WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Exploring the Cool and Refreshing World of Menthol Vapes

2nd Nov 2023 | 391 | Dickson

Menthol vapes have become a favorite among a diverse group of vapers due to their invigorating and versatile nature. Its invigorating coolness and minty taste offer a pleasant contrast to the warmth of traditional tobacco.

Whether you savor the icy, refreshing feel of menthol or appreciate the satisfying throat hit it offers, there's a menthol vape tailored to your tastes. The vast selection of menthol vapes on the market can make choosing the ideal one a challenging endeavor. To simplify your decision-making process, we've compiled a selection of the finest menthol vapes available for your enjoyment.

What Kind of People Would Like Menthol Vape?

  • Menthol vapes are a great choice for a diverse range of individuals. People who enjoy the following are likely to appreciate menthol vaping:
  • Former menthol cigarette smokers: Menthol vapes provide a similar flavor experience without the harmful effects of tobacco.
  • Mint enthusiasts: Those who enjoy the refreshing taste of mint are sure to love menthol vapes.
  • Those looking for a unique vaping experience: Menthol vapes offer a different flavor profile compared to traditional fruity or dessert e-liquids.

What Makes Menthol Vapes So Popular?

  • The sensation of menthol is akin to a cool breeze on a hot summer day. It provides an instant refreshment, making it a favorite among vapers.
  • Menthol is a versatile flavor that can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with other flavors. It complements fruity, dessert, and beverage-inspired e-liquids, enhancing their overall taste.
  • Transition from Smoking: Many former smokers find menthol vapes particularly appealing because they mimic the familiar taste of menthol cigarettes. It eases the transition to vaping.
  • Vapers often turn to menthol after a heavy meal or when they want to cleanse their palate. The minty flavor leaves a crisp and clean feeling in the mouth.

Menthol Vape Pens

Lost Mary BM5000

Price: $13.99

The Lost Mary BM5000 is a disposable vape that offers approximately 5,000 puffs and eliminates concerns about e-juice and coil replacements. It comes in various flavors, including fruity, menthol, and tobacco, with a nicotine concentration of 40 mg (4%) for a satisfying nicotine hit. A standout feature is the premium mesh coil, providing a more intense and flavorful vaping experience.

Horizon Binaries Sv15000

Price: $14.99

The Horizon Binaries 15000 Disposable Vape is a groundbreaking device designed to enhance your e-juice vaping experience. It offers an impressive combination of advanced features and extended lifespan, making it your ideal vaping companion. What sets the Horizon Binaries SV15000 apart is its incredible durability, providing around 15,000 puffs, making it one of the longest-lasting disposables available today.

You can bid farewell to the inconvenience of frequent replacements and say hello to prolonged, uninterrupted vaping enjoyment. This outstanding disposable vape is pre-loaded with 20 ml of high-quality e-juice, featuring a robust nicotine concentration of 5% (50 mg).

Geek Bar Meloso Max

Price: $13.99

The Geek Bar Meloso Max is an outstanding device that has been intricately engineered to provide an unparalleled vaping experience. It comes with a generous e-juice capacity, a rechargeable battery, and an enticing selection of flavors. With the Geek Bar Meloso Max, you can relish approximately 9,000 puffs of pure vaping satisfaction.

It is offered in a range of delightful flavors designed to entice your taste buds. Whether you desire the sweetness of fruits or the refreshing coolness of menthol, there's a flavor to cater to every taste. Each variant features a gratifying nicotine concentration of 5% (50 mg) to ensure a perfect hit every time.

Menthol Vape Pods

Menthol vape pods offer convenience and flavor, making them a popular choice among vapers. Here are some of the best menthol vape pods available:

Vuse Alto Flavor Menthol Pods

Price: $16.99

The new Vuse Alto Menthol Pods deliver the familiar, exceptional flavor you love from previous Vuse offerings, now in an innovative vape pod format. Acquire a pack today and enjoy the invigorating coolness that Menthol Alto Pods bring. Please be aware that Vuse's Alto Menthol Pods are not designed to be refilled.

These Vuse Alto Menthol Pods are available in a convenient 2-pack configuration, with each pod containing 1.8ml of liquid and boasting an 18mg (1.8%) nicotine strength.

SMOK Nord X pod

Price: $29.99

Explore the SMOK NORD X 60W Pod System, which features an adjustable power range of 5-60W, boasts an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, and is compatible with the RPM & RPM 2 Coil Series. With a built-in 1500mAh rechargeable battery, the NORD X Pod System can provide up to 60W of power, making it a perfect match for RPM & RPM 2 Coils.

The system employs 6mL refillable pods, and the SMOK NORD X uses a convenient bottom press-fit connection for swift and hassle-free coil replacements. Crafted from rugged zinc-alloy, the NORD X's chassis holds an IP67 rating, guarding against dust and water infiltration while being shock-resistant to protect against minor falls and impacts. The device presents essential vaping information on a side-mounted OLED Display Screen, ensuring users can easily read critical data.


Price: £9.99

The XROS 2 kit, XROS Nano Kit, and XROS Mini kit are designed to be used with the Vaporesso XROS 2 replacement pods. These refillable pods are versatile, offering both MTL inhalation styles, and come with a choice of standard wound coils or mesh coils, which enhance both flavor and vapor production. They are available in four resistance levels: 0.6 Ohm, 0.8 Ohm, 1.0 Ohm, and 1.2 Ohm, granting you the flexibility to experiment and determine your ideal vaping experience.

Crafted from robust PCTG material, these pods have a 2ml e-liquid capacity. Refilling is straightforward – just remove the top cap mouthpiece and use the juice port to add your preferred e-liquid. The mesh coils contained within are not only long-lasting but also feature a built-in design, eliminating the need for separate coil changes you can simply swap out the entire pod. It's recommended to use these pods with high PG e-liquids or 50/50 e-liquids.

Low menthol vape

Double Drip Dot Pro Kit Menthol Mist

Price: £7.99

The Dot Pro offers an ultra-compact and lightweight vape kit, ensuring exceptional portability. It utilizes disposable pre-filled pods containing delightful nicotine salt e-liquids, delivering quick satisfaction and a consistently fantastic taste from the first draw to the last. No complicated buttons or settings to fiddle with, no refilling tanks – simply attach a pre-filled pod, and you're ready to vape.

The built-in coil with an advanced honeycomb mesh core elevates the flavor by evenly absorbing and heating the e-liquid, resulting in impeccable taste and a smooth, warm, and gratifying vaping experience. The 350mAh internal battery provides sufficient power for most users, ensuring a full day of use and recharging in just 45 minutes.

Menthol Crystal Bar

Price: £4.99

SKE Crystal Bar represents a line of disposable vapes and nicotine salts similar to Elf Bar, offering a range of delightful flavors commonly found in disposable devices. These SKE Crystal Bar disposables are compact and lightweight, providing a convenient and straightforward choice for individuals seeking a hassle-free vaping experience while on the move. Just like all disposables, the Menthol Crystal Bar is designed to activate when you inhale, devoid of any buttons, ensuring a hands-free and effortless operation.

0 nicotine low menthol vape

CUBE ZERO 0% Nicotine

Price: $20.99

The Vaportech Cube is a substantial disposable e-cigarette that takes on the shape of a rectangular cube and offers adjustable airflow.

Furthermore, the Cube devices are available in two variations: one containing 5% nicotine salt and the less common option with zero nicotine.

Each Cube is loaded with an impressive 11 mL of e-juice and boasts an estimated puff capacity exceeding 3000. For those who appreciate a range of choices, there are 20 different flavors to select from.

EB Design BC5000

The E.B Design BC5000 Rechargeable Disposable Vape may come in a compact package, but it packs a powerful punch. This disposable e-cigarette offers an impressive lifespan of around 5000 puffs and includes a USB Type-C port for recharging, along with a draw-activation firing system.

Possible Reasons why your Menthol vaping is not working

Vape devices may occasionally encounter issues that result in them not working. The following are typical causes and possible remedies:

  • Empty Pod or Tank: Ensure your vape device has enough e-liquid in the pod or tank. Fill it back up with your favorite e-liquid if it's empty.
  • Battery Issues: If your device isn't turning on or isn't producing vapor, the battery may be depleted. Charge your device and try again.
  • Clogged or Dirty Components: Regular maintenance is crucial. Clean the device's connections, mouthpiece, and coil to ensure optimal performance.
  • Incompatible E-Liquid: Check that the e-liquid you're using is compatible with your device. Some products work best with specific e-liquids.
  • Coil Needs Replacing: If you're not getting a good flavor or vapor production, it may be time to replace the coil in your device.
  • User Error: Review the user manual for your specific device to ensure you're using it correctly.