Evod 4 in 1 Vape Pen Instructions, Price & review

    Evod 4 in 1 Vape Pen Instructions, Price & review

    1. What is evod vape?

    Evod Vapes are the new sensation in the vaping industry owing to their extra ordinary performance and ease of use. They maintain the pleasure of traditional smoking with a conventional touch. Furthermore, they are ideal for beginner smokers with portable deign and simple use. Along with that, they feature subtle and un-powering vapour production that satisfy your smoking needs without choking you to suffocation.

    Evod 4 in 1 vape in the most infamous and highly applauded e-cigarette. Due to its simple design, the instructions are pretty straight forward as well. Firstly, choose the herb of your choice and decide which way you want to consume it. Then load the herb into atomizer screwing it in the Evod vape pen. Press the firing button to enjoy your sensational puffs.

    We have listed down few of the much-admired Evod vape pens in this article for all of our vape lovers. These models have won the recommendation and positive reviews from countless people. So, accompany us further to read a detailed review of these models.

    1.1  Evod 4 in 1 Vape Pen

    Now you can enjoy smoking four different items with just one vape. Yes! Evod 4 in 1 vape pen brings you the luxury of relishing the puffs of herbs, wax concentrates, e-liquid and medicated oils with Evod vape pen. Thus, it’s a multipurpose vape for all the smokers who are tight on a budget. So, the variety of atomizers, highly functional and long lasting battery of 1100mAh battery are the highlight of this products.

    Now, you don’t need to spend cash on buying other vape devices to fulfil your vaping essentials. Evod 4 in 1 vape pen can do it all in the most elegant manner. Furthermore, the durable battery will last the entire day giving you pleasure full puffs.

    In order to bring the kit in use, first unpack the kit. Look for the USB cable to charge the mod. Make sure mod fully charges before you unplug it. Since it comes with four different atomizers you can conveniently decide on the way of consuming your herb. The MT3 is dedicated for essential oils and e-juice use. The globe atomizer is specified for consuming herbs and various other concentrates. Furthermore, for oils and liquids you can employ BUD atomizer. Lastly, for wax concentrates you can use skillet atomizer.

    Next, you have to load your desired product in the atomizer and screw it in the mod. Then, you can initiate vaping by turning it ON from the button.


    To enjoy countless vaping sessions every day you need to be careful about the maintenance of the vape as well. Make sure to never leave it directly under the sunlight or on hot devices like heater. Continuous heat can warm up the battery shorting it out in no time. Furthermore, the most common issue smokers face is the leaking up of atomizer. In that case, whenever you unscrew the atomizer gently wipe off the settled debris which will mount the longevity of mod.  

    1.2  Kanger EVOD vape pen Starter Kit

    Second spot has been grabbed by Kanger EVOD vape pen starter kit owing to its trouble free nature and ease of use. If you are just thinking of getting started on the electronic cigarettes, then stop right here! We have selected the ideal one for you. Evod started kit features fantastic design and low cost.

    The kit only comes with the mod and USB cable. Unless Evod 4 in 1 kit it doesn’t has variety of atomizers. Instead it features clearomizer that can be used for e-liquid only. In order to keep the wick filled with your favourite e-juices, the vape features the bottom coil design to eliminate any chance of leaking. The clearomizer has the sufficient capacity of 2.5 ml for e-juice.


    The vape is also effortless to use as well. In order to refill the cartridge, you just have to unscrew the base of the tank, fill in the e-liquid again and mount it back in. In order to ensure the longevity of the mod, Kanger EVOD features replaceable coils that allows you to use the tank countless number of times. Rather than throwing away the entire tank you can just replace the coil. Thus, it is the most cost efficient vape for starters and chain smokers.

    Moreover, the vape pen is equipped with 1100 mAh of battery that satisfies your vaping needs all day long. So concluding the review, Kanger EVOD kit is simple to use, easy to recharge and can be effortlessly refilled. It is the bang for the buck with all the multiple features.

    2. UPENDS

    There are some other brands you can explore as well for trying out high performing electronic cigarettes. One brand that has won hearts across the globe of nicotine lovers is UPENDS. It offers highly advances vapes equipped with modern technology and accompanied with stylish design. Let’s explore two of the most popular models of UPENDS.

    2.1  Upcott

    Upcott is the latest model available in the most affordable price. It eliminates all the un-necessary details thereby reducing the overall price of the product. Furthermore, to save you from the headache of leaking Upcott comes filled with organic cottons to prevent any spitting or leaking.


    In order to remove risk of condensate and popping, cotton filter located inside the mouthpiece is the second defence. It makes sure you can have un-interrupted and thrilling vaping experience after a stressful day. To start vaping insert, the pod and initiate the process with one or two puffs.

    The pod has the capacity of 4 ml which can contain enough liquid to last for few days. When the pod is drained after use, you can easily replace it with a new one. Lastly, the 400 mAh is not the most long lasting one you will find in the market but is quite sufficient.

    2.2 Uppen

    Uppen is the only vape in the market to give vaporized first draw owing to its Etchip coil. The coil significantly expands the heating area and improves heat efficiency. Furthermore, the integrated mesh inside the coil possesses high resistance creating saturated first puff.

    UPENDS has made sure to experiment the coil with range of e-liquids to ensure its versatility and proper functioning. In the regular vapes, the e-liquids normally gets contaminated due to penetration of airborne particles in tank. This not only makes it less hygienic but also reduces the freshness of liquid subjecting it to oxidation.

    Uppen successfully protects the liquid from any contamination and oxidation. This keeps the e-liquid flavourful and fresh all the time giving you satisfying puffs. The vape also comes with a cap for covering the mouth-piece. This prevents any microbial growth mounting the hygiene.


    To prevent leaking, spitting, and popping, Etchip coil does the job! It retains the stability and un-interrupted liquid delivery. Furthermore, the magnetic connection makes sure that the pod is secured back properly. Along with these marvellous features, it is easy to refill as well. Just uncover the filling hole by pulling back the silicon plug and fill the pod. Lastly, the 600 mAh battery will last more than the entire day.

    The market is now filled with the beginner friendly vapes that are not only suitable for started but old nicotine lovers as well. Evod 4 in 1 vape pen earns our final favourite spot due to versatility and multi-purpose nature. In the mood for smoking some oil, wax, or herb? Evod 4 in 1 vape pen can do it all! So hurry up, grabs yours now and save yourself some bucks!

    3. FAQ’s

    1) How to charge evod vape pen?

    The evod vape pen comes with a USB cable for charging purpose. Plug the one side of cable in a charger and the other side in the mod. Then you can charge it till the battery is full. A full charge can give you a battery time of entire day for joyful vaping.

    2) How to fill evod vape pen?

    In order to fill or refill the evod vape pen, first turn the downside up. Then, gently rotate the base of the pen to unscrew it. It will reveal you the filling area which is also called the tank. After filling the tank with your desired liquid, mount the base back in and screw it back gently.

    3) How to use an evod vape pen?

    Evod vape pen are extremely easy to use. First take it out from the packaging. Since it comes with variety of atomizer you can choose your preferred one depending on what you want to consume. Load in the filled atomizer with your favourite product in the mod.  In order to start vaping, press the ON button located on the device and enjoy your puffs later.

    4) Evod vape pen not working?

    There can be numerous reasons for why your vape pen is not working properly. Most of the most common reason that people face is dead battery and leaking issues. Dead battery may be due to leaving the vape under sunlight, near heat or over charging it.

    The atomizer may leak due to carless use of the vape, over use or leaving the vape under sunlight. In order to mount the longevity of Evod vape pen clean it regularly and properly. Never leave it near heat, in car or outside.


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