Customizable Vape Pens Review. All You Need to Know About Customizable vape pens

    Customizable Vape Pens Review. All You Need to Know About Customizable vape pens

    What are customizable vape pens

    Customizable vape pens are portable vaporizers that users can tweak and change their settings and appearance. Many vape users choose to buy pens that can be customized to give them more room to make the device feel like it belongs to them.

    In addition, some of these pens can be revamped in their settings to enable the user to get more out of the pen. With the rising trend of customizable vape pens, manufacturers have come up with a way to build a vape pen that can be dismantled and rebuilt in a new form.

    There are many ways in which a user can choose to customize the pen. One way would do this by changing the pen's tank, changing the finish material of the pen, or using different sets of atomizers and cartridges.

    We need to appreciate that once you become an advanced vape user, you will find it comfortable to use a unique pen from other people. A few companies that offer customizable vape pens include the Grenco sciences, vaprofi vape brand, SMOK Vape Company and many others. When you look around, you will find that the companies mentioned above are suitable for building pens that offer high personalization rights.

    Vape brands you can customize

    VaporFi Vex

    Features of the vaporFi vex mod

    • The pen has a brushed zinc alloy construction
    • You can choose to use two 18650 batteries that you need to buy separately
    • It has a controllable wattage that ranges from 1 -150 watts
    • Compatible temperature control feature
    • It has a resistance range of 0.5 ohms to 1.5 ohm
    • Has multiple power modes ranging from bypass, memory and power
    • The pen is fitted with a key lock feature
    • You can run the pen on stealth mode for unnoticed vaping

    From the pen features, you can see that the device is designed for use by mainly advanced vape users. However, the customizable features are the main reason that makes it complicated for use by new users. The device itself has too many itty bitty settings that you have to mingle around with so that it can perform.

    The vaporFi vex has many desirable features and has stainless steel and titanium coils with protection features. For example, you can get a reverse polarity protection feature, over-charging protection, over current protection, over-discharge protection and many more.

    Design and build quality of the vaporFi vex pen

    This particular design is well built, and this is one thing that vaporFi has worked on and improved. The pen is excellent and has cumbersome sets of batteries to use. The cell has a unique battery port door that has some tough hinges attached to it. 

    How to customize the pen

    As we have seen above, the pen uses two 18650 batteries. This is the first step to customization. Unfortunately, the pen does not come with its batteries included, so you will have to choose your preferred batteries that you will use to run the pen. 


    You also get a battery system that allows you to use any atomizers. This will give you a perfect blend of performance because you can use tanks well known to perform. You can also use the wattage control system to manage your vaping preferences. For example, after setting your battery watt limit, you can set up the temperatures because you get many options to choose from.

    Pros and cons of vaporFi Vex


    • The pen can be regarded to be a simple sub-ohm pen
    • The batteries on this pen are long-lasting 
    • You can customize many aspects of the pen to get better performance
    • The screen on the pen is apparent and very responsive
    • The pen vapes well and gives the best hits at times
    • The pen has a solid build to it


    • The pen may be very technical for beginners to use
    • It feels bulky in hand due to its enormous size
    • The pen may be somehow uncomfortable to use among many people

    VaporFi Vaio

    Features of the vaporFi vaio

    • Wider diameter for fitting wider atomizers
    • The pen is an all-in-one design
    • You get a compact, ergonomic pen
    • The device can hold a 3ml juice capacity
    • Top-fill design for easy usage
    • Battery capacity is 2000mAh 
    • Lower resistance ranges of 0.3-2.0 ohms
    • The pen has a low voltage protection
    • The pen comes with a short circuit protection
    • The device has a micro USB charging system

    From the listed features of the pen, you will realize that the pen is simple in design, and it has everything you would expect in an all-in-one pen. The pen is a complete fill on the go kit. You can customize the pen feature to have a mouth-to-lung or direct to lung feature. This is one way you can get the pen to match up and give you your desired performance. 

    The vaporFi VAIO is run on a 2000mAh battery, and you do not get any settings or screen that you need to worry about. Instead, there is a chip that can recognize the coil's resistance and adjust to the right temperature. 


    The tank has a unique thread that is butter-like, and the airflow ring still sticks to the same design. This is the proper form that adjusts to the right amount of resistance and has a stopper. The contemporary design of the pen is perfect for giving room for the user to set it up to their liking.

    The design of the pen is simplistic and straightforward, and clean at the same time. You get some sharp metallic colours that you can choose from, and they come with a superb finish. You will also note that the external casing of the pen does not have any fancy logos or brandings. Instead, the vaporFi name is smoothly written on the pen's shaft towards the bottom of the battery, which does not shout to other people.

    Performance of the vaporFi VAIO

    You can choose to use the mouth to lung 1.5ohm coils, a drip tip with a smaller bore. The broader version of the lock comes with stainless steel material. The coil will need to be fully primed and left with the juice for 10 minutes. 

    The flavour of the liquids gets improved as you use the pen longer. Therefore, you will have to run up half a tank before you finally get a decent amount of flavour. However, the customizable airflow will give an extremely tight vape, and you will get a perfect medium for it. 

    Pros and cons of the VaporFi VAIO


    • The overall design of the pen is appealing, and the colours are stunning
    • The pen is straightforward to use, and many components can be put together to customize
    • The flavour on the cell is very good, which is similar to any stock coil sub-ohm tank.
    • The device delivers some huge clouds that cannot be compared to any other vape pen you would want to lay your hands-on
    • You can easily switch from Mouth-to-lung to Direct-to-lung when you are using the pen.
    • The pen comes at a great price compared to many other devices


    • the vaping mod appears to be very long and a bit longer than the SMOK stick V8, which is believed to be the most extended mod in the market
    • the 3ml capacity for the tank means that the sub-ohm mode will have you refilling the pen multiple times

    The final word on the customizable vape pens

    The introduction of customizable vape pens marked a new era in the vaping industry. This wave of vape pens gave vape users a lot of freedom to vape on their preferences. You can get the best customizable vape pens from vaporFi.

    You are guaranteed that you are getting the best quality that will not disappoint you. Many other customizable vape pen options will satisfy your needs. You can try to see how they perform all-around before you choose to get one for yourself.


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