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There is no denying that recently there has been a surge in the demand for vape coils and it’s not hard to see why. However, when considering fancy coils to purchase like Stapled or Clapton coils, it is often not worth the effort trying to build them by yourself, not to mention that they are labor-intensive, time-consuming, and somewhat frustrating.

The good news though is that these days you can easily get your hands on efficient and easily affordable coils which only require you to place an atomizer and vape to your heart's content. One of the few brands offering such an efficient premade coil is the Geekvape brand. Here is a detailed review, containing all you need to know about the Geekvape coil brand and if it is the right product for you.

What is a Geekvape Coil?

If you are not aware, a vape coil refers to a heating element that is used and then replaced in numerous kinds of pods and pods. They are usually manufactured from a coil of wire made from Titanium, stainless steel, and nickel chrome- which is then coated in a cotton wick. The cotton wick is usually responsible for absorbing your e-liquid so when the coil is heated-up, it turns the e-liquid into vapor. For clarity's sake, the coil is usually placed inside a vape tank and when powered by your device transforms the power to heat which eventually vaporizes the e-liquid in your cotton wick.

The Geekvape brand has been responsible for making pre-made coils for some time, and this hardware vape brand has reportedly made over 18 replacement pods and coils for 18 vape devices. There is no surprise that the brand has made a name for itself especially as they prioritize the durability of its products, while also manufacturing dependable tanks, mods, and vape kits. Their drive to only offer perfection has made them responsible for some of the best high-quality coils available on the market.

General Features


  • Affordable and Cost-effective

One major advantage of every Geekvape brand vape product is that they are easily affordable and you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot or break into your savings before you can afford one. As earlier mentioned, the Geekvape brand prioritizes the manufacturing of high-quality products. This ultimately means that you get the best of both worlds, for a reasonable price you can purchase a high-grade vape coil. Compared to the other somewhat expensive brand that fails to deliver in terms of performance, the Geekvape coil no doubt remains the best option.

  • Design

When considering the design of the Geekvape coil, it is safe to say they are manufactured for durability, not to mention that their sleek and simple design contributes further to their push-and-pull coil technology which makes it easier to switch your coils. They are easy to install and their structure which is an essential feature contributes positively towards offering the best vaping experience.

  • Variety of Geekvape Coils

The reality is when they are numerous options of a product available it often provides users with the opportunity to discover which product best resonate with their requirement and specifications. The Geekvape coil brand recognizes that variety is the spice of life, hence why there are numerous Geekvape coils available on the market. Each of them offers an extended life span not to mention that a lot of them are compatible with different tanks. Having a wide variety of options of coils further contributes towards opening options for true device customization. There is no denying that you are guaranteed to find the best coil for your tool.

  • Performance

It goes without saying but the performance of the Geekvape coils is second to none and is considered top-notch. Therefore, it is no surprise this brand of vape coil stands out from the competition. They are majorly concerned with producing and maintaining an efficient level of vapor production to offer a positive vaping experience. It is necessary to understand though that coils are considered consumable products and with time they require replacement. In addition, their lifespan tends to depend on numerous factors, some of which include materials used, resistance, and usage. The Geekvape coil lives up to its name as it ensures that your vape keeps producing top flavor.

So what are the top Geekvape coils to check out? Here are a couple of our best picks and what we think you should know about them.

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  1. Geekvape M Coils


If you are looking to experience a high level of vape production, then the Geekvape M Series is just the perfect option for you. This brand of Geekvape coil comes available in four versions, all of which feature numerous varieties of mesh build which provide them with the capability to heat more e-liquid at an increased rate thereby offering an improved flavor from e-liquid. The coils themselves are manufactured for direct-to-lung vaping and their different builds allow them to be used with higher or lower power outputs.


  • Multiple resistances
  • They are compatible with High VG e-liquids
  • Sub-ohm coils
  • Direct-to-lung vaping capability
  • Mesh build


  • It offers an excellent flavoring
  • It is leakproof
  • Effortless changeable coils
  • High-quality product design
  • Sleek and simple structure


  • Product contains addictive substance
  1. Geekvape Zeus Z Coil

The Geekvape Zeus Z coil is considered to be one of the most popular coil series in the Geekvape brand. It is compatible with a lot of vape devices including the Geekvape Aegis Max Vape, and Geekvape obelisk tank amongst others. It is one of the best coils if you are on the lookout for longevity and a consistent vape experience. They are generally preferred for their great airflow and minimal restriction. Irrespective of their small size, they pack quite a punch irrespective of whatever juice you use them with. They are guaranteed to get the job done.


  • Mesh coil technology
  • Pure flavor
  • High levels of vapor clouds
  • Top fill
  • Stainless steel material
  • Maximum satisfaction
  • DTL vaping


  • Solid exterior and interior
  • High-grade-level product finishing
  • Enough room for your personal 810 drip tip
  • Zeus series
  • Impressive top airflow
  • Zeus series


  • Coil longevity is subject to scrutiny
  • Tends to absorb too much juice

FAQs about Geekvape Coils

  1. When should I change my coil?

From the moment your vape starts tasting a bit different from usual then that is a clear indication that your coil is due for a change. There are also a couple of other things you might want to take note of which can also serve as a good indicator. For starters, if your vape tank has suddenly started leaking e-liquid, this is another sign that you need to get a new vape coil. The life expectancy of a good coil is usually between 2-14 days, so if you are using a coil longer than that, then it is highly recommended that you get a new one.

  1. Are Geekvape Coils worth it?

The answer is yes, the Geekvape coil is no doubt worth and that’s one reason it is a preferred option amongst many in the cannabis community. The Geekvape coil requires no effort to install, not to mention that they contribute positively to the entire vaping experience. Also, it is worth noting that their compact build and simple design make them easy to have on hand and transport from one location to another. They are arguably a high-quality vape and when used properly offer positive results.

  1. How much does a Geekvape Coil cost?

As earlier mentioned one of the benefits of a Geekvape brand product is that they are easily affordable, however, it is necessary to understand that the price varies from product to product as there are a variety of Geekvape coils. For a great price, you can enjoy a nice vaping experience and explore the world of vaping and vaping tools from any corner of the world.

  1. Where can I purchase an original Geekvape coil from?

You need to be vigilant when purchasing a Geekvape coil, due to their high demand and popularity, the modern-day cannabis market is overflowing with counterfeit vape products which are dangerous to one’s health when used. In other to not fall victim to fake vape products, it is essential to only purchase directly from the brand's official online page, and if that seems difficult, you can also buy from a trusted online retailer like UPENDS.

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