EVOD Vape Pen Review and Instruction

    EVOD Vape Pen Review and Instruction

    Vaping has been widely accepted by many individuals who used to smoke and are quitting smoking.  Many vapers, mostly expert vapers, understand that vaping could not have been the best option for smoking without proper vaping equipment. The vaping equipment you choose should be discrete, easy to use, dependable and good to buy.

    Many developers are out there producing different vape pens and flooding the market. This way, it may be an uphill task for you to get the right one for you. For this reason, gives you reviews of different vape equipment.

    This article shall focus on the EVOD Vape pen as one of the most powerful and versatile vape pens that cannot compromise your Vape quality. Let’s sail together to the end as we review EVOD Vape Pen.

    What is EVOD Vape Pen?

    EVOD Vape Pen is a slim and sleek vape pen developed and sold by EVOD. It is powered by a Lithium-ion 900mAh battery that is able to power it for a long time allowing you to vape for a long time before stopping to recharge.

    EVOD Vape Pen is also outstanding as it guarantees you to vape at variable voltages. You can easily adjust the voltages by a simple twist on its base.

    EVOD Vape Pen Review

    We can review EVOD Vape Pen from many dimensions as it comes with outstanding features. Here are some of its exceptional features that will lure you to accepting it;


    As earlier stated, EVOD Vape Pen is powered by a 900mah Lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable using a USB charger. The batter is 510-threaded, thus compatible with EVOD Vape Pen and other standard vaping kits. If you are using a dry herb tank, live resin, or wax tank on EVOD Vape Pen, then be sure that this battery will be compatible, allowing you to vape conveniently.

    Before you can vape, you need to turn the battery on by pressing the power button five times at close succession before pressing and holding the power-on button as you inhale the vape.

    EVOD Vape Pen battery uses a connector built with stainless steel for ease of use. This makes sure that the battery is safely attached to EVOD Vape Pen, allowing a strong flow of current. This further ensures steady vaping.

    Refillable Tank

    EVOD Vape Pen comes with an outstanding easy to refill the tank. First, it comes with an EVOD Clearomizer that makes use of a polyurethane plastic tank for ease of carrying, resilience and lightweight. 

    For extra protection, the EVOD Vape Pen tank is surrounded by a sturdy aluminum shell. 

    You don’t need to guess the level of e-liquid in the tank as the EVOD Vape Pen tank has a see-through window that you can use to monitor the level of the e-liquid. This keeps you aware and plans when to refill the tank without being caught off-guard when you want to vape.

    The EVOD Vape Pen is also structured in a unique design that accommodates the atomizer heads and allows you to replace the atomizers effortlessly. 

    Unique Coils

    EVOD Vape Pen makes use of unique and outstanding coils in terms of performance. The coils are located at the bottom; so, no matter the level of the e-liquid, you can still continue vaping. 

    High-Capacity E-Liquid Tank

    When you decide to buy a vape pen, you need to, but the one that allows you to vape for a while before stopping and one of the features that will let you achieve this is the high-capacity tank. EVOD Vape Pen is exceptional here, with an E-Liquid tank capacity of 2.5ml. This capacity is able to serve you for a while before stopping to refill it.

    Variable Power Outputs

    EVOD Vape Pen allows you to vape at different voltages. You can adjust the voltages using its adjustable bottom and set it on the required level, depending on what you are vaping at the moment. The voltages can be varied as 3.3V, 3.8V, 4.3V, or 4.8V. This allows you to vape from herb to wax tank or butter to crumble extracts.

    EVOD Vape Pen not Charging

    A battery not charging is a common problem associated with many vape pens, and EVOD Vape Pen is not an exceptional one. 

    It is not charging; then it may be because the battery is not turned ON. Make sure you turn it ON by pressing the power button five times in close succession. This way, your battery should start charging. 

    If it does not start charging, then here are the possible reasons;

    The firing pin has an e-juice on it- leakages might cause this or accidentally dropped when refilling the tank. Here you need to disassemble the whole unit and clean the pins.

    Firing pin stuck- if you expose your EVOD Vape Pen to dust, it may clog the firing way and cause the pin to get stuck. Here you need to clear any dirt to set the pin to move freely.

    Faulty Charger- like any machine in use, your EVOD Vape Pen charge may become faulty after some time. You can try using your friend’s charger to be sure that your charger is faulty or not.

    Faulty EVOD Vape Pen- generally, our EVOD Vape Pen may become faulty and may not charge or function as intended after long use. If you cannot resolve its problem, you can seek assistance from an expert.

    EVOD Vape Pen FAQs

    How to Use the EVOD Vape Pen

    • Using EVOD Vape Pen is simple and straightforward. Here;
    • Remove the tank from the battery connection. Do this by turning the tank in an anti-clockwise direction.
    • Fill the tank with your favorite e-liquid. Make sure that the liquid does not overfill to avoid leakages.
    • Flip the battery that you had removed earlier by lining it up with the coil.
    • Turn on your EVOD Vape Pen, set the mouthpiece on your lips, and start making puffs.

    How do I Replace my EVOD Vape Tank’s Atomizer Coil

    After some time of use, your EVOD Vape Pen may develop some malfunctions that may be caused by the atomizer coil. To replace the coil;

    • Rotate the tank to make sure it faces the ground
    • Unscrew that battery from the tank
    • Remove the faulty atomizer coil by screwing it in the anti-clockwise direction.
    • Attach your new coil by screwing it on the atomizer in the clockwise direction
    • Add a calculated amount of e-liquid by dripping it onto the cotton
    • Reattach the base to the tank, and then attach the tank to the battery.
    • Power on your EVOD Vape Pen and start vaping.

    How Can I Charge my EVOD Vape Pen?

    EVOD Vape Pen is powered by a rechargeable 900mAh capacity battery. Although the battery is long-lasting enough, it sometimes depletes and requires charging. 

    Here is a simple process of recharging your EVOD Vape Pen battery;

    • Locate the USB charging port on your EVOD Vape Pen
    • Insert one end of the USB cable into the charging port
    • Insert the other end to the power source, then switch the power source on
    • There are LED lights on your EVOD Vape Pen that can blink between Green and Red when charging and solid green when the battery is fully charged.


    EVOD Vape Pen is outstanding vape equipment that you can always count on. Apart from outstanding features like a strong and long-lasting battery, EVOD Vape Pen allows you as a vaper to enjoy an excellent flavor and dense vapor. If you have been looking for the best vape pens in the market, then look no further, as EVOD Vape Pen has it all.


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