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Decorated Vape Pens. Components Used to Decorate Vape Pens

12th May 2022 | 374 | upends v

One thing about vaping is that it is fun. This is the primary reason we see a considerable number of people moving from cigarette smoking to this newer alternative. In addition, Vaping allows its users to be very creative with how they produce their vapour and how good they are at forming different shapes and sizes. 

Besides that, vape users can engage in more fun activities by decorating and designing their mods and pens. There are many ways a user can modify their pens to show their imagination and originality. By developing and decorating their devices, they can also identify and differentiate the device from other vape mods to reduce the chances of losing their vape pens. Decorating a vape pen will also make it unique and identifiable among the many unbranded and generic vape pens in the market.

If you do not like what you buy from the stores, or if your set budget does not match the vape pen you want, you can go out of your way and build one for yourself. You can even add a bit extra components to give you the pen you desire. 

You can quickly go through the internet and search for videos that give tutorials on how to decorate a vape pen. However, do not settle for videos that require you to use materials such as hairdryers, flashlights and heat guns. These tools can easily cause damage to your pen and can also lead to fires.

You have to follow professional advice when seeking to decorate your pen using the right components from scratch.

Decoration components that can be used for a vape pen


Charms are a very effective way of adding some personality to your vape pen or e-cigarette. There are many ways of getting charmed, mainly buying from a shop or building your own. This gives you the freedom to develop something that matches your personality and satisfies your cravings for beauty.

To make your charm, you can pick from a selection of beads or gems that can be slowly added to build a personality or a concept. This will make your pen have more excellent attachments that you do not want to let go of. 

You can pick charms from a jewellery store or even choose to use an old piece of jewellery that you have had for a long time. The jewel could be an inheritance or a gift that maybe was given to you since you were a child. You can then add some simple beads that you can add to make them longer. After elongating the charm, you can add a clip at the end to make things stick into position. 

This clip is the one you will hook the charm to your vape pen if they have a hook on them.                    


Most probably, you have heard about a bedazzling vape pen. This is primarily common among female vape users who glue some crystals onto their vapes to decorate them. This is one way to make the pen more shiny and glittery to the eye with a different outlook from the original one during purchase.

The crystals could be from fake blings to even the most legitimate crystals. When you add these gems to your pen or mods, they will stand out from the rest of the crowd. You can choose to have crystals of any colour of your preferences. Some people prefer having single colour crystals, and others like to mix everything on their vape pen.

You can also choose to have multiple colour options for crystals, and you can also select single sized crystals. There is so much flexibility in the use of crystals, and you cannot fully explore all available options when trying to find something that would work for you.


The other option and perhaps the most common way to decorate a vape pen is skins. You can do this by adding a designed or printed material over the pen shaft. This process is not different from decorating a mobile phone or a laptop. Several skins are made explicitly for vape mods.

While some coats come in sheets, the sheets should be cut depending on the mod's size and shape. Most people get more creative, and you can use a washi tape to decorate the device to look like skin. To be fair enough, it is affordable and is very available anywhere. The tape is semi-transparent and has its origins in Japan. 

Even though they are mainly used for papercrafts, house décor and packaging, wash tape can come in handy when you want to decorate your vape pen.

Interchangeable batteries

One of the most viable ways you can customize your vape pen is to buy interchangeable batteries. The batteries come in a large assortment of colours and can have some personalized designs and pictures. Many graphic designers can choose to print a design of your face or an image of your choice.

This picture can then be published on your battery or stuck there for better view. You get so much freedom to choose what you want to ensure that the look selected for your battery pen is the most outstanding among all. Find that the process is complex. You can visit the local stores within your location that will help you go through finding good designs and fixing them on your batteries. 


Many people do not necessarily want so many decorations on their vape pens. Instead, they may choose to have a little piece of jewellery or item that can be used as an identifier. The primary choice for such a move is using Lanyards. The lanyards have been ideal for many people.

They are mostly preferred by people who constantly walk around with their vape pens. With the lanyard secured in place, they are sure that their pen cannot get lost, and they can easily have the pen around. The lanyard, therefore, is the ultimate decoration that you need when you want to keep your pen around for long.

Vape kits and accessories that can be decorated include

  1. The vape pen battery 
  2. The vape mod
  3. The cartridge of the vape pen

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Final words on the decorated vape pens

Vaping is very free to practice, and the industry offers its customers so many options. Unlike cigarette and marijuana smoking, you get varied vape pens, mods and mods that you can use to vape. These products have been well designed to offer unique features to each user.

Therefore, this means that every vape enthusiast can get to use the vape pen as they bought them from the shop or tweak a few components. Decorating a vape pen means that a user seeks more than just the beautiful looks of the vape pen. They need more personalized looks that match their personality and preferences.

For example, some people add charms that signify friendship, love or remembrance of a loved one. Therefore many stores should always be ready to offer such flexibility to their customers to have more than just a standard vape pen.