WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Grasshopper Vape Pen Review: Usage and Instructions

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1. What is Grasshopper Vape Pen?

The Grasshopper Vape pen is a product of Hopper labs which was launched as a result of successful crowdfunding campaign through Indie-Go-Go. Since its launch the vaporizer’s popularity has grown thanks to its great performance and discreet shape. Let’s see what the Grasshopper vape is made of in this review:
The grasshopper vaporizer is a portable, sleek and high performance vape pen for use with dry herbs. The grasshopper is specifically designed for use on dry herbs unlike most vaporizers that use e-liquids. It is easy to use whether you use herbs or liquids, which makes it perfect if you are just a beginner.
The company of this vaporizer has focused on technology to deliver a highly functional and high-performance vaporizer. The price range of this device is between $180-$280.

2. Features and Specifications

  • Specially designed for use with dry herbs or loose-leafs
  • Adjustable temperatures with a range of 130°C - 210°C (266°F - 410°F)
  • 95% metal construction
  • Two replaceable batteries
  • True-convection technology
  • Magnetic charging connection
  • 45-watt heater
  • 1.2 cc herb chamber
  • 14mm Diameter X 140mm Length (0.55in X 5.50in)
  • Assembled in the USA
  • The Package Includes:
  • One Stainless Steel Grasshopper,
  • One Magnetic Charger

3. The Manufacturing Quality of Grasshopper

It is made with quality and food grade materials, so the device feels quality and durable in the hands. However, it is also sleek and lightweight for easy portability. It looks exactly like a pen with almost similar functionalities.
Although it is small, you will be impressed that the device can hold up to 3 grams of herbs. If you want to use smaller amounts of herbs, it will work just fine too.
The kit comes with a double 750mah batteries which you can easily change by unscrewing the top of the device to access the battery slots.

4. How to Use Grasshopper Vape Pen?

To start using your vape pen, first unscrew the mouthpiece at the bottom of the device to access the heating chamber. Fill it with your favorite herb and screw back the mouthpiece.
Then, adjust and set the temperature by rotating the dial button at the top. The temperature ranges from 130-210 Celsius with 5 notches that indicate the preferred temperatures. Every notch moves the temperature higher by 20 degrees. If you want to fine-tune the temperatures, you can set the dial in-between the notches.
After setting the temperature, click the top of the pen to turn on the device. The LED light on the device turns red when it starts heating and blue when it is ready for use. The heating time is quite fast and reaches approximately 15-30 degrees based on your settings. You can start taking the draws once the device starts to heat.

5. Accessories

The Grasshopper vape pen comes with a few accessories such as the battery chargers, batteries, a silicone mouthpiece, and glass bubblers. The silicone mouthpiece is an essential accessory because it prevents you feeling the heat on the lips.
The Grasshopper vape pen is sleek, light-weight, and small-sized which makes it easy to carry around in your pockets. It looks like pen with a pen clip attached to it. However, the LED light is a bit bright which makes the device conspicuous.
Ease of Use
This vape is super easy to use with a simple design. You can get a good amount of cloud and flavor without following any procedure. The draw resistance of this device ranges from minimal to zero.
The prep time for this device is fast and easy. It is fast and easy to load and reaches the vaping temperatures in just a few seconds.

6. Cleaning the Grasshopper Vape Pen

Keeping your vape device clean is essential if you want to enjoy a good flavor and keep the device for a long time. To clean it, you just need to disassemble it, which is easy. First, unscrew it in two pieces, the mouthpiece and the herb chamber and the temperature regulator button.
Once you remove the herb chamber, use a paper towel to clean off the cooked herbs. Once you have cleaned all mouthpiece and the herb bowl. You can replace it back and it is ready to use.
The Hopper lab recommends that you soak the mouthpiece for 24 hours in 99% isopropyl. Also, do not let the herb chamber get exposed to moisture. Clicking off the mouthpiece lets the vaporizer clean its herb chamber by burning all the remaining herbs.

7. Pros and Cons


  • Sleek, small-sized, and pocket-friendly which looks like a simple pen
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to use power button
  • Ergonomic design
  • Excellent vapor output
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Comes with a life time warranty
  • Easy to adjust temperature settings
  • There is little or no draw resistance


  • The mouthpiece gets too hot with higher temperatures
  • There is no visual representation of temperature range
  • The cost is higher

8. Grasshopper Vape Shops Near Me

Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Grasshopper vape shops near me(my location).


9. Grasshopper Vape Flavors and Quality of Vapor

Both the vapor and flavor output from the grasshopper vape pen is pretty decent bearing in the small size of the device.  Also, when you switch to using high-temperature mode, the quality of vapor gets better.

However, when you increase the temperatures you should note that with the short size of the device, it gets a bit warmer and feels uncomfortable to the mouth.

To achieve the vest vapor quality, consider using temperature range of 180 – 200 degrees.

10. Grasshopper Battery and Charger

The Grasshopper vaporizer kit comes with two 750mah batteries which comes with the package. Roughly, each battery will last you for about 2-3 draws. It takes about 70 minutes to fully charge the battery. The performance of the battery can be a bit disappointing especially for people who are heavy on vaping.
The batteries are rechargeable. But, you may require additional batteries to keep you vaping for longer.

11. Vape Colors and Skin

The coating material of the grasshopper vape pens is anodized titanium but with a wide array of colors. The device features 100% medical grade which gives its durable and quality feel. It is also light weight, so you will not have to worry about carrying heavy objects in the pocket. Grasshopper comes in a wide range of colors which are: Bronze, Blue, Dark grey, Purple, and Green.


12. Vape Coupon and Promo Code

You can buy the grasshopper vape pens at a lower price than the designated market value. Take advantage of the numerous promo codes and coupons available to get well discounted prices. Ensure the legitimacy of the promo codes and discounts before you claim it. Also, stay alert for the days when the company decides to offers discounts, promo codes, coupons, and other freebies.

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13. Grasshopper Vape Pen Review

The grasshopper vape pen is quite impressive and it delivers quite a great performance. It is small-sized which makes it easy, convenient and discreet to vape. Considering its small size, its performance is up to the standard.

It comes with two batteries. However, the battery life of the two batteries is not impressive considering the cost of the vape. With a few draws, the battery is depleted. Both batteries can only give you approximately 8-10 draws. Also, the mouthpiece can get hot and feel uncomfortable in mouth when vaping at high temperatures.Other than those few concerns, the grasshopper vape is an amazing vape device that delivers quality.

14. FAQ:

1.How safe is Grasshopper vape pen for my health?

Grasshopper is a safe to use. It meets all the safety measures and it is made with food grade material. However, before you start using the vape, read and understand the user manual. In addition, the device is for use by persons of legal age. Also, keep it out of reach of children to prevent burn hazard.Generally, the vape products are safer compared to smoking cigarettes.

2.How can I change the battery of my grasshopper vape device?

The grasshopper vape battery is easy to replace and it takes about one minute. To replace the battery, here are the steps for changing the battery:

1.Hold the vape device and remove the cap from the bottom and remove the battery.

  1. Take the new battery and place it on the device. The positive side should face the front of the battery.

3.Screw it back gently and tighten the battery slot. You can start using the device.

3.If I don’t have enough herb, can I use it halfway on my device?

Yes, you can. The full amount requires about 3grams. However, you can fill it halfway and still enjoy a good vaping experience. You can work with the little you have.

Thanks to the method of vaporization and the shape of the herb chamber, you can vape with any amount of vape you have.

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