Evolab Disposable Vape Pen. All You Need to Know About Evolab Disposable Vaporizer

    Evolab Disposable Vape Pen. All You Need to Know About Evolab Disposable Vaporizer

    What's Evolab Disposable vape pen about?

    The Evolab brand skillfully extracts its e-juice products from Fresh Terpenes from selectively cultivated cannabis. The final product is a hybrid Indica with a ratio of 1 Cannabidiol (CBD):1Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

    The Alchemy extraction harnesses the entire cannabis plant, thereby delivering a heightened experience attainable by science. The most common combinations are 75% Cannabinoids to 25% Fresh tops called Alchemy Delta 8.

    A typical 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC makes up the combinations of 35% Cannabinoids, 35% CBD, 20% Freshterps, and 10% of other cannabinoids and plant material which varies with each batch.

    The Evolab features the Chroma combination of e-juice, a pure blend of cannabinoids, and a unique hybrid blend of cannabis terpenes that offer reliable, consistent, and effective vaping. In addition, the product encompasses uncompromised oil without artificial terpenes, additives, and cutting agents.

    The Evolab specialized in the extraction of pure and efficient e-juices and oils that maximize the high experience of the user. The Evolab Company is grounded by science.

    Since its founding in 2011, the company continues to push the limits of science while exploring the options provided by cannabis through continuous technological advancements. This is to ensure the purest vaping experience for the user.

    Features of the Evolab disposable pen

    The specification features for the Evolab Vape pen are as follows:

    • The power output of 22 watts
    • Tank size of 1.2 ml
    • 1100mAh Battery
    • 1.2 Ohms atomizer coil
    • Voltage changer
    • Preheating function
    • LED light indicator: - Green for low temperature, Blue for Medium temperature, and Red for High temperature. 
    • Temperature regulator function achieved by clicking the button three times quickly

    Design and quality of the Evolab

    The size of the Evolab vape pen is small enough to fit in the palm of the user's hand. The size makes its portability easy. The Evolab vape pen kit package comes complete with a tank designed for ease of use.

    The vape pen is available in different colors that allow users to choose their pen to suit their desired taste. The Ecolab vape pen has a chargeable battery that will enable users to enjoy outdoor and remote vaping.

    The Evolab colors cartridges introduce a smooth and tasty experience to vaping. The flavors provided by the Ecolab include Blueberry, Peach flavors, and Pineapple, which are more compatible with the pure effect with the extracted Chroma oil. In addition, the pen adopts a full spectrum pharmaceutical extraction technology.

    Performance of the Evolab disposable

    The taste of the flavors works well with the taste of the pharmaceutical-grade CO2. The aroma encompasses a vital essence of sweetness that fully embodies the vaping experience. In addition, the flavor provides an excellent consistency in the feel when vaping.

    The EVolab vape pens have consistency throughout their cartridge’s life, with an average puff rate of 360 puffs to 600 puffs. Moderate settings of the pen’s voltage and heating provide more puffs per vape pen on average.

    The maximum number of puffs is obtained by ensuring that the user uses the vape pen moderately. 

    The natural flavor compliments the cannabis oil in taste and vaping effect. In addition, the color oils are free of residual solvents, additives, or harmful cutting agents.

    How to charge the Ecolab Vape Disposable pen

    The package kit comes with a USB-enabled charger that allows one to charge the battery by plugging the battery into a USB-compatible device. Connecting the battery to a computer, a laptop, or any adapter is efficient.

    The charging instructions indicated on the instruction manual should be followed to ensure that the battery life is protected even during charging.


    The battery takes close to 1 hour to be fully charged. Once the battery is fully charged, the battery should not stay any longer than the recommended time. 

    The following procedure is to be followed for charging:

    • Unscrew the cartridge from the battery
    • Screw the USB charger into the battery. The USB port should not be too tightly screwed. Do not use a Different USB card.
    • Plug into a USB port: - Red Light indicates that the battery is charging; green light indicates that the charging is complete.
    • Unplug when fully charged.

    Cleaning and Maintaining the Ecolab Disposable Pen

    The vape pen should be kept clean to ensure good maintenance. Wiping the pen with a dry piece of cloth helps in clearing dirt or any oil spillage. Occasionally the vape pen should be dismantled apart, and every part gently and carefully cleaned.

    The battery should always be kept dry to ensure that the battery doesn't get spoiled. The mouthpiece area should be frequently wiped to clean out any dirt. Water should be avoided when cleaning the vape pen since it might damage the pen when not carefully handled.

    The pen can be gently wiped with a dry cloth dipped in some alcohol-based hand sanitizer for cleaner maintenance. Roper storage regulations should be observed when handling the Evolab Vape Pen to maintain its quality and effectiveness throughout the pen’s life.

    The battery should be fully charged before use. The preheating function on the pen is only used when necessary. The preheating function is used to help heat the oil when it is freezing.

    Overuse of the pre-heating function can cause damage to the cartridge. The Evolab Batteries should be used with the Evolab cartridges for the best performance experience. The blue heat setting on the vape pen gives the best results.

    Pros and cons of the Evolab disposable


    • Discreet and elegant design
    • Pyre oil concentrates that maximize the high 
    • Good battery power
    • Simple and easy to operate
    • Smaller sizes make it quite portable
    • Efficient changing speeds
    • Sizable tank
    • Reliable performance
    • Variety of flavor options 


    • Heavy users may experience headaches owing to the pure and concentrated contents in oils.

    FAQs about the Ecolab Disposable Vape pen

    How do I store my Ecolab Vape products?

    The products should always be stored in a dry and cool environment. The position of the pen should always be upright to avoid any spillage. The pen should not be left in extremely high-temperature areas or in extremely low-temperature areas.

    In case you had initially left the vape pen lying on its side, the mouthpiece unit should be left facing up for about an hour before the unit can be warmed again. This allows the oil to settle to the bottom of the tank.

    Then take 2-3 short puffs that saturate the wick before finally enjoying a good vaping.

    What makes the Ecolab products unique?

    Ecolab found a way to capture the full spectrum of the cannabis flower and concentrate on it to develop their own pure Fresher’s. Other companies attempt to formulate their terpenes from non-cannabis-derived sources. Ecolab uses 100% cannabis-derived terpenes, making them even more unique.

     How best can I find the Ecolab products?

    Ecolab products can be purchased by making orders through the Store Locator official website or the Weed maps page.  These are the official distributors of legitimate Ecolab products. 

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    It is fitted with a high resistance mesh that will guarantee you satisfaction and long lasting vapor. The pen has been tested among the well-known e-liquids and it is equally compatible. 


    The Evolab Disposable Vape pen focuses on providing high-quality oil distillates that are carefully extracted from the cannabis plant.

    Their product stretches the bounds of science and technology to provide the user with the best possible quality of products.

    The vaping experience concealed in the vape pen is beyond imagination. Owning an Evolab product is a vaping experience.


    To use the UPENDS website you must be aged 21 years or over. Please verify your age before entering the site.