Exxus vape: Exxus Vape Pen review and instructions

    Exxus vape: Exxus Vape Pen review and instructions

    With the drastic advancement in the field of technology, vape pens have a share of the story to tell. Nowadays, most people have opted to exercise vaping rather than smoking. A vape pen is a power source that produces vapor by heating up a vape tank or a cartridge. These are rechargeable battery-powered devices that have adopted a slim portable nature for your great ease to carry them around. The vape pens first hit the e-cigarette scene in the year 2010 from the Janty and Joytech companies. This article presents you with the adorable features of the most profound vape developing company in the currently existing market.

    Exxus Vape

    Exxus is a great company that offers a vast range of vaping products that are specifically designed to help you move your vaping sessions to the next level. This company avails to you all replaceable accessories just right into your nearest market. 

    The Exxus company brings you vape pens, concentrate vaporizers, dry vaporizers, e-liquid vaporizers, portable vaporizers, portable vaporizers. Skillets are also designed to give the vapers the grand convenience they need, especially when it comes to enjoying a lovely vaping session with concentrates.

    Exxus Vape Pen Review

    There are several models that you can find under Exxus vape pens. You will come to notice that these models come in a variety of colors, shapes, and almost similar designs. Here are the most celebrated models you do not have to miss out.

    Exxus Push Cartridges Vaporizers

    This is a really impressive ultra-compact device that measures 80mm by 40mm by 22mm. This small design is to enables you to carry this vape pen wherever you wish at any time. The excellent machine comes with an adjustable push-out cartridge system that brings the convenience you need in the process of vaping.  

    There is the preheat mode that warms up to your essential oils. Just hit the power button twice for a successful 17-second button-less session. 

    Along with the preheat function, there exist four voltage settings on this Exxus model to provide precise heating of your favorite e-liquid. The four voltage settings that you are able to adjust within this device are as follows; 2.8V,3.2V, 3.7V, and 4.2V. Your device needs 38 watts of power to run the entire task of heating. This compels you to equip this model with a 500mAh battery.


    • Its simple to operate
    • It is user friendly
    • It presents an excellent quality
    • It is long-lasting vaping sessions


    • It cannot deliver its service for long before it wears out.

    Exxus Snap VV Cartridge Vaporizer

    The Exxus Snap VV Cartridge Vaporizer is a sleek and powerful model that comes with a variable Voltage Cartridge to ensure you enjoy its enhanced functionality in a compact package. The ease of operation is one thing that attracts more people to this device since with a simple press of a button; you are able to select one of the available voltage settings. You need to keep in mind that there are four voltage settings that you can access and play within the provided voltage range.

    Just like the original snap, Exxus Snap VV Variable Voltage Cartridge Vaporizer offers exceptional convenience in its magnetic connector. As the user is required, you are to slip the atomizer inside the chamber on the chassis accurately, and it will definitely snap into place.

    Talking of the size of this device, you will surely love the small, sleek design it is endowed with. This device measures three inches tall and one inch wide. The ability to accommodate very large cartomizers brings joy to the user.

    Charging with Micro USB is a key feature of this type of Exxus vape pen. There is a powerful built-in battery that will be able to sustain a good number of vaping sessions before it needs another recharge.


    • It is a reliable device since it retains power
    • It brings you convenience during vaping
    • It is easy to use


    • It is a bit confusing to new users

    Exxus Twistr Cartridge Vaporizer

    If there is a simple but innovative vape pen, the Exxus Twistr Cartridge Vaporizer will absolutely not be left out. His vape pen employs an adjustable voltage setting that can gradually be customized as you use it. You reselect between 2.0V to 4.2V and take every puff up to the time you desire.

    The Exxus Twist Cartridge Vaporizer is able to load a large number of flavors, and the process of loading the cartridge is not a big deal. It is highly recommended that you should fill the cartridge halfway to avoid any possible e-liquid overflow. You have to make sure you have twisted on the cartridge until it is perfectly secure and then put the mouthpiece back on. By so doing, you would have properly attached the cartridge to its place.

    This machine uses advanced technology, whereby the vaper enjoys incorporates the preheat mode meant for hands-free operation along with 15-second intervals for faster vaping sessions.


    • It is pretty much easy to use
    • Displays excellent quality
    • Offers quick preheating


    • It requires a lot of care when handling the device

    Exxus MiNovo Cartridge Vaporizer

    This model is an auto draw device that makes it active immediately you inhale. Like other Exxus vape pen models, this device has an auto-adjust feature, where temperature can be regulated by switching between various voltage levels to fit the desired level of cloud formation. You are not left in the dark when it comes to knowing which voltage level you are. There are LED lights that serve as indicators.

    There is a preheat function that gets the device started when you want to carry out your vaping moments. This can be done by clicking the power button twice. Other adorable features include the presence of protective magnetic adapters, a powerful 470mAh battery, and a customized variable.

    The Exxus Minovo being a 510 threaded device, is made compatible with several cartridges. You will surely be delighted with how this model accepts all kinds of flavors to dance to its tune of converting them into consumable vapor.


    • It is a user-friendly device
    • It serves for a long time
    • It is convenient for daily use


    • It requires a lot of care when refilling it, or else it will be damaged.

    Exxus GO Concentrate Vaporizer

    For concentrate lovers, the Exxus GO Concentrate Vaporizer is here for you. This model delivers hours of non-stop vaporization to meet any experienced vaper’s satisfaction. This is made possible by the powerful 1100mAh battery that the device has been installed with.

    Other adorable features include a super quick warm-up, which normally takes up to five seconds, a portable ring, an automatic heating system, a rapid auto run time of hardly 15 seconds.


    • Has great compatibility
    • It has a powerful battery
    • It is user friendly


    • It needs a lot of care when handling it

    How to charge Exxus vape pen

    The machine comes with a USB charger that is attached to the packaging. There are several ways you can charge your device once it uses a USB cable. You can easily either charge from a computer or any USB-compatible device or plug it into a USB wall adapter. Some other models use a vape charger that can directly be plugged into wall outlets. It should take, in total, around two to three hours for a full charge. Any charging longer than this will most likely lead to the damages of that Exxus vape pen.

    Exxus Vape 510 USB Charger

    If you are going to invest in the 510 USB charger at all, you're guaranteed that you will often have a vape pen on hand that flawlessly recharges a number of your battery. In a closer look at the charger, there is a circular opening that measures 7mm in diameter. Your charger has the ability to be stashed in various locations to ensure that one is always able to be within arm's reach.

    To maintain the integrity of the batteries, to prove that it is charging, the is a sidelight on the 510 USB charger that will indicate a green light to mean that the unit is fully charged.


    It is no doubt that you do not miss getting one of the Exxus models at your service. All sorts of flavors can be best enjoyed by the most loved vape pen in the market, which is the Exxus vape pen. Your vaping sessions are made better and more fun with all the marvelous features the Exxus company brings. Grab Exxus vape pen, and you will never be disappointed.




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