THC, it leaves traces in your body.

The topic of how long these traces last depends on several factors, like your physiology. However, all hope is not lost, as we can come up with a quasi-accurate figure. 

In this extensive guide, we uncover the science behind vaping and THC physiology. Here, you learn all you need to know about THC half-life. We also outline factors that might contribute to a longer vape detection time. Keep reading to understand THC vaping and possible testing methods. 

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What Factors Influence the Vape Detection Time? 

While THC has a half-life, several factors affect the vape detection time. When it comes to how long THC will last in your bloodstream, here are the factors involved: 

1) Type of substance vaped 

The Type of vape you use significantly impacts how long the THC will remain in your body. For instance, devices like THC wax pens have a much higher concentration of THC than other vape pens. Hence, when you use the THC wax pen, the THC detection time will be much longer. You can know the THC content of the vape you used via a quick Google search. 

2) Frequency And Duration Of Use 

Aside from the concentration of THC in the vape you use, how often you vape and for how long determines the THC detection time as well. When you inhale lots of cannabis consistently, you shoot up the detection time by a large percentage. 

The more you smoke cannabis and related products, the more THC in your system and the longer it takes to break all of them down.

On the flip side, less frequent vapers will have a positive test just a few days after their previous use. 

What Is Nicotine Detection Time? 

If you are about to go for a nicotine test, here are some of the things you should note about the clearance of the substance. Nicotine's half-life is two hours. The primary issue is cotinine, which is a metabolite of nicotine and takes much longer to be cleared. 

Generally, however, nicotine/cotinine will leave the body 1 to 3 days after you stop using it. Moreover, nicotine/cotinine won't be detectable in your urine 3 to 4 days after you stop using a vape. The more effective method of tasting is the saliva test. Saliva will contain nicotine even for four days or more after you stop using the products. 

How much and how consistently you smoke before you stop using are also factors in determining the elimination time. For those who are occasional vapers, the nicotine level drops to near zero a few days after they stop using the products.

However, chronic chain capers might have a hard time completely clearing nicotine from their body system even weeks after they drop the act. 

What Is THC and CBD Detection Time? 

Cannabinoids and THC are lipid-soluble substances and, as such, bind to fat molecules in the body. Regarding the elimination of THC and cannabinoids from the body, fat percentage plays a pivotal role. Vapers with more fat retain THC more tightly than those without body fat. Other factors include how much you vaped the substance and how often. 

Nonetheless, the average detection time for someone who vapes for the first time is about three days. For capers consistent with 3-4 days a week, the detection window widens to about 5-7 days. For those who vape at least once a day, this window expands way beyond 30 days and more.

While this is the average consensus of how long THC and cannabinoids remain detectable in the body, individual metabolism differs. Some people metabolize THC much more quickly than others, and vice versa. 

What Are Different Types Of Drug Tests? 

While urine tests are mainstream, various popular ways are used to check for THC or nicotine in the body system. Moreover, some of these methods are even more effective than urine tests. Here are the four well-known testing methods available: 

1. Urine tests 

Urine tests are the most used method to detect THC in the body system of people. How long it takes for THC to stop showing positive in urine tests depends on several factors. Most of which we have already highlighted above.

First-time users will have decteableTHC in their urine up to day 4, while daily users last for two weeks or more. Remember that this also depends on the individual metabolism. 

2. Blood Tests 

Blood tests have a much smaller window. While this test also helps pick up psychoactive substances in the bloodstream, it usually extends between 2 hours to 12 hours since the last use. 

3. Saliva Tests 

The amount of THC in the body system can be measured using saliva. The test can detect THC in the system for up to 36 to 48 hours. Nonetheless, the tests are very unpredictable.

If this is the testing method, you should play safe by staying off vaping for up to five days before you take the test. The test is proficient at calculating THC presence even if you smoke once a week or less. 

4. Hair Tests 

Hair follicles are the stars when it comes to drug testing. The drug test is fast becoming the go-to option for many organizations. The testing method is so accurate that it detects vape use up to 90 days beforehand.

So, if you want to make bold claims like being clean for over three months, ensure it is true because hair tests are proficient at catching lies. 

What Personal Factors Should You Consider?

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A. Influence of age, weight, and overall health 

Age, health, and overall health significantly influence how long the THC will remain in your body system. The more body fat you have, the longer THC will stay in your body since the psychoactive substances are fat soluble.

Also, the older you are, the longer the substance will remain in the body. With increased age and bad health, the liver and other metabolizing organs are less effective at eliminating this substance. 

B. Variability In Individual Metabolism 

Everyone has a different metabolism speed. Those with a fast metabolism will get rid of THC way quicker than those with a slow metabolism. Hence, the elimination time of these substances is variable. There is no fixed time for everyone. 

How to Reduce These Detection Times? 

If you want to shorten the detection time ahead of a test, here are some of the tips that you can take: 

A. Hydration And Exercise 

Hydration and exercise are some of the natural ways you can get rid of the THC in your body faster. Hydration helps dilute and also increase how frequently you urinate. Moreover, exercise increases your metabolism rate, enabling you to burn through the THC much more quickly than you would have. Both options offer natural means of ridding the metabolites. There are artificial solutions available, too.

B. Abstaining From Vaping

Abstaining is the safest bet. If you have a test ahead, you should refrain from vaping entirely to prevent any complications. When you abstain, you stand the best chance of getting a negative test. Doing this alongside proper hydration and exercise is a killer way to get a good test result. 

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The detection time for nicotine and THC depends on various factors, such as your age, body fat, and overall health. It is more challenging to devise a timeframe that works with every vaper. Hence, you must factor in the individual differences when determining your detection time. 

If you have a drug test soon, you can get a negative result by abstinence now and starting a workout routine.

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