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Exploring the Best Small Vapes: Compact Devices for Vaping Enthusiasts

11th Jul 2023 | 6 | upends v

Vaping has become increasingly popular over the years, offering an alternative to traditional smoking with a wide range of flavors and nicotine options. For those who prefer a portable and discreet vaping experience, small vapes have gained significant attention. These compact devices are designed to be easy to carry, simple to use, and deliver satisfying vapor production. In this article, we will explore the best small vapes available on the market, considering factors such as performance, design, battery life, and overall user experience.


JUUL one of the best small vapes is a well-known name in the vaping industry, renowned for its sleek design and user-friendly experience. This small vape device gained popularity due to its ease of use and satisfying nicotine delivery. The JUUL utilizes disposable pods, which come in various flavors and nicotine strengths. With a slim profile and minimalistic design, the JUUL is an excellent choice for beginners or vapers who prefer a hassle-free experience.



Sleek and minimalistic design

User-friendly and easy to use

A wide variety of flavors and nicotine strengths are available

No need to refill or change coils

Good throat hit and nicotine delivery


Limited to proprietary JUUL pods

Higher nicotine content may not suit all users' preferences

Battery life may not last as long compared to other devices

Limited customization options for airflow or wattage

SMOK Nord 4

The SMOK Nord 4 among the list of the best small vapes, is a versatile small vape that offers a customizable experience. With its compact size and powerful performance, the Nord 4 features an adjustable wattage setting, allowing users to tailor their vaping experience to their preferences. The device supports both mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping styles, making it suitable for a wide range of users. The Nord 4 also has a large battery capacity and utilizes refillable pods, providing flexibility and convenience.

SMOK Nord 4:


Versatile device for both MTL and DTL vaping styles

Adjustable wattage setting for a personalized vaping experience

Refillable pods offer flexibility in e-liquid choices

Good battery life for a small device

Compact size with a comfortable grip


May require some experience to optimize settings for desired performance

Some users report occasional leakage issues with the pods

Coil lifespan may vary depending on usage

Airflow control is not as precise compared to dedicated airflow devices

Vaporesso XROS

The Vaporesso XROS is an elegant and compact vape device that combines simplicity and functionality. With its draw-activated firing mechanism, there are no buttons or settings to adjust, making it incredibly user-friendly. The XROS offers adjustable airflow and utilizes refillable pods, ensuring a personalized experience. It boasts a long-lasting battery life and provides consistent and satisfying vaping performance.

Vaporesso XROS:


Stylish and elegant design

Draw-activated firing mechanism for effortless vaping

Adjustable airflow for a customized vaping experience

Good battery life and USB-C charging

Refillable pods allow for e-liquid versatility


Limited pod capacity compared to some other devices

The mouthpiece can sometimes accumulate condensation

The coil lifespan may be shorter for heavy vapers

Some users report occasional pod-leaking issues

GeekVape Aegis Pod

For vapers who prioritize durability, the GeekVape Aegis Pod is an excellent choice. Being one of the best small vapes, this small vape device features a rugged design that is shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof, making it suitable for those who lead an active lifestyle. The Aegis Pod utilizes a refillable pod system and offers adjustable airflow for a customizable vaping experience. With its compact size and robust construction, it is a reliable and durable option for vaping enthusiasts on the go.

GeekVape Aegis Pod:



Durable and rugged design, resistant to shocks, dust, and water

Refillable pods offer versatility in e-liquid choices

Adjustable airflow for a personalized vaping experience

Good battery life and USB-C charging

Compact size and comfortable to hold


Some users find the device slightly bulky compared to other small vapes

Limited customization options for wattage or airflow

Coil lifespan may vary depending on usage

The auto-draw feature may not be as responsive for some users

Uwell Caliburn G

Also on the list of the best small vapes is Uwell Caliburn G. The Uwell Caliburn G is a compact and lightweight vape device that offers exceptional flavor production. This small vape features a dual-firing mechanism, allowing users to activate it by either inhaling or pressing a button. The Caliburn G utilizes refillable pods and offers adjustable airflow, providing versatility for different vaping styles. With its long battery life and ergonomic design, the Caliburn G is an excellent choice for vapers seeking a reliable and portable device.

Uwell Caliburn G:


Compact and lightweight design

The dual-firing mechanism for flexible activation options

Refillable pods offer e-liquid versatility

Adjustable airflow for a personalized vaping experience

Good battery life and USB-C charging


Some users report occasional leaking or condensation issues with pods

The mouthpiece can accumulate residue over time

Coil lifespan may vary depending on usage

Limited customization options for wattage or airflow.

Introducing the UPENDS GT Vape: A Cutting-Edge Addition to the Best Small Vapes

Among the plethora of small vape devices available on the market, one notable addition to the list is the UPENDS GT Vape. This innovative device offers a unique and satisfying vaping experience, making it a worthy contender for vaping enthusiasts seeking something extraordinary.

Design and Build Quality:

The UPENDS GT Vape stands out with its sleek and modern design. Crafted with attention to detail, this small vape features an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in the hand. The device boasts a high-quality aluminum alloy construction, ensuring durability while maintaining a lightweight profile. The GT Vape's refined design is a testament to UPENDS' commitment to providing vapers with an aesthetically pleasing and reliable device.

Patented Etchip™ Technology:

One of the standout features of the UPENDS GT Vape is its patented Etchip™ technology. This cutting-edge innovation revolutionizes the vaping experience by utilizing an etched heating element instead of a traditional coil. The Etchip™ technology offers numerous advantages, including enhanced flavor reproduction, reduced spit-back, and prolonged coil lifespan. By eliminating the need for a conventional coil, the GT Vape provides vapers with a unique and flavorful vaping experience.

Pod-Free and Clean Vaping:

Unlike many small vapes that use pods or cartridges, the UPENDS GT Vape embraces a pod-free design. Instead, it employs a tank system that allows users to refill e-liquid directly into the tank. This feature provides greater flexibility and freedom in choosing e-liquid flavors and concentrations, catering to individual preferences. Additionally, the tank design contributes to a more environmentally friendly approach, reducing plastic waste generated by disposable pods.

Enhanced Airflow Control:

The UPENDS GT Vape offers precise airflow control, allowing vapers to customize their vaping experience. With adjustable airflow, users can fine-tune the device to suit their preferred draw resistance, whether they prefer a tight or loose airflow. This feature ensures a satisfying and tailored vaping experience for users, accommodating different vaping styles and preferences.

Long-Lasting Battery Life:

Battery life is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a small vape, and the UPENDS GT Vape doesn't disappoint. Equipped with a powerful built-in battery, this device provides an extended vaping session before needing a recharge. The USB-C charging port ensures faster and more convenient charging, making the GT Vape a reliable companion for on-the-go vapers.

With its sleek design, innovative features, and commitment to a clean vaping experience, the UPENDS GT Vape stands out as a remarkable addition to the best small vapes available. The Etchip™ technology, pod-free design, and customizable airflow control set it apart from traditional small vape devices. If you're seeking an exceptional vaping experience that combines cutting-edge technology, style, and convenience, the UPENDS GT Vape is certainly worth considering. Embrace the future of vaping with this impressive device and enjoy a delightful and unique vaping journey. Remember to always follow responsible vaping practices and prioritize safety.


Small vapes offer a convenient and discreet vaping experience without compromising performance. The devices mentioned above represent some of the best options available, each with its unique features and strengths. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper, these compact devices provide portability, ease of use, and satisfying vapor production. Consider your preferences and vaping style to find the best small vape that suits your needs, and enjoy a delightful vaping experience wherever you go. Remember to prioritize safety and responsible vaping practices at all times.


What are small vapes?

Small vapes are compact and portable devices designed for vaping. They offer a convenient and discreet vaping experience while maintaining performance and vapor production.

What are the advantages of small vapes?

Small vapes have several advantages, including portability, ease of use, and satisfying vapor production. They are also often sleek in design and offer a wide variety of flavors and nicotine strengths.

Are small vapes suitable for beginners?

Yes, small vapes are excellent choices for beginners due to their user-friendly designs and hassle-free experiences. Devices like JUUL are particularly popular among beginners.

What should I consider when choosing a small vape?

When choosing a small vape, consider factors such as performance, design, battery life, and overall user experience. Additionally, think about your vaping style and preferences for flavors and nicotine strengths.

Do small vapes have replaceable coils?

It depends on the device. Some small vapes, like JUUL, use disposable pods that contain the coil, while others, like the SMOK Nord 4, have replaceable coils


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