WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Hamilton Devices Starship Vaporizer: Exploring Futuristic Flavors and Design in Vaping

13th Sep 2023 | 16 | upends v

Are you planning to gaze at the stars tonight? If the answer is yes, then consider taking a ride on Hamilton Devices' Starship for an unparalleled and extraordinary elevation! Allow us to present the groundbreaking innovation of the initial tri-heating element device!

The Starship from Hamilton Devices is tailor-made for individuals who aspire to elevate their vaping encounter to unexplored heights. Whether you're seeking a solo session or a shared smoking experience, the Starship guarantees an exceptional journey.

Moreover, it offers an added perk for our avid bong enthusiasts – an accompanying bong attachment! This enhancement is specifically designed to enhance your vaping experience by providing an extra layer of filtration, ultimately leading to cooler, smoother, and fresher hits.

What Is Starship Vape

The "Starship Vape" from Hamilton Devices is an innovative vaping device designed to provide users with an extraordinary vaping experience. This remarkable device features a groundbreaking triple heating element, setting it apart as a true pioneer in the world of vaping. It offers versatility, allowing users to use either three vape cartridges or three wax coils simultaneously.

The Starship Vape is perfect for a variety of vaping scenarios, whether you prefer solo sessions or group gatherings. It is simple to carry on the go thanks to its portability. Additionally, the device comes with a water pipe attachment, enabling users to connect it to a bong for water-cooled hits and thick, satisfying clouds.

Equipped with a robust 1,450mAh battery, the Starship Vape provides ample power for extended vaping sessions. Users can select from three preset variable voltage settings, indicated by distinct LED light colors: Blue (3.2V), White (3.7V), and Red (4.2V). An automatic mode is also available when attached to a water pipe. The device is conveniently rechargeable via USB-C, with a full charge typically taking around 1.5 hours.

The Starship Vape is known for its ability to deliver huge hits, making it particularly appealing to those who enjoy star-gazing or seeking an otherworldly vaping experience. Furthermore, the inclusion of three wax coils enhances its versatility, allowing users to enjoy various concentrates such as oils, wax, shatter, and more.

Why Choose Starship Vape

Experiencing Celestial Heights: Embark on Stellar Journeys

The Starship pledges to usher you into a realm of intoxicating highs that will redefine your perception.

Versatility Redefined: Designed for Every Vaping Moment

Embrace boundless adaptability: Whether you seek tranquil solitude or shared cosmic camaraderie, the Starship flexes to your vaping desires. Illuminate group gatherings with astral wonder or navigate the cosmos of flavor on your solitary expedition.

Enhanced Bong Adventure: Elevate Your Vaping Voyage

For the devoted bong enthusiasts, the Starship unveils a distinctive attachment, unlocking an expanse of possibilities. Elevate your hits into a realm of freshness, coolness, and smoothness, all powered by an extra layer of meticulous filtration.

Cutting-Edge Specifications: Pioneering Your Journey

Empower your journey with innovation: Activate the device through a tactile button mechanism, underpinned by a premium-grade circuit board. Shape your voyage with three dynamic power settings – Low (Blue), Medium (White), and High (Red), offering you unparalleled authority over your experience.

Enduring Vigor: Powering Boundless Exploration

A robust 1450mAh battery instills in you the assurance of readiness for every liftoff, ensuring that you're equipped to explore the limitless vistas of vaping, every single time.

Colors of Cosmic Majesty: A Palette of Cosmic Aesthetics

Encounter the allure of cosmic Red or immerse yourself in the enigma of Black – the Starship invites you to discern the hue that resonates with your cosmic aspirations and personal style.



  • Activation: Button Activated
  • Auto Activation: Click the Button Twice While Using the Bong
  • Circuit Board: High-Quality
  • Power Levels: Low (Blue) - 3.2V, Medium (White) - 3.7V, High (Red) - 4.2V
  • Battery Capacity: 1450mAh
  • Resistance Range: ≥5Ω
  • Connector: Screw-in 510 Thread
  • Size: Φ34mm (Width) * 195mm (Height)
  • Color Options: Red, Black
  • Charging Method: Type-C Charger
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hours

Package Contents

  • 1pc Starship Battery
  • 1pc Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1pc Water Pipe Attachment
  • 3pcs Wax Coils
  • 1pc Type-C Cable
  • 1pc Dab Tool
  • 2pcs O-rings
  • 2pcs Dummy Plugs
  • 1pc QR Card

Tips for Device Maintenance:

  • Leakage is possible with any oil-related device.
  • Consistent cleaning is essential to maintain peak device performance.

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How does the triple heating element in the Starship work?

The triple heating element in the Starship Vape operates simultaneously, allowing users to use three vape cartridges or three wax coils. This results in enhanced vapor production and a more consistent flavor profile, all while maintaining a stylish design.

What can I use with the Starship Vape: cartridges or wax coils?

You can use both vape cartridges and wax coils with the Starship Vape. This versatility allows you to customize your vaping experience to your preferences.

Is the Starship Vape suitable for solo use or group sessions?

The Starship Vape is perfect for both solo vaping sessions and group gatherings. Its portability makes it convenient for any occasion.

Can I attach the Starship Vape to a bong?

Yes, the Starship Vape comes with a bong attachment, allowing you to connect it to a bong for water-cooled hits and denser clouds, enhancing your vaping experience.

What are the available voltage settings on the Starship Vape, and how do they affect the vaping experience?

The Starship Vape offers three preset voltage settings: Low (Blue - 3.2V), Medium (White - 3.7V), and High (Red - 4.2V). These settings allow you to control the intensity and flavor of your vapor.

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