GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit Review and Instructions

    GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit Review and Instructions

    For the last decade, vaping has gained a lot of following because of its effectiveness in nicotine hits delivery. Unfortunately, this way, many vape equipment developers have developed many vape equipment that may make it hard for you to choose the right one for you.

    To help you find the best vape, we always set aside an article and give it a detailed review. One of the notable vape tools is the GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit.

    Here is a review of this wonderful vape kit;

    What is GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit?

    The GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit is a compact, simple-to-use, and hardwearing vape equipment that makes an ideal vape tool for both beginner and expert vapers. It is powered by a powerful battery that is capable of powering it even when you are vaping at high vaping power. In addition, because of its build quality of being shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof, GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit guarantees you the durability that you can count on for your vaping journey.

    GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit Specs

    Size: 87.7mm x 40mm x 17.7mm

    Weight: 73 Grams

    Battery Capacity: 800mAh

    Coil Resistance Range: 0.4 - 3 ohms

    Tank Capacity: 3.5ml

    Wattage Output Range: 12W – 18W

    Temperature Protection: 80C

    IP Rating: IP-67

    GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit Features

    The GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit comes with outstanding features that combine to make sure you enjoy the best vaping experience. Here are its features;


    All the vape pods are powered by a battery. The batteries are either in-built or removable, depending on the vape tool you choose. Therefore, you need to be careful and choose a powerful battery that will enable you to vape for a while, even when you are away from the charging station.

    The GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit does not disappoint you when it comes to battery capacity, charging, and battery life monitoring. It is engineered with an 800mAh capacity battery that is powerful enough to allow you to enjoy continuous vaping after a full charge.

    GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit is equipped with an LED battery life indicator that shows you the battery level as you vape to ensure you are not caught off-guard as the battery drains. The LED lights with different colors as the battery drain as follows;

    • Red Light: 0-69% battery level
    • Green Light: 70-99% Battery level.

    This way, you can know when to have your GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit recharged.

    E-Liquid Capacity

     The GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit comes with a refillable pod that you can refill using your favorite e-liquid. This allows you to refill it with an e-liquid with the nicotine strength and flavor of your choice. Its pod can hold 3.5ml e-liquid capacity that allows you to vape for a while before refilling it again.

    To refill the pod, you only need to detach it from the main kit, locate its huge and round-shaped filling port and have it filled to the 3.4ml mark.

    Variable Vaping Power

    To make sure all the vapers, from beginners to experts, enjoy vaping, GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit is engineered with variable vaping power that you can change depending on the throat hit you want. It allows you to vary the vaping power from 13W lowest to 18W maximum setting.

    Cost of Purchase

    The GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit cost lies between $22.99 and 24.45, depending on the vape store you are buying from. If you order it online, the shipping fee can also vary depending on different online vape shops.

    Variable Colors

    Depending on the color you like, GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit comes in four different colors that you can choose from. Its colors include Beetle Black with an Orange stitching, Silver Chafer with a Silver Stitching, Gunmetal with a light greyish color, and Tamamushi with a rainbow frame and purple stitching. The stitching adds beauty to your GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit.

    General Performance

    The performance of the GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit is satisfactory. Its two coils are super-cool and highly performing, guaranteeing you the best flavor. The GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit coils are also outstanding as you can both the regular e-liquids and nic salts without compromising your flavor and life.

    Its 800mAh capacity rechargeable battery is also not disappointing at all. Its performance is impressive, allowing you to vape for a while after a full charge. Because the battery is rechargeable, you don’t have to incur any replacement costs making GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit cost-effective.

    Its airflow is also wonderful. It delivers a loose MTL draw that restricts the lung and throat hit using variable airflow. Depending on the throat hit you want, you can always vary the airflow and the vaping power to make sure it matches your need.

    Pros and Cons


    • GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit is built with a solid body and made waterproof
    • It has a clear window for viewing the e-liquid level
    • It is leakproof
    • It gives you a satisfying throat hit
    • GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit comes with LED Lights that are visible even in the sunlight
    • It comes with an 800mAh battery capacity that is powerful enough to allow you to vape for long
    • It is highly durable


    • Its pod is difficult to detach

    Manual, Review and Instructions

    The most interesting thing about the GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit is that it is easy to assemble and use. After buying this kit, you only need to refill its pod with your favorite e-liquid and start vaping. To refill the pod;

    1. Detach the pod from the battery
    2. Locate the silicon stopper on the base of the pod and open it
    3. Tilt the pod and fill it with an e-liquid of your choice
    4. Replace the stopper
    5. Replace the pod back into position on the battery section

    After this process, allow your kit to sit for some time to allow the e-liquid to soak into the cotton. After a period of about 5 minutes, you can start vaping, setting the temperature and vaping power at the lowest settings as you advance while taking puffs to taste your level.

    Frequently Asked Questions about GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit

     How Much is GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit?

    The whole GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit comes with a cost range of $22.99 and 24.45. Naturally, these prices vary from one vape shop to the other.

    How Long does GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit Last?

    GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit comes with a 3.5ml pod capacity that can last for weeks depending on your vaping frequency. The pod is refillable, allowing you to enjoy vaping for a long time. Its battery is also amazing and powers it for a day before or more before requiring the next charge.

    Alternative Vape Equipment: UPENDS

     UPENDS is a leading vape equipment developer that always makes sure that the vaping equipment you acquire from them is of high quality and built with the latest quality.


    Uppor can make a good pod if you need alternative vaping equipment. It is engineered with the latest vaping technology that makes it outstanding, delivering an outstanding vaping experience. Its 180° adjustable airflow gives you an amazing variable vaping experience. You can adjust the airflow depending on the throat and lung hit you need.

    The Uppor size is also amazing, with a size small and minimalistic enough to fit on your palm. This way, you can grasp it on your hand comfortably as you vape or travel with it.

    We cannot also fail to let you know how hygienic your Uppor can be. It adopts an antibacterial technology that makes the mouthpiece inhibit the growth of bacteria for advanced hygiene. It also has five layers of leak-proof rings that eliminate leakage.


    Many vapers require easy-to-use vape equipment and equipment that will satisfy their cravings. If you are such a vaper, then GeekVape Aegis Pod Kit is the right vape tool for you. Its features are satisfactory, and it's worth buying. You can also consider going for Uppor if you need alternative vape equipment.



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