WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Draco Disposable Vape Pen Review and Instructions

20th Nov 2023 | 164 | Dickson

Vape is a colloquial term used to refer to or describe the act of using an electronic cigarette or a similar device that heats a liquid, typically a chemical containing nicotine and flavorings, to create an inhalable vapor, an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking.

In recent years, the popularity of vaping has greatly soared, thus bringing with it the demand for better, more convenient, and portable electronic cigarette devices.

One such device that has gained considerable attention is the Draco disposable vape pen. Designed for on-the-go vapers, Draco disposable vape pens offer a hassle-free experience without compromising on performance.

Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor from an e-cigarette or similar device, such as the Draco disposable devices. This aerosol often contains nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals. Vaping can be a good alternative to traditional tobacco smoking.

Vaporlax Draco 6500 Puffs - Disposable Vape – eJuiceDB

Draco disposables are simply the highest and discrete quality disposable vapor in the markets currently and boast its quality to the best ingredients and a wider range of up to 12 distinguished flavors around that makes the brand incomparable in the market for its customer-friendly flavors and thus the price that is worth the product manufactured.

Draco disposable vape pen is a new disposable vape by leading VaporLax. It is one of the long-lasting disposable vapes on the market today. VaporLax has its main office located in Shenzhen, China, as well as its factory. It was founded in 2010 as one of the most well-known factories in China specializing in electronic cigarette manufacturing.

VaporLax’s cutting-edge vaping device is designed to provide a premium experience for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts. Draco’s sleek design, flavorful options, reliable backup, and hassle-free operations make it an ideal choice when looking for a discrete or on-the-go option.

Vaporlax’s Draco disposables are the behemoths of the vape world. They are an attractive option because of the 16ml e-juice that they come with, as well as the fact that they can be recharged. The mouth-to-lung draws and the option to adjust it down to a tight MTL draw is also a pro for these outstanding disposables. Each Vaporlax Draco disposable is prefilled with a huge 16ml e-liquid capacity and a 6500-puff count. The Draco disposable lasts for around 10-14 days in the system when tested, and the product also contains an addictive factor, which is nicotine. It is always good to take note of the nicotine’s addictive effect as it often leads to dependence on the Draco disposables.

Popular Flavors of Draco Vape Pens 

Draco disposable vape pens are known for their extensive selection of flavors, catering to a variety of taste preferences, whether you are a fan of fruity blends, classic tobacco flavors, or fine refreshing menthols. Draco has something for everyone.

Draco disposable vape pen comes in different exciting and mouthwatering flavors for a variety of clients all over. They are designed with colorful ingredients and geometric textures set to impress and satisfy.

Most of the flavors are made by combinations or single ingredients that are often delicious and refreshing. The brand gives satisfactory flavors that give positive feedback in the market and also user satisfaction to enhance its marketing.

Vaporlax is currently the leading manufacturer, having made many flavors, up to 12 newly manufactured Draco Disposable vapes. Some of the most common flavors of the Draco Disposables include Blue lush, citrus lemonade, luscious, mango berry, mixed berries, peach ice, red grape, sour cherry, strawberry kiwi, mango dragon fruit, and strawberry cream.

Here are more details about the various flavors:

Blue lush – this is a delicious combination of very fresh and good sweet watermelon and juicy blue raspberries. It has an outstanding blue razz that is massive. These two fantastic flavors are mixed for a well-rounded vape.

Citrus lemonade – is a refreshing, fruity lemonade that most clients love to use. It gives a soothing effect.

Cool mint – a reliable and rejuvenating mint enhanced with a touch of soft, icy methanol for a bracing finish to wrap it up. It is mostly used by beginners and some enthusiasts.

Luscious – is made from fresh and sweet watermelon.

Mango berry – this is a mouthwatering blend of mountain fresh strawberries mixed with juicy tropical mangoes that gives it a natural flavor that is quite fascinating; together with a tint of nicotine, it becomes very lovely and aromatizing and is very addictively sweet.

Mixed berries – in every device, mixed berries, Draco vape, provides a rush of raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry vape flavors and adds a small hint of cream. It also contains 50g of nicotine.

Peach ice - the peach ice Draco Disposable vape is a ripe Georgia peach blended with an icy mint. It’s a top-selling fruit and ice mix that is fresh peach on inhale with a cool, refreshing flavor.

Red grape – this is a satisfying Draco disposable vape that is made from ripe red mountain grapes in a fine blend, then steamed with some nicotine in a superb fashion. The flavor is often very satisfying and a good refreshing and perfect idea that is calm and rejuvenating in a top-class flavor made from its fascinating fine texture. The brand is popular among the youth.

Sour cherry – Vaporlax boasts this flavor, which is a blend of sour and delicious sweet cherries that has a long-lasting taste and effect. It is also tinted with an addictive factor, nicotine, which is also a good stimulant in many cases that present and is thus also highly addictive and thus calls for regulated smoking habits. Every Draco disposable contains a full 16ml of the blend, inclusive of the added nicotine. The flavor is also popular and bestselling, just like most of the Draco disposable brand flavors.

Strawberry kiwi – strawberry kiwi Draco disposable is prefilled with a vape juice flavoring that uses a tropical kiwi infused with some fresh summer strawberry and blended to a fine mixture. It also has nicotine that provides a longer-lasting vaping effect that it has and is tipped with a stimulatory effect to fascinate and impress on the cost since that makes it more satisfying and refreshing.

Mango dragon fruit – this is yet another impressive brand of Draco disposable that is made from a fine-tuned blend of tropical mango blended with fresh, exotic dragon fruit with a light citrus kick in a long-lasting disposable vape device. This fruity flavor is also fine-tuned with a tint of nicotine, making it addictive, just like other flavors, and more satisfying.

Strawberry cream – Draco disposable strawberry cream is a blend of fine-tuned strawberries and a cream of the strawberries blended and added with nicotine for some stimulatory effect.

What Type of Consumers Is Draco Disposable Vape Pen Suitable For?

The Draco disposable is a brand that is most popular with a wide range of consumers. It cuts across a large number or rather a larger population that has recently been referred to as a community of electronic cigar smokers with a wide range of personal and related interests. Most of the Draco disposable consumers are active electronic cigar smoking of legal smoking age and convenient with the vapor.

The Draco disposable is suitable for all vapor users who are enthusiasts of electronic cigar smoking, and also beginners at any rate since the addiction is super fast due to the presence of the addictive factor nicotine at a normal rate of about 50g per device, which is a standard regulated rate regulated for ideal refreshment and effective rejuvenation by the Draco disposables.

Draco disposables are also ideal for clients with stressful or ordeal traumas who would love to have a good time since their effects are long-lasting, making them very impressive.

Moreover, the ideal fact that it has no stain in its vapor makes Draco suitable for anyone and anywhere more eco-friendly, and does not irritate, as it used to be the case with tobacco smoking.

The suitability of vapor products also depends on the lung and respiratory tract condition. Users having predisposing lung conditions such as lung adenomas are highly prohibited from using these products in excess, but a puff a day may not be such a crime. This is due to the irritation that it can cause and bruising the already present wounds in the mucosal lining, thus limiting the consumers’ capacity to absorb maximum oxygen required by their bodies and thus resulting in hypoxia, which is very life-threatening and should be handled with utmost concern.

Draco Vape Pen Review

Draco disposable vape is superb and comes prefilled with 16ml of e-juice in a single disposable device. The very first thing that will catch your attention about this product is its unique and attractive design.

The Draco disposables have been reviewed and have numerous pros and also some cons.


  • Rechargeable
  • Super comfortable MTL mouthpiece
  • Has a good taste that is smooth
  • Very enjoyable flavors
  • Offers tobacco-free nicotine
  • Super simple and easy to use
  • Impressive and attractive device design


  • There is no way to check the liquid levels.
  • At-times too creamy