Evolve Plus Vape Pen Review. A Complete Review and Guide About the Evolve Plus Vape Pen

    Evolve Plus Vape Pen Review. A Complete Review and Guide About the Evolve Plus Vape Pen

    What is Evolve plus Vape Pen?

    Evolve Plus is a dab pen from Yocan vaporizer with some great functionalities. The pen is an advancement from the previous Evolve version, and so it comes with some desirable features.

    Evolve Plus is outstanding due to its strong and flavorful vapor, high-capacity battery, and well-built features. Yocan has continued to evolve in their products since 2013, with most of them being an advancement.

    The vape manufacturer based in China continues to improve their vaporizers’ qualities and currently have certifications from the Federal Communications Commission. Evolve Plus is one of the company’s best seller products due to its quality, favorable price, and top-notch technology.

    Features of the Evolve Plus Vape Pen

    • The pen has a quartz coil atomizer which promotes the flavorful vapor.
    • 120mm length and a width of 14mm
    • Instant heating
    • 1100mAH battery power
    • Built-In-Silicone Jar
    • A functional coil cap
    • Continuous heating of up to 15 seconds.
    • Comes with a detailed user manual
    • Various colors and designs.
    • Highly portable and exquisite.

    Design and Pen Quality

    Evolve Plus vape pen has a simple, effective design that users can enjoy while dabbing. The vape pen has a three-part construction consisting of the mouthpiece, vape pen battery, and heating element. The mouthpiece contains a functional coil cap that prevents it from getting hot and leaking oil. 

    The dual quartz atomizer cap controls the vape pen’s heating element and controls the temperature, enabling instant heating. Another feature that controls the pen’s heating is the 15-second continuous use that preserves one’s battery when not charging.

    Evolve Plus vape pen’s battery is the pen’s most substantial quality. The 1100mAH powered battery can last for days once fully charged, a feature quite desirable for travelers. It also has a USB charger that can easily be connected to devices like laptops or PCs for 4-5 hours.

    The pen is highly portable and leak-proof, allowing one even to store it with sensitive items. The pen comes in a nicely designed box with all the essential features for the user. Lastly, the vape pen has the best concentrates giving the consumer a sweet and strong flavor for an affordable price.

    Performance of the Vape Pen

    Evolve Plus vape pen’s silicon bottom helps to hold the wax in place, which is a fantastic feature because no one wants to strain they while vaping. The pen also has a dual quartz atomizer implemented with a lot of wax pens for vapor maximization.

    Thus, it gives huge rips and massive clouds that are very convenient for most vaporizer types. The pen’s small packaging contains exquisite vapors without requiring one to use multiple steps. 

    While the pen lacks an in-built temperature control, the atomizer cap works perfectly well to control the coils’ temperature. The battery has buttons that one can use to control the temperatures as well. The pen is relatively easy to use by both new and seasoned dabbers. 

    The battery cell is there to ensure you get uninterrupted sessions of vaping. The pen can be used daily without having to charge for a couple of days. You also have a USB charging cable that is very convenient when you need to recharge your vape pen. Even though Evolve Plus is a bit thicker due to the larger battery capacity, the pen still fits in one’s pocket easily like a biro pen.

    The pen is pretty low key and discrete, so one wouldn’t have to worry about being noticed in public. It’s light and sizable, and users can quickly keep it in any of their traveling materials. 

    How to Charge the Pen

    The pen comes with a USB charger compatible with devices like a laptop or a PC. To charge it, connect one end of the USB to the vape battery and another to a laptop or a PC. Charging takes up to five hours, and when complete, it indicates using a light. Ensure you only use the USB charger for longer battery life. 


    Cleaning and Maintaining the Pen

    To clean and maintain the pen, turn it off by pressing the power button five times; the same process applies for turning it on. Once it’s off, you turn it upside down and burn it off around three times, then let it cool down.

    Next, you disassemble the parts and wipe them off with a paper towel and reassemble them back. Performing this process a couple of times after use helps vaporize any dirty residue and keep your pen clean.

    Pros and Cons of Evolve Plus Vape Pen


    • Large battery capacity for extended vaping sessions of more than one day
    • The updated versions come in unique and colorful pieces that make them look like new school vape pen
    • The pen offers such a good vapor quality at an affordable price.
    • The pen is sleek and low key for usage in public without any fear of being noticed.
    • The pens come in different stylish colors, making them fashionable.
    • The dual quartz atomizer gives the pen a good heating component that results in high vapor quality.
    • The device is effortless to use for any consumer even though it has different parts. The manual helps when the user is confused about any process.
    • The different compartments are easy to detach for cleaning or refill anytime.


    • Requires regular cleaning for longer vape pen life.
    • Controlling the temperature might be a bit difficult if not careful.

    FAQs about Evolve Plus Vape Pen

    How do I turn on my Evolve plus Pen?

    To turn your pen on, consecutively press the button power five times, and the light will indicate when it’s ready for use. Next, load your pen with a few grams of wax and hold the press the power button two to three times to vape. Ensure your vape pen is fully charged before turning it on for use.

    How long does the Evolve plus Pen last?

    The 1100mAH battery can last up to a couple of days when the charge is complete. Additionally, the battery life is dependent on how one charges and uses. You should ensure you use the manufacture’s USB charger and regularly clean and maintain your pen for more durability.

    Is Evolve plus Pen worth it?

    The pen is definitely worth it for its price since it offers the user a wonderful and easy vaping experience. The concentrate is one of the best for a strong and flavorful vapor. 

    Alternative vape: UPENDS

    When looking for a vape pen that will satisfy you with the very first draw, you will need the Uppen from UPENDS, which is fitted with an Etchip coil that has an enlarged heating area to provide proper heating efficiency, with high resistance mesh coils that give you a satisfying and well-preserved vapor. The pen is well tested and is highly compatible with most mainstream e-liquids. You are sure that you are getting the best performance with juices.


    Evolve Plus vape pen is one of the top products from Yocan vaporizers owing to its high-quality taste and battery capacity. The pen comes with easily detachable three compartments that contribute to its high quality and instant heating.

    The product has improved its packaging and design and is currently available in portable and unique, colorful designs, which gives the user a feel of a new school vape pen. A vaper can use the pen for a couple of days when fully charged and enjoy an extended vaping session with the 15-seconds continuous use feature with the high battery capacity.

    Evolve Plus vape pen is worth every pen since it delivers way above the low price. The quality is top-notch, and the product’s well-built features go hand in hand with providing an excellent vaping experience.

    If you’re looking for an affordable high-quality vape pen, Evolve Plus is your solution and you’ll enjoy a strong flavorful vapor even in public with its inconspicuous design. 


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