EVOD Vape Pen. An Ultimate Guide to EVOD Vaporizer

    EVOD Vape Pen. An Ultimate Guide to EVOD Vaporizer

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    What is the EVOD vape pen?

    The made-in-China EVOD vape pen is considered the most popular electronic cigarette in the USA.  EVOD is considered among the pioneers in the vape business. The products are admired for their quality and a handy kit that comes along with the pen.

    The vape pen design approach makes it look appealing to every user. The China EVOD pens are made to last longer by the use of metal in their design. While cutting on the price of their vape pen products, China EVOD has managed to dominate the vaping industry and stay ahead of the competition.

    Most vapers will prefer to purchase the EVOD vape pen due to its correct quality and cost. The EVOD makes it possible for an active vaper to enjoy vaping without having to incur extra charges.

     The pen’s exterior has a matte finish that cuts down on the fingerprints and smudges when being used. Therefore, the vape pen comes in six various colors, allowing users to pick a product that best suits their personality. 

    The vape pen is convenient, simple, pleasing, and authentic. The package kit includes everything that a user might need for an excellent vaping experience. 

    Features of the EVOD

    The following feature is incorporated into the manufacture and production of the EVOD vape pen:

    • To turn the pen on and off, the button on the battery is pressed five times
    • The power button has a white LED light indicator 
    • The battery has a power output of 3.7 volts
    • Bottom Coil Chargeable
    • The bottom pin upon the screwing of the battery is not spring-loaded
    • A USB charger cable with an input of  5 volts direct current and an output of 4.2 volts - 420 mA direct current
    • The power adapter of an input level of 100V -249 V AC- 6OHZ Max. and an output of 5V-5A
    • The built-in rechargeable battery of 650 mAh
    • The size 137mm by 15mm
    • The average weight of 0.3 kg
    • Warranty of 6 months

    The package kit comes along with the following accessories:

    • 2 x EVOD eGo Batteries with 2.5ohm coils installed
    • 1 x 5pack of 2.5ohm replacement coils
    • 2 x EVOD Clearomizer Tanks
    • 1 x AC Power Adapter
    • 1 x USB Charging Cable
    • 1 x User Manual

    Design and Quality

    The kit design is of perfect quality making thereby improving its durability. The pen is well built and sturdy. The design gives a simple and reliable vape pen that serves to provide an excellent vaping experience.

    The discreteness of the pen’s size makes it more portable and easy to carry in the pocket for the outdoor vaping experience.

    The EVOD vape pen has adjustable voltage variables; therefore the user should start with lower steering of voltage ag heating and adjacent accordingly to fit their desired needs. 

    Performance of the pen

    The E-juice contained in pen offers a smooth and satisfying consistency. The battery life maintains the character character, the pen’s performance. The built-in backup power makes it stay longer than other vape pens.

    The power system ensures that the user enjoys vaping even in remote locations without worrying about a power plug-in source. For a price of $30 the pen provides a high-quality vaping experience befitting the cost.

    The power battery provides enough power to last six hours for a moderate vaper which is a relatively long time owing to its high battery capacity. The EVOD vape pen has two backup batteries that come with the package kit.

    Each battery takes four hours to charge fully. With the backup batteries, the user conveniently enjoys an all-day vaping experience without worrying about power breakdown.

    How to charge the EVOD vape pen

    The Evod vape pen is charged by plugging in the USB port charger to the adapter provided in the kit package. On average, it takes four hours for the battery to be fully charged.

    For convenience, the user should ensure that all the pen’s batteries are fully charged. Guidelines explaining the safety regulations that are to be observed are provided in the package manual.


    The safety regulations help in ensuring that the battery life is maximized and protected.

    Charging should not exceed the indicated limit for a full charge. The voltage levels recommended for the adapter are essential in preventing overcharge damages to the battery. 

    Cleaning and Maintenance of the pen

    To maintain the pen for durability, the threads and contacts should be occasionally checked to ensure that the screwing is tight enough to avoid leakage of the E-juice.

    The Q-tip should be gently and carefully cleaned with a piece of cloth dipped in an alcohol-based sanitizer. The pen should not be dropped in water. Exterior dirt and oils are wiped off the outer to keep the pen clean. 

    Once in a while, the pen should be taken apart, and its heating chambers wiped dry. The wax atomizer should also be emptied occasionally for cleaning. The mouthpiece should always be kept clean on the inside and outside. 

    Pros and Cons of the EVOD


    • Battery 3.7 volts with additional inbuilt batteries offering more extended vaping periods
    • Great Clearomizer tanks making refills easier
    • The Tank is conveniently bottom feed
    • EVOD Clearomizer tanks are tightly screwed by the 510 threads, therefore, preventing leakage
    • Short Tank making its outlook discrete and simple
    • Simple operational button making it that eases its operation
    • Aesthetically appealing due to its use of the matte finish on the exterior
    • Cost friendly for an average buyer 
    • Easy to clean up and maintain


    • Inability to have optimum control over the temperatures and voltage levels.

    FAQs for the EVOD vape pen 

    How do I use the EVOD vape pen?

    The vape pen is easy to operate.  The power button is turned on by pressing the button five times. Then the bottom dial is twisted to charge off the voltage selecting the voltage print for the startup. The screwing effect turns the battery on. Once the battery is fired up, the power button is again pressed to begin vaping. 

    Is the EVOD vape pen worth it?

    The two main reasons why the product is considered are its battery power and versatility. The energy contained in the battery can serve 510 oil cartridges, dry hat chambers, and wax atomizers.

    The pen’s performance gives value for your money. The product is of good quality owing to the materials used to make it. The vape pen achieves durability while still maintaining a consistent performance.

    Its battery life is comparable with other vape pens. The battery capacity and ease of use make the ECOD pen a better option. 

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    The EVOD vaping kit is an excellent cost-friendly vape pen option. The pen's performance is reliable and consistent throughout. The pen is simple to operate and user-friendly. The battery performance keeps the use covered for outdoor remote vaping experiences.

    Considering its cost and quality, the pen is one of the best deals available for an excellent vaping experience. The pen is easy to use, clean, and maintain.

    For anyone considering purchasing a high-quality product that delivers on its performance, the EVOD vape pen is the desired option.  

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