WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Geekvape L200 Vape Review and Instructions; All you Need to Know

15th Aug 2023 | 460 | upends v

Vaping deserves the right measures to help you make the most out of it. The ideal vape devices that will surely impress you are disposable vape pens. Disposable vape devices are meant for a single-use. These devices are normally prefilled with your desired flavour. The vape devices are non-rechargeable, and once the power is depleted, you will find the e-liquid levels are well low, or the e-liquid is completely depleted.

The disposable vape pens are designed to mimic the physical design of a pen or a cigarette so as to give you the impression of a traditional cigarette. As you read throughout this exciting article, you will gather the required knowledge about the most reliable disposable vape in the current market.

What is Geekvape L200 Vape?

Key Specs

  • Screen: 1.08-inch TFT colour display
  • Dimensions: 90.5 mm by 58.5 mm by 30.6mm
  • Output: 5-200watts
  • Output current: Max 45 amps
  • Output Voltage: Max 12 volts
  • Low voltage warning: 3.2V +1 or -0.1 volts
  • PCBA Temperature alarm: 80 degrees Celsius
  • Operating temperature: 0-45 degrees Celsius
  • Resistance range: 0.1-3 ohms
  • Charging port: Type-C port
  • Longest vaping duration: 10 seconds

The Geekvape L200 is the most recent model in the Aegis line. The Geekvape L200 is an excellent vape device for both experienced users and beginners. From the first impression, you will love the classy and tactical design it achieves, as it is complemented by a comfortable feel when you hold it. The Geekvape L200 is a bit smaller and lighter than its original model-Aegis Legend.

Build Quality and Design

Just like the Geekvape L200’s predecessors, this wonderful vape device delivers the best that you can ever imagine. The vape device is nicely built and displays a solid physical build. The vape device comes with a rectangular fire button that is positioned at the front part of its mod. This vape device gives you the easiest time to handle and operate it as it comes with a 1.08-inch colour screen. The screen helps you to easily read the battery level and the vaping settings that are available.

The Geekvape L200 comes in seven attractive and classic colours that you can choose from. You will be astonished to learn that despite the small size this vape device displays, it holds dual-built batteries that run the device. Thanks to the rubberized bottom of this vape device as it plays a significant role in shock resistance a nice touch.

Battery and Charging

If you take a closer look at the bottom of the Geekvape L200, you will notice a rubber flap that allows you to lift it and access the USB-C charge port. This is the port that is designed to let you charge this amazing vape device using a USN-C cable. The vape device adopts the IP68-rated setup on the battery bay door that is located at the bottom of this mod.

For you to charge this vape device, you will have to push the door down with little pressure and slide the latch and insert the USB-C cable. Remember, the battery terminals in the battery bay are properly marked.

Ease of Use

It is rare to find such a flexible and simple-to-use vape device that will let you use it even when you are a beginner. The Geekvape L200 vape device comes with the draw activation feature that lets you start the vape device with your very first puff. The vape device as well comes in a prefilled state, as you can access your favourite flavor without the need to fill the device by yourself.

General Performance

Apart from the impressive Geekvape L200 displays, the vape device delivers outstanding performance. Compared to the vape device’s predecessors, this vape model features improved temperature control mode performance. The power mode is also greatly improved. On the mention of the power mode, the Geekvape L200 is capable of firing up to 200w of power and an output of 45 amperes. With the capability to offer up to 12V, this means the vape device can heat any type of coil.

When it comes to temperature control, the Geekvape L200 is super accurate and ensures that it offers exactly what you want in an ideal vape device. The vape device is designed to cut off power whenever the wick is drying out, and this is done in the most modest manner. You are free to enjoy between 400 to 450F, which ensures you get a fantastic vaping time.

Pros and Cons


  • It has an excellent build quality
  • It features a large clear, and bright colour screen
  • It displays an easy-to-use menu
  • It delivers a great temperature control performance
  • It offers you a boost circuit
  • It delivers you a sliding lock that is worth using
  • It offers a fast charge rate
  • It comes with a nice silicon coating and leather backing


  • You need to replace the coils, and you must need a tool
  • Most atomizers tend to overhang a little bit

Manual, Review & Instructions

Features and Functions

There are seamless features that make Geekvape L200 outstanding, among other latest vape devices. On the front part of the mod, there is a firing button, screen and button options. As the 1.08-inch screen that shows you all the information you need is put in place, there is a new chip that lets you adjust the colour display, brightness and other settings.

Unlike other vape devices, you will meet plenty of modes that include the Bypass, VPC (Variable Power Curve), TC-TCR (Temperature Coefficient), TC-SS (Stainless Steel), TC-Ti (Titanium), TC- Ni (Nickel), and Power mode. There are other exciting configuration options that are meant to adjust wattage and puff counts. Take a brief look at how you navigate some of the Geekvape L200’s settings;

On/Off-Click the fire button five times

Increase Brightness-Press and hold fire and + button

Decrease Brightness-Press and Hold fire and – button

Shift Mode-execute three clicks on the fire button and scroll through the modes using the up and down buttons

Lock Device-you need to slide the physical locking switch

Change screen colour-after three clicks on the fire button, simultaneously hold the option buttons and change the screen colour.

It is super easy to navigate through the modes, and this makes this vape device sound well for new vapers who need to try out their vaping experience.

The Z Tank

The Geekvape L200 vape employs the Zeus Tank, which is a pretty basic tank. The tank is made to measure slightly over 26mm in diameter at the base. The tank is capable of holding up to 5.5ml of e-liquid. There is a quarter-twist top cap that you can remove whenever you wish to refill your vape device. Top airflow is designed to minimize the chances of your tank leakage. You can easily adjust the airflow by the presence of the adjustable cyclops airflow slots.

Frequently Questions about the Geekvape L200 Vape?

Why is my vape pen not charging?

If your vape devices cease to charge, this is what you ought to do;

  • Ensure that the charging cable is pushed all the way into the vape device’s charging port.
  • You can try to charge the vape pen through your computer. It may deny you from charging using an external charger.
  • The batteries must be installed in the correct orientation to enable charging.
  • The charging cable might be faulty, and you will need to replace it with a new working one.

Why is my vape not hitting?

When your vape device does not hit whenever you press the press button, here is what you need to do.

  • Check on the screen whether there is an error message on the screen. If there is a message, you will have to scroll down and know what is happening.
  • Make sure your vaping device is turned on. You will have to click the fire button five times.
  • If the vape device is still unresponsive, you will have to replace the tank’s coil.

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What makes this vape device to be the most preferred for any vape user is the ease of use it offers. The ease of use is achieved as the vape device comes in a prefilled state and as well comes pre-charged. This allows you to use the device immediately once you unpackage it. Thanks to the 2ml e-liquid capacity, that allows you to enjoy the huge puff count.

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