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How Do You Fix a Burnt Coil in a Disposable Vape?

2nd Mar 2024 | 131 | Dickson

As their name implies, disposable vapes are squarely for one use only and are disposed of afterward. The device is the epitome of convenience since you don't have to go through the labor of a refill and get it way cheaper. While disposables have several perks, a common issue many face is burnt coils. 

Burnt coils happen when the wick material is dry, resulting in a burnt taste and less aerosol production. Undoubtedly, this phenomenon is an immense pain in the ass.

We've your back if you are experiencing it and want a solution. This vaping article provides a thorough guide on how to fix disposable burnt coils and prevent future occurrences. Keep reading to figure out how to stop the burnt taste from the coil. 

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What Is the Burnt Coil Issue in Vapes?

1) Common causes behind burnt coils in disposable vapes 

So, what causes the burnt coils in most disposable vapes? When it comes to vaping, there are two leading causes of burnt coils. The first one is dry hits, and the second is chain vaping. Dry hits happen when you don't prime your coil well. 

Priming a coil involves shaking your vape and ensuring the wick material is well-saturated before you draw on your vape. When you pull on a vape that has not been primed well, it leads to dry hits. The more you draw on the vape, the more you damage the vape.

On the other hand, chain vaping is when you draw on your vape consistently over a long period. When your vape doesn't catch a break, it will likely wear out the coil and produce a burnt taste. Chain vaping drys out the wick material, which leads to burnt coils. 

2) How do burnt coils affect the vaping experience? 

Burnt coils significantly diminish the vaping experience. They lead to the burnt taste that many vapers hate. So, how do you fix burnt coils to re-experience the typical vaping experience? 

Four Steps Needed to Fix a Disposable's Burnt Coil 

When you start experiencing the burnt taste linked to burnt coils, here are the steps to take to fix it: 

Step 1: Wait and Let it Cool 

Often, burnt coils arise from overheating, which happens when you chain vape. Sometimes, all you have to do is wait for your vape to cool down. You don't have to speed the process up by freezing. Instead, let the disposable vape cool down usually. Once the vape has properly cooled down, take the next step. 

Step 2: Prime the Coil 

One of the ways to prevent a burnt taste is to prime the vape coil properly. Priming is the process of saturating the wicking material in the coil. The wicking material, cotton, draws the e-liquid from the tank into the coils to soak it. Hence, the aerosol is scented and tasty when you pull on your vape.  

When the coil is not primed correctly, it leads to dry hits. With more dry hits, the coil burns, which leads to a burnt taste that ruins the flavor of e-liquid. Hence, priming is necessary for the coil's pleasurable experience and longevity. 

Take out the vape cover and saturate the vape pen with your e-liquid. After, you let the wicking material get fully saturated. You can wait 20-30 minutes for the best experience. However, you don't need to prime some disposable as it comes primed. 

Step 3: Clean the Mouthpiece 

Disposable vapes make most of their trips buried in our pockets. While not intentional, the vape carries dust and debris, which can block the mouthpiece or other vents on the device. These obstructions are dangerous as they cause the vape to heat up, which is a leading cause of you experiencing harsh, burnt hits when you try to take a puff. 

Step 4: Puffing Techniques 

How you draw your puffs also influences how quickly it takes before the coils get burnt. When you draw too aggressively, you increase the risks of burnt coils. So, instead of harsher draws, opt for gentler ones to avoid overheating.

Take shorter, controlled puffs to ensure your coils last longer and keep the same experience. You can learn more about taking controlled puffs online and how breaks are significant for your vape coil. 

How to Flush Your Disposable Coil?

Flushing the vape's coil is integral as a vaper. The practice is crucial to prevent the vape's coil from overheating and ultimately getting burnt. More so, it would help if you embraced proper ventilation. This section covers clearing excess e-liquid from your coils and ensuring adequate ventilation. 

A. Use airflow to clear excess e-liquid 

When the vape's coil is packed with too much e-liquid, it burdens the coil, eventually leading it to burn. Instead, you can flush the coils of all the excess e-liquid and ensure what is on the wicking material is all you need.

This practice is known as flushing. You wash by pulling hard air through the mouthpiece to remove all the excess. This process prevents the coil from getting overworked and ultimately burnt. 

B. Ensure your vape gets proper ventilation 

When you vape consistently without proper ventilation, the vape can overheat, significantly impacting the coil. Proper ventilation prevents overheating. Try vaping outdoors or in a well-ventilated room.

If there are also any vents on your vaping device, ensure they are not impeded. This way, your vaping device is sufficiently blessed with air. This ventilation helps cool the coil even when you vape for a long time. 

Changing the Way You Vape

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One of the significant factors behind if your vape gets burnt is how you vape. While it might seem insignificant, moderating how you inhale your puffs determines how long your coil lasts. It would also help if you spaced the time between each puff.

A. Adjusting inhaling technique 

To avoid overworking your coil, you should start by choosing the best inhaling techniques for its longevity. For a start, you should gauge how you vape. You don't want to take harsh and long draws.

This technique adds a lot more strain to the coil. Hence, the coil has a much shorter life and becomes less effective over time, which explains the burnt taste. 

B.  Allowing Time Between Puffs 

Who says that your vape doesn't deserve time to rest? When vaping, you must incorporate the time for rest. This rest period gives the coil time to cool down and also prevents the possibility of overheating. Learn to slow down when you vape.

It helps maintain the vape's coil's lifespan and prevents drying out the e-liquid too fast. 

Maybe You Should Try Another Retailer

It might be a manufacturer's fault when you get a disposable that tastes burnt. After all, you haven't used it before, so it is not your fault.

If this is the case with your disposable vape, you can try another retailer, as it is probably a batch issue. If you are a big fan, get an identical product from another trusted retailer and see if you face the same problem. 

Moreover, don't hesitate to get a new vaping device if you have tried everything on our list to get your device back to what it was. The coil might have reached its limit. You can opt for another brand too.

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When your vape starts to offer a blend of that watermelon and burnt coil, you know something has gone wrong somewhere. If that's the case, don't fret.

There are various effective ways you can approach the problem to get your vaping experience back to what it was. Remember to let it coil. Also, you want to ensure your vape is well-primed before taking the next puff. 

Disposing or tossing out an excellent vape because it tastes burnt should never be an option. But why is it a fixable problem? It is an avertable one as well. Watch your vaping practices and take proper maintenance to ensure it doesn't happen.

However, if the issue persists, feel free to get a new one. Upends has some of the best products. Check them out.