Fume Disposable Vape: A Complete Review of Features and Performance of the Fume Disposable Vape

    Fume Disposable Vape: A Complete Review of Features and Performance of the Fume Disposable Vape

    People worldwide are no longer searching for a better alternative to smoking. This is realized by the emergence and dominance of vaping technology. Most tobacco users are bored with burning and prefer the cleaner way of nicotine consumption at greater convenience.

    For the effectiveness of using the vaping option to be manifested, certain crucial elements must be included. You need different special equipment, where disposable vapes are an essential requirement.

    This article picks up more about the Fume disposable vape brands and you are made to understand why it is termed to be the best brand you can find.

    What is Fume Disposable Vape?

    Fume is a popular disposable vape brand that avails different sets of quality vape products in the current competitive market. Products from this vape brand are manufactured with medical-grade technology and are intended to help you enjoy the maximum puff capacity you deserve.

    It is a brilliant decision to choose the Fume disposable vape brand as this guarantees you the best disposable vapes that you can dream of. The disposable vape devices that are offered by this premium quality vape brand come in varying nicotine strengths, puff counts, battery capacities, e-liquid capacities, and as well different sizes.

    Every vape user who interacts with the Fume disposable vapes attests to its capability to make you enjoy every puff and hence a happier vaping lifestyle. For every disposable vape device, there is a powerful built-in battery, a 6ml pre-filled flavor pod, and regulated temperature controls. With these quality features in action, you will be impressed by the consistently safe and enjoyable vaping moments. 


  • It features a high-quality physical build
  • It comes with a powerful battery
  • It is easy and simple to use
  • It is highly portable
  • Cons

  • It has a shorter lifespan
  • Fume Disposable Vape Reviews: Is Fume Disposable Vape good?

    Read the following best disposable vape devices from Fume disposable vape brand and access them for a much more fun vaping lifestyle;

    Fume Extra Disposable 10pc Mix and Match Fun Pack Vape

    Interestingly, the best keeps on getting better as the Fume disposable vape brand brings you the Fume Extra model.  This vape device is a premium quality model that comes with a sleek, ideal, and compact physical appearance. The Fume Extra vape device is known to deliver up to 1500 exceptional puffs. This goes along with the powerful 850mA built0in battery that gives you instant and long-lasting heating of your favorite e-liquid.

    The Fume Extra disposable vape pen is designed to contain 6ml e-liquid at a go as dictated by the pre-filled pod that carries the magically sweet vape juice. The device works best if the e-liquid engaged features a nicotine strength of 20g. the disposable vape device comes in the following flavors;

    • Blue Razz- this blue raspberry flavor gives you a tangy satisfying fruity and tart feeling at the same time.
    • Mint ice- this flavor gives you the familiar menthol flavor and allows you to fall in love with the fresh mint feeling in each puff you take.
    • Banana- you are greeted with a subtly banana flavor as it is capable of offering you a cool mint finish and a satisfactory fresh puff all day long. 
    • Tropical fruit- this is a perfect blend of coconut, watermelon, pineapple, guava, and mixed berry that will make you the happiest person every time you vape.
    • Rainbow candy- you are offered a chance to taste all the colors of the rainbow as you puff the excellent combination of fruit flavors that resemble real candy.
    • Lush Ice- this vape flavor is lusciously delicious as it lets you enjoy the sweet and bold flavor of watermelon and reminds you of the summer times.

    Key Specs

    • 850mAh battery
    • 9 excellent flavors
    • 2% nicotine strength
    • Puff count: 1500 plus
    • Pre-fill E-liquid Pod capacity: 6ml

    Fume Ultra Disposable Vape – 10 pack

    Fume Ultra Disposable vape is ranked to be among the most adored vape series. This exemplary vape device delivers the top-notch vaping experience you can dream of. This is a new exclusive vape product that displays the same superior quality as the Fume Extra disposable vape. With this vape device, you can afford to experience up to 2500 amazing puffs. This is made to happen with greater convenience brought by the powerful 1100mAh battery.

    You will be surprised at how this vape device can avail you of up to 18 exceptional ultra-smooth flavors. You can effortlessly activate your vape device by just taking a single draw and all the ultra-potent clouds will flow graciously. The following are the flavors that you can access;

    Blueberry mint- this is a sweet and tart blueberry flavor that delivers a cool minty finish. You are made to enjoy the refreshing cool puffs all day long.  

    Bubblegum- this flavor brings extra sweetness to the classic bubblegum flavor that makes it the favorite choice of most vape users.

    Banana- you need to experience the subtle sweet banana taste that is well blended with a cool minty finish that grants satisfaction anytime you  

    Cotton Candy- it is absolutely exciting as you will interact with the extra sweet and airy cotton candy taste that will make you remember it once you are far from it.

    Blue Razz- if you need a satisfying vape flavor, then the blue raspberry blends well with the fruit flavors to bring a tart feeling. 

    Strawberry watermelon- you are expected to feel the fresh and fruity strawberry taste that combines with the sweet watermelon flavor to make the general taste incredible! 

    Other impressive and most loved vape juice flavors from the Fume disposable vape include; tangerine ice, tropical fruit, strawberry, strawberry mango, mint ice, mango, grape, melon ice, rainbow candy, purple rain, pink lemonade, pineapple ice, pina colada, double apple, peach ice, gummy bear, and fresh lychee.

    Key specs

    • 18 adorable flavors
    • Puff count: 2500 plus
    • Battery capacity: 1100mAh
    • 5% nicotine strength

    Fume Infinity Disposable Vape-3 pack

    A new vape product comes with something to be glad about. This Fume disposable vape makes its users fall in love with it instantly as it achieves an attractive, compact, light, and stylish physical build. You will be impressed by the powerful 1500mAh battery that can sustain you up to 3500 puffs making it one of the best vape devices you can find in the highly demanding market.

    You are made to enjoy continuous vaping for a long time as the Fume infinity disposable vape features a 12ml cartridge along with a long-lasting power supply. What makes vape enthusiasts embrace this Fume disposable vape is the wide range of subtle yet sensual flavors it offers. Among the delicious flavors are the tropical punch, blueberry mint, strawberry banana, cotton candy, mint ice, and pina colada.

    Key Specs

  • Battery capacity: 1500mAh
  • Cartridge capacity: 12ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 5%
  • Puff Count: 3500 plus
  • Flavors: 16
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Fume Disposable Vape

    The following are the most raised concerns about this powerful Fume disposable vape device; 

    How to choose the best vape?

    If you desire the best vaping experience then you need to be highly selective about which vaping device will best suit your vaping needs. Here are the major factors that you should take a keen interest in;

    • Coil resistance-vape mods are known to be compatible with any coil resistance.  If intend to use sub-ohm coils that produce more clouds due to the low coil resistance they offer. If a lower power setting is preferred, you can use a higher resistance option.
    • Temperature Control-your preferred device should have the capacity to adjust the coil operates at. For this to be practical, you need a nickel, stainless steel, and titanium. This will help you customize you9 vaping needs with greater precision and convenience.
    • Variable wattage-if the vape device allows you to change the wattage it offers, then you will be in the ideal position of adjusting the amount of vapor production.

    Is the Fume Disposable Vape worth it?

    Fume disposable vape pen is known to be among the best-performing vape devices in the present market. The vape device is capable of bringing the most recent technological features to your access. The Fume disposable vape brand avails you of three powerful disposables that include the Extra, Ultra, and Infinity to cater to your happiness in vaping.

    How do I turn on my Fume Disposable Vape?

    A single draw is enough to activate your Fume disposable vape device for your long-lasting quality vaping sessions. This proves this vape device to be absolutely easy and simple to use.

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