Helix Vape Pen Review. An Ultimate Guide About the Helix Vaporizer

    Helix Vape Pen Review. An Ultimate Guide About the Helix Vaporizer

    What is the Helix vape pen?

    The Helix vape pen vape pen is a portable vaporizer made and distributed by the Digiflavor vape company. The pen comes with a built-in glass tank that can hold a maximum of 2ml substance and it is equipped with a 1500mAh battery.

    The device has compatibility with mouth-to-lung and direct to lung vape styles. You get two outfitted 0.6ohm coils that are made from stainless steel material and they are well packed. 

    The Helix vape pen features a top style airflow that can be adjusted to give a tight draw, or you can adjust it to give you a more restrictive mouth-to-lung draw which will give you a fuller direct-to-lung vapor that is fuller. The pen measures 18.8 centimeters in height and the diameter stands at 2 centimeters.

    Being and all-in-on device, the tank has a removable mouthpiece and coils. This is different from other vape pens because there are no other removal parts on this device. The built-in coils have a glass tank built around them to give it a better heating chamber feature. 

    With the top heating tip technology, you get two interchangeable drip tips that are used for controlling airflow. One of the tips assumes a spiral shape made in plastic and is good for mouth-to-lung vapes. The other tip is made of glass and it is designed for direct lung vapers. The tips have a nice molding to them and they both have extended snouts for easy vaping. 

    Contents of the Helix vape pen kit

    • 1 x Helix vape pen
    • 2 x 0.6ohm coil heads
    • 1 x plastic spiral mouthpiece
    • 1 x clear mouthpiece
    • 1 x USB charging cable
    • 1 x user manual
    • 1  x device warning card

    Features of the Helix vape pen

    • The pen is one of its kind all-in-one design pen
    • It is built with an innovative technology for leak free devices
    • The devices uses a single button control system
    • The airflow is adjustable using a ring
    • The top fill is leak proof
    • It has LED indicators that come in seven color variations
    • You get a spiral wide bore drip tip for the pen
    • Built to use a bottom feed coil technology
    • It has a pass-through feature that you can vape on while charging

    The pen has a triangular design firing button that is directly placed under the glass tank. The glass section has been fitted with a number of LED lights that have seven color combinations for different purposes. From behind of the firing button, you will get a USB charging port that is used for recharging the pen.

    The pen is built to be very slim and you can get a pair of rubber made grips which makes it easy for using the pen. The device is available in five colors that you can choose from namely, silver, black, black & white, black & red, and black & grey. There is also a very recently produced pen catalog that consists of ten ornate colored pens. You can get wood material, camouflage and gunmetal.

    Working with an Helix vape pen

    The Helix vape pen is well regarded as a starter vape pen and that is why it is very straightforward and easy to use. To get access to the in-build tank, you will have to push the top cap and turn it anti-clockwise to remove the bottom coil. The bottom-feeding coil technology adds up as the child protection feature of the device. 

    When you take out the top cap, you will get to access the fillable ports located at the top of the pen. The tank is not removable and you are assured that it is leak proof meaning that even after prolonged usage, it still maintains the liquid content. On the glass section, there is a marking to show the maximum amount of liquid refillable to avoid overfilling that could cause a possibly of leaking or spitting.                   

    To fully charge the pen, you can do it in less than two hours considering it is a 1500mAh battery. There is a LED light scheme that is circled on the firing button and it goes off when the penis fully charged.

    If you want to change the light that emanates from your tank, click on the power button five times as you would to turn off. After the device goes off, press on the firing button until it starts displaying different colors, then click on the button to navigate through the color selections to find the best one for you. 

    The vape pen is compatible with various types of coils and the resistance range lies between 0.2ohms and 1.5ohms. You can use a set of 0.6ohms coils that have a half-charged battery and you could still get the same amount of vapor.

    If you want to get different kinds of vapor sizes, you can easily switch the tips and the ring for airflow adjustment is a good feature that makes all the changes you need when making the draws tighter and fuller. 

    Vapor production of the Helix vape pen

    The Helix vape pen is one of the vaporizers that has the good looks and still performs as a vape pen. The vapor quality you get from this vape pen is of top quality and the flavors are full bodied.

    It has a bigger advantage when compared to the common cigarette looking vape pens that are all over the market. The vapor production on this pen sums up to be the best you could ever find on a beginner vape pen.

    This is one reason why this pen has gained so much recognition as a top performer. You do not get to tweak the temperatures on this pen because it comes ready to use from the package.

    Performance of the Helix vape pen 

    The coils used for the pen are stainless steel material and this makes them the best option for an all-in-one vape pen. The coils do well in delivering flavor and vapor and it is one reason why it is mostly liked by beginners. Both the mouth to lung and direct to lung inhalation are good and they give the top quality of vapor. 


    With a 2ml tank working with a 0.6 ohm coil means that you will have to refill it frequently. But the refilling process is not cumbersome because the pen simplistic. The battery can seamlessly take you through a full day when you have fully charged it. 

    Pros and cons of the Helix vape pen


    • The pen is simple in design making it available for beginners who have quit smoking
    • The Helix vape pen is one of the most liked all-in-one devices
    • The pen gives the best mouth to lung vaping
    • You get a child protection safety feature
    • The airflow system is adjustable up to 180 degrees
    • There are varied color options that you can choose from


    • The glass is not replaceable in case of breakages
    • You will have leakage issues if you fill past the limit
    • If the tank gets damaged you will have to buy a new one
    • There are a few spillages you get when first using the device

    Alternative vape: UPENDS

    UPENDS Upcott

    The Upcott is a great value pre-filled pod system and has utilized the best and innovative structure design. The pen is very cheap and you get an enjoyable experience by spending so little. Compared to other vape pods, the Upcott is 50% cheaper and holds up to three times of regular vape pods.

    Final thoughts 

    The Helix vape pen is one of the best all-in-one devices that has been released to the market so far. You are assured that you are getting the best features when using this device.

    It comes with removable tips that can help you optimize your pen usage to get the most out of it. The adjustable airflow systems gives it an edge over the other devices in the market and ensures that you do not miss a moment when using the pen. You can try the pen and you will be assured that it is worth the investment.


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