WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Get Ready for a Seamless Vaping Experience with the UWELL CROWN 5 SUB-OHM TANK

20th Jul 2023 | 274 | upends v

The Uwell Crown 5 Tank is an upgraded sub-ohm atomizer that builds upon the design of its predecessor, the Crown IV tank, while introducing new advancements. The tank boasts a shorter yet wider profile, with a 29mm diameter, constructed from stainless steel for durability and polished to a glossy finish, offering a sleek and smooth aesthetic. Its Pyrex glass tube can hold up to 5mL of e-liquid, ensuring an ample capacity for extended vaping sessions.

The Crown 5 Tank features a simplified quarter-turn threaded top fill system, allowing for quick and convenient refills. An added silicone seal prevents e-liquid from escaping during the filling process, ensuring a mess-free experience. Furthermore, the tank incorporates Uwell's patented self-cleaning technology, which effectively vaporizes condensation before it accumulates, minimizing the risk of leakage issues and enhancing overall performance.

What is Uwell Crown 5 vape tank

The Uwell Crown 5 vape tank is a high-quality sub-ohm tank designed and manufactured by Uwell, a renowned vaping brand. It is the fifth iteration in the Crown tank series and is known for its exceptional performance, innovative features, and stylish design.

The Uwell Crown 5 tank features advanced self-cleaning technology, which helps prevent leakage issues and reduces the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance. This innovative technology vaporizes any condensation build-up inside the tank, ensuring a cleaner and more reliable vaping experience.

Refilling the Crown 5 tank is simple and convenient, thanks to its user-friendly top-fill design. By twisting the top cap a quarter of the way, you can access the fill port and easily add your preferred e-liquid. The tank also includes a silicone check valve to prevent leakage during the refilling process.

To cater to different vaping preferences, the Crown 5 tank offers a bottom adjustable airflow system. You can easily customize the airflow to achieve either a loose inhale or a slightly more restricted draw, depending on your personal preference.

The Uwell Crown 5 tank is compatible with a range of coils, with the package typically including a single mesh 0.23 Ohm coil and a dual mesh 0.3 Ohm coil. These coils are optimized for delivering excellent flavor and vapor production when paired with e-liquids containing 60% VG (Vegetable Glycerin) or higher.

Why Choose Uwell Crown 5

Tiple Vape Experience

The Uwell Crown 5 Kit tank utilizes single, dual, and triple mesh coils, which effectively and evenly atomize e-liquid, resulting in superb flavor and vapor production. Additionally, the tank incorporates a condensation holder that absorbs excess e-juice through regular usage and vaporizes it. This innovative feature not only minimizes juice leakage but also reduces the frequency of required cleaning, providing a more convenient and hassle-free vaping experience.

Optimized Cap Design

Effortlessly refill your e-juice by rotating the top cap of the tank 90 degrees, allowing for easy access to the filler holes. The inclusion of silicone check valves in the filler holes prevents any potential e-liquid leakage, ensuring a clean and mess-free filling process.

Uwell Exclusive Pro-Focs Flavor Testing Technology

Vapers can enjoy the ultimate vaping experience through the implementation of Pro-FOCS Flavor Testing Technology. This advanced technology ensures precise control of the heating temperature, rigorous management of material quality, and complete restoration of the e-juice flavor. With Pro-FOCS, vapers can indulge in the fullest and most authentic flavor profiles for a truly satisfying vape.

Long Battery Life

Experience powerful vaping capabilities with the convenience of dual 18650 batteries, providing ample power for uninterrupted sessions. Charging becomes a breeze with the Type-C USB port, allowing for easy and efficient charging. With this setup, you can enjoy vaping anytime and anywhere without worrying about battery life.

High-Quality Manufacturing, Luxurious

The stainless steel construction of the new crown 5 has been finely polished to give it a bright brilliance and a silky feel. The "5" Roman numeral is included in the top cap and airflow ring designs. The contrast of leather and metal accentuates the mod's rugged appearance.



  • 5mL Bubble Glass Capacity
  • Durable Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Tank Construction
  • Convenient Quarter Turn Top Fill System
  • Compatible with Uwell CROWN 5 Coil Series
  • Includes 0.23ohm UN2 Single Mesh Coil (rated for 65-70W)
  • Comes with 0.3ohm UN2-2 Dual Mesh Coils (rated for 50-55W)
  • Effortless Press-Fit Coil Installation for easy coil swaps.
  • Pro-FOCS Flavor Testing Technology for an enhanced flavor experience
  • Dual slotted bottom airflow control ring for adjustable airflow
  • Detachable structure for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Threaded 510 connection for wide compatibility with mods
  • Available in a range of stylish colors: Silver, Yellow, Grey, Black, Red, and Blue

Package Includes
1 x Uwell Crown 5 Tank
1 x Replacement Glass
1 x 0.23ohm UN2 Mesh Coil
1 x 0.3ohm UN2-2 Mesh Coil
1 x Pack of O-Rings
1 x User's Manual
1 x Drip Tip Cover

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UPENDS Diamond

When you partake in vaping, the device's diamond-textured exterior creates a captivating and otherworldly atmosphere as it reflects light from its base. This distinctive design element enhances the device's visual appeal, making it visually enchanting. Moreover, the device enhances your vaping experience by delivering a more pronounced taste and improved replication of flavors.

Additionally, it boasts enhanced energy efficiency, allowing you to enjoy more puffs before needing to recharge. By using the bottom button, you can conveniently adjust the airflow inlet, granting you the flexibility to engage in either Direct-to-Lung (DTL) or Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping styles according to your personal preference.

With an impressive e-liquid capacity of 13mL and a rechargeable battery of 600mAh, you have the freedom to indulge in your vaping sessions without worrying about depleting your e-liquid or running out of battery power.


  • Battery 600mah
  • 13ml Capacity E-liquid
  • Size 119.8mm x 27.5mm
  • Type C USB charging port
  • 0ohm Resistance

FAQs About Uwell Crown 5

The Crown 5: A reliable tank?

Fans of direct-to-lung clear atomizers will like the pleasant surprise of Uwell's Crown 5. It provides great flavors and is simple to use. The tank's lack of space is the only drawback.

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