Craft Vape Pen Review. The Features, Design, Performance, Quality, Design, and More Details About Craft Vape Pen

    Craft Vape Pen Review. The Features, Design, Performance, Quality, Design, and More Details About Craft Vape Pen

    What is the Craft Vape Pen about?

    All Craft reserve strains are sourced from top growers around the USA. From hand grown to high tech, partnering with amazing growers who share our focus on care, attention, and environment. The Craft reserve oil is crafted from the highest quality plants, chosen from a roster of exciting strains. All small batch and single source.

    The Craft Vape uses Subcritical CO2 extraction to capture terpenes at the very beginning of the extraction process. Like cold brew coffee, you can expect a full bodied and nuanced taste. Craft oil is filled into ceramic core cartridge technology, the top performing cartridge on the market, helping achieve smooth, consistent pulls.

    Packaging includes strain art and potencies on the box’s front panel box along with flavor notes on the back and a peelable sticker to wrap around your cartridge.Craft represents an evolution in high potency cannabis distillate, and it continues to evolve. The advanced lab facilities and technicians live on the cutting edge of what’s possible, so the user can expect incredible innovations within each cartridge.

    Craft  produces the most innovative cannabis products on the market. The company is always working to maintain the highest levels of service for our customers. They consider their customers their biggest fans as they are theirs.

    The Company's goal is to be relentless in our pursuit to create a remarkable experience for everyone that purchases a Craft product for their first time and loyal fan. The Craft team is passionate about the handcrafted products they produce, and compassionate about the cannabis community.

    Features of Craft Vape Pen

    Craft batteries come in a variety of eye-catching colors & 2 unique shapes to suit your needs: 

    • 510 threaded
    • Rechargeable
    • It comes with a USB charging cable
    • Three heat settings (2.7v/3.1v/3.6v)
    • Pre-heating function
    • Power saving  mode
    • Automatic, inhale activated puffs
    • Oil preheat function (press & hold to activate)
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • Battery life indicator (click 3x)
    • Stylus tip
    • Assorted color options
    • Friend for Life Lifetime Warranty

    Design and Quality

    The Craft Vape pen gadget produces potent vapor faster than our other picks, with nearly instant convection heating and simple tactile temperature controls. It holds less material than our other picks but is still perfect for two folks to share.

    Easy to use and charming in its simplicity, it produces delicious flavors that are more concentrated than other vape pens. Unfortunately, its battery life is shorter, and its proprietary charger is not as convenient. However, the pocketable size and inconspicuous design make it the most easily portable of our picks.

    A lifetime warranty is a reassuring detail, as earlier versions had some reliability issues.

    Performance of the Craft Vape pen

    The vapor tastes fantastic, whether you start with a low or high temperature. Each session will fully extract all the goodies from your herbs, whether you grind them or enjoy them whole.

    Using the Crafty is so simple, even your inexperienced friends will get great hits from the start, with thick, satisfying clouds. Simply put, the Crafty puts connoisseur-level vapor in your pocket without any fuss.

    The amount of power and heat needed to hit vapor standards pushed the electronics past their limits.

    How to Charge the Craft Vape pen

    One can check the charge level on the vape pen 2.0 battery by clicking the stylus button 3x (red means it's time for a charge). Simply screw on the USB charger and plug it into any compatible charging dock to charge your battery. The light on the USB charger will turn from red to green when charging is complete.

    Cleaning and Maintenance of  the Craft Vape pen

    Be sure you know as much as possible about your vape pen to ensure you don’t damage the product or affect its function. For this reason, knowing the vape pen’s model and its components is important.

    The instructions for the Craft Vape Pen maintenance are provided in the instruction manual. It is essential to disassemble your vape pen completely before cleaning. The cleanliness of your mouthpiece is necessary for hygienic vaping. 

    Dab a cotton swab or cloth in rubbing alcohol and scrub the inside and the outside of the mouthpiece, taking special care to remove any residue. 

    For a deeper clean, mouthpieces can be soaked in rubbing alcohol or water for up to an hour before scrubbing. After scrubbing, set the mouthpiece on a paper towel or cloth to dry. Cleaning cartridge-loaded vape pens are generally easier than cleaning tank-based vape pens.

    Dab cotton swabs in rubbing alcohol and gently scrub the exterior of the cartridge, taking special care to remove any residue on the outside of the cartridge. Once the cover is clean, use a paper towel to dry the outside of the cartridge completely.o clean the tank, empty any residue from prior vaping.

    For liquid, turn the tank on its side, draining the fluid into a pile of paper towels or directly into a proper waste management receptacle. Pouring liquid now down the drain in the sink is not recommended. 

    For solid concentrates, apply to rub alcohol to a cotton swab and scrub away all residue. Soak the tank in rubbing alcohol and water for up to an hour before wiping down the inside with a cotton swab and left to dry on the paper towels. The battery is the most potentially dangerous part of the vape pen and should be cleaned with care.

    In most cases, the battery needs a gentle cleaning on the exterior with cotton swabs. Make sure the connector (where the battery threads and connects to the atomizer) is free of any residue, as this can obstruct the flow of electricity to the atomizer.

    To ensure you don’t get any “off” flavors or the essence of rubbing alcohol in your vape pen, give your vape pen enough time to dry fully. If you want to accelerate the drying process, you can use paper towels or cloth to wipe off any visible droplets. Once your equipment is fully dry, it is safe to refill your tank or insert a new cartridge, reassemble the individual components, and vape your products. Clean your vape pen at least once a week.

    Depending on the amount of vaping you do, you may need to clean your equipment more frequently. A good rule of thumb is to clean your kit as soon as you see any residue on the exterior of your vape pen or whenever your vape has an irregular, “off” taste.

    Pros and Cons


    • Sleek design
    • Make own personal juices
    • Flashing lights to tell when taken a large enough draw


    • No cover- could leak
    • Smaller tank

    FAQs for the Craft Vape Pens

    How do you use the Craft Vape pen?

    Craft Vape pens are easy to use and operate. Simply screw on your favorite Craft Vape pen essential oil vape pen cartridge and pull for up to 8-seconds for the Perfect Puff every time.

    For optimal performance, charge the pen fully before use (allow 3-4 hours for the first three charges). If you’re using the Craft Vape Pen 2.0 battery, initiate rapid-charge mode for a 30-minute full charge.

    Why is there a leak on my vape pen?

    Changes in elevation or temperature can cause leaking in cartridges. If your cartridge is leaking, clean the cartridge with alcohol on connection areas, then use a paper clip to take out any excess oil in the chamber to prevent oil from coming through the top or bottom of the cartridge.

    UPENDS Products

    Upcott Pod

    Filled with organic cotton, the Upcott pod effectively prevents all leaking, spitting and popping problems.With its thick organic cotton, Upcott offers an original flavor in a fulfilling vapor cloud.

    Uppen Pod

    When developing the coil, we tested extensively with mainstream e-liquids from all over the world, to ensure the very best performance with the most popular juices.Uppen Pod has flavor master with ultimate satisfaction.


    The Craft Vape pen brings you the most luxurious experience in cannabis concentrates. This innovative line uses in-house grown, full-flower cannabis material of the highest quality.

    You can rest assured any Craft Vape product has its meticulous seal of approval and won’t disappoint. These impeccable features provide the best vaping experience anyone can have within the set affordable.


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