WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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There are different types of vapes available in today's market. You can get all kinds of vapes with different flavors, portable sizes, and, of course, batteries. But are all vapes the same? No. If all vapes have unique features, what should be your condition for selecting a particular vape? Battery size and vape flavor.

Size and flavor counts, but in the real sense, these two features have their limitations. Will you buy a vape that can only give your 500 puffs, even if it has the best flavor in the world? Some people don't mind if the puff range is limited, provided they get the right flavors they want. However, when it comes down to Gorilla Vapes, it's not just about the flavor or the puff range.

Gorilla vapes are outstanding because you can always spot the difference when you compare their products to others. On the price level, Gorilla vape makes economic sense, and when you join the growing list of gorilla vape buyers, you are not getting the vape only. You will become eligible to join the gorilla vape community. Is this all to Gorilla Vapes? No. At this stage, we will need you to fasten your seat belt as we take you on a journey that clearly explains everything you need about Gorilla Vapes and its products. Enjoy the ride.

What You Should Know About Gorilla Vapes

The mere mention of vape ordinarily connotes smoking to many people. However, in the case of Gorilla Vape, the goal is not limited to providing users with flavored puffs only. At Gorilla Vape, the idea is to continually create an e-liquid premium vape for its users. Gorilla Vapes specializes in producing and supplying e-cigarettes, and their uniqueness is that their vape is enriched with flavors that will give users a fun-full lasting experience.

Of course, there are tons of other vapes in today’s cannabis market. However, Gorilla Vapes stand out for their uniqueness, especially for anyone looking for something different from the norm. Gorilla Vapes is home to a series of products. The list of GV products includes snap series, RDA, MOD, alternatives, tanks, disposable vapes, pods and coils, starter kits, and pod systems.

General Features



Gorilla vape is unique thanks to the vape make-up. You should have it in mind that it is not all vapes that can be recharged. There are some vapes that, once the flavor or the puff counts have been exhausted, the next thing is to dispose of the device. Gorilla vape also falls into the category of vapes you can dispose of when it is out of flavor.

The fact that you can dispose of the device when it is out of juice is a cool thing. If it is rechargeable, you must continuously battle refilling the device when it runs out of battery or flavor. As good as refilling may sound, the mess it creates is sometimes not worth the effort. Therefore, if you can get your hands on a solid disposable vape that ranks high in versatility and flavor, that’s a great choice. Gorilla vapes fall into this category.

Color choices

As humans, we are beings of choice. Imagine being boxed when deciding on something that you like. Some vapes come in one color, and that's it. However, Gorilla Vape comes in different colors. If you are the type that likes something simple, go ahead to pick the white colors.

However, if you’re looking for brighter varieties, you can still get that with Gorilla Vapes. If you love discreet colors or are a fan of cool colors, then the black gorilla vape is what you need. If you dislike white or black, you can pick the blue color equally.


Try to think of what a device that can give your 7000 puffs should look like. Imagine its size and the number of attachments that will come with it. It is going to be something gigantic, right? But is it? The Gorilla vape only weighs 100 grams.

When you consider the benefits and aesthetics of the gorilla vape body and its inherent features, you will appreciate the manufacturers' ability to keep the total weight of the device at 100 grams. In addition, the device is made from metals, not plastic, and with its sleek shape, you can confidently hold it out in any gathering you find yourself due to its naturally discreet nature.

Unique flavors

Like beverages, vapes are also available in different tastes. So as not to hold brief for every vape, it is important to note that gorilla vapes are available in different blends of favor. It has the traditional tobacco flavor. However, you can choose the gorilla vape mango flavor if you want something fruity.

With Gorilla Vape, you are not restricted to a particular taste. The list of fruity flavors is many; as a user, it is always within your choice to choose your taste. Fruity or traditional flavors, here is a comprehensive insight into Gorilla vapes. We will also highlight their basic features, especially what makes them stand out. As a top-up, we will also highlight their strength and weakness.

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Gorilla Vapes: Are they good?

Rand M Tornado 7000 Blueberry on Ice Flavor

    Rand M Tornado 7000 Blueberry on Ice Flavor contains 7000 puffs per device. Interestingly, this device is also rechargeable. The rechargeable features allow users to charge up the battery when it drains. It contains 2% nicotine salt e-juice. As stated earlier, the device is rich with 7000 puffs.

    The device has a type-c charging port at the bottom for easy placement. Rand M Tornado 7000 Blueberry on Ice Flavor is the appropriate vape flavor choice for those transitioning from traditional cigarettes into vape, especially those who love blueberry ice without the jitters.


    • Rechargeable with a type-c cord
    • It has an in-built battery
    • 7000 puffs are guaranteed
    • The battery is a 1000 MAH capacity


    • Seven thousand puffs is a good deal for traditional and new vape converts.
    • A battery life of 1000 MAH and rechargeable is a big plus to users.
    • Designing the vape with a type-c charging port makes the charging process flexible.


    • In-built battery damage can ruin the entire experience.
    • Charging with an electricity capacity of more than 1 amp can damage the device.
    Peach Ice R and M Tornado 7000 Puffs 10 Gorilla Vapes

      Are you looking for a vape with a twin blast of fresh peaches and menthol? Then try out Peach Ice R and M Tornado 7000 Puffs 10 Gorilla Vapes. The combination of fruity, floral, and menthol in this vape gives it a refreshing, balanced taste.

      The device is designed as a disposable vape with 7000 puffs and contains 14ml of nicotine salt. While the flavor tank is not refillable, users can bank on the rechargeable battery features whenever the battery level gets low.


      • 850 MAH battery capacity, while the device can also dispose of an average of 7000 puffs.
      • The air is adjustable
      • The mass weight of the nicotine is 2%
      • The device comes with a pre-filled flavor


      • The battery life at 850 MAH is strong enough to give users 7000 puffs.
      • You can recharge the battery at your convenience.
      • Easy to travel with at all times.


      • The device is not refillable.

      FAQs about Gorilla Vapes

      What is the nicotine level in Gorilla Vapes?

      Gorilla vapes are easy-to-use disposable vapes, except where it is expressly stated that the vape device is not dischargeable. While the nicotine level in vapes varies, Gorilla vape only contains 20% of nicotine, and it must be clearly stated that the chemical contains an addictive substance.

      What is the Gorilla Vapes puff level?

      Gorilla King Vape has a portable design, and to ensure you get the best vaping experience possible, Gorilla King Vape offers you approximately 7000 puffs per device. Aside from its unusual range of puffs, King Gorilla vape has fourteen different flavors, and to top it up, all fourteen flavors come with an inbuilt mesh coil.

      How can I check my Gorilla vape battery level?

      Gorilla vape device charging technique shares similarities with traffic light settings. When connected to a power source, the charging indicator will display on the device's LED screen to indicate that the device is charging. When the battery is fully charged, the LED indicator will turn green; when it is low, the light will turn red. 

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