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Cheap Vape Pens That Don't Compromise on Quality

17th Oct 2023 | 456 | Dickson

The term "cheap" carries various connotations, doesn't it? It can imply inferior quality or, conversely, affordability. However, the stylish vape pens showcased here offer exceptional quality and outstanding value.

You'll find ideal starter kits priced at under £6, along with sophisticated pod kits and pens capable of delivering up to 90W of power. Yes, you can explore sub-ohm vaping without breaking the bank and while maintaining a relatively straightforward approach.

What are cheap vape pens?

Cheap vape pens are affordable and budget-friendly electronic cigarette devices used for vaping. They are designed to provide a cost-effective way to enjoy vaping without breaking the bank.

Cheap Vape Pens To Try


The Elf Bar Elfa pod kit is both compact and user-friendly, offering you versatility while ensuring a hassle-free vaping experience. If you're already acquainted with the handy Elf Bar disposables, now you can savor Elf Bar flavors through a rechargeable device that is compatible with pre-filled pods. There's no need to concern yourself with coil replacements or refilling with e-juice, and the 500mAh battery can deliver up to 600 puffs before needing a recharge.

This portable e-cigarette is perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle and provides a wide selection of flavor pods. You have the flexibility to switch flavors at your convenience, and the Elf Bar Elfa operates seamlessly with an inhale-activated mechanism, eliminating the need for manual controls.



  • 500mAh battery
  • For MTL vaping
  • Compatible with Elfa prefilled pods
  • Inhale activated
  • 1 x Blue Razz Lemonade pod included


Dependable and cost-effective, the Blu Pro kit proves to be an excellent choice for newcomers to vaping. It also serves as a convenient backup device for seasoned vapers, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience throughout the day.

Fueled by an 1100mAh battery, this kit offers extended vaping hours between charges and can be fully recharged in under 2 hours. The Blu PRO Kit features a modern, streamlined appearance, and its compact size makes it effortlessly portable. An LED battery charge indicator adds practicality, and the device incorporates multiple safety features.

The battery is accompanied by a replaceable clearomizer, eliminating the need to replace coils. When the coil's performance wanes, simply install a new clearomizer and continue vaping.

This elegant pen-style vape kit prioritizes simplicity while delivering a flavorful vaping experience. It allows you to enjoy your preferred high PG e-liquids with minimal complexity, and we believe you will be highly impressed by the Blu Pro kit.



  • 1100mAh battery
  • Single button operation
  • LED battery life indicator
  • 10-second cut-off and overcharge protection
  • Stylish design
  • Replaceable clearomiser

ASPIRE PockeX All-in-One Starter Kit

Offering the advantages of sub-ohm vaping without the complexities, the Aspire PockeX starter kit provides straightforward vaping and exceptional flavor. Further details can be found below.

This ingenious device integrates a combined battery and tank, controlled through a single button.

The 1500mAh battery ensures day-long vaping, and it allows for vaping while charging, with battery status indicated by an LED light. Comprehensive safety features are built-in, including automatic cutoff, short circuit alert, and low voltage warning.

The PockeX guarantees dense vapor clouds and rich flavor. Equipped with two 0.6ohm coils utilizing organic cotton wicking, the tank employs a top-fill design for easy e-liquid refills. The coils are effortlessly replaceable using the user-friendly coil system, and the device is compatible with Nautilus X coils.

Both experienced vapers and beginners will relish the vaping experience with the PockeX. Compact yet abundant in flavor and vapor production, this e-cigarette delivers exceptional sub-ohm vaping at an economical price.It is available in a variety of colors to suit your style.



  • 20mm in diameter
  • Pen-style device suitable for mouth-to-lung and sub-ohm vaping
  • 1500mAh battery capacity
  • LED charge indicator located behind the fire button
  • Pyrex glass tank construction
  • Effortless top-fill system for easy refilling
  • User-friendly coil replacement mechanism
  • Specifically designed for compatibility with PockeX sub-ohm coils
  • Compatible with coil resistances ranging from 0.5 to 2.0 Ohms
  • Pre-configured with a tight airflow setting for mouth-to-lung vaping
  • Automatic 10-second firing cutoff feature
  • Protection against short circuits with warning alerts
  • Low battery voltage warning to ensure safe usage
  • Vape while charging capability
  • Impressive flavor production from sub-ohm coils


Crafted to replicate the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette, the Innokin EQ FLTR kit is an excellent choice for recent ex-smokers. It features a soft-tip filter that extends from the pod to mimic the appearance of a tobacco cigarette. Within the tip, there's an inner chamber that directs vapor flow, enhancing the flavor experience.

Additionally, the kit includes a standard drip tip, and a cap is provided to maintain cleanliness when the tip and filter are not in use. What's more, this device is user-friendly, and activated simply by drawing from it. The pod is reusable, as the filter can be replaced as needed.

This e-cigarette caters to both novice and seasoned vapers. It comes equipped with a 1.2ohm Innokin Sceptre coil, well-suited for e-liquids with a minimum of 50% PG, including salt nicotine variants. The kit includes a spare coil and replacement FLTR soft tips for convenience. With a 400mAh battery, it offers ample vaping time and delivers power outputs ranging from 7 to 9.5W.



  • Replicates the experience of smoking
  • 400 mAh battery
  • Innovative soft-tip filter
  • Suitable for high PG e liquids
  • Delivers satisfying MTL draws
  • 1.2ohm coil
  • Refillable 2ml pod
  • Replaceable coils
  • Biodegradable filter

VAPORESSO Orca Solo Plus Kit-black

The impressive Orca Solo Plus kit marks a substantial upgrade from the original Orca Solo. You'll benefit from a 50% increase in battery capacity, ensuring extended vaping sessions between charges with its 1200mAh battery.

However, the enhancements don't end there. Vaporesso has introduced a new meshed coil that elevates flavor intensity. Additionally, CCell coils compatible with salt nicotine e-liquids are available for the Orca Solo Plus. The kit includes a 0.6ohm OC meshed coil and a 1.3ohm OC CCell coil, offering you choices right out of the box.

Designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, the Orca Solo Plus features three output settings and a 2ml tank with adjustable airflow. This sleek vape pen prioritizes simplicity while providing all the essentials to savor your favorite flavors to the fullest.




  • 1200mAh Internal Battery
  • 2ml Tank
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Optimized for MTL Vaping
  • LED Battery Life Indicator
  • Adjustable Power Output
  • Compatible with Vaporesso OC Coils
  • 0.6ohm and 1.3ohm coils included


The Upends Mirror vape pen showcases an elegant and compact design that consistently delivers a top-tier vaping experience. Its streamlined structure and sleek exterior contribute to its sophisticated appearance. By integrating an advanced mesh coil, this device sets new standards for vapor production while maintaining a consistently delightful flavor profile, all while preserving its stylish aesthetics. The Mirror excels in the realm of flavors, a quality that becomes evident.

Featuring a robust 500mAh battery, ample 10mL e-liquid capacity, and convenient Type-C charging, you can indulge in uninterrupted vaping sessions at your convenience. You need not fret about battery life or e-liquid levels. The Upends Mirror invites you to embark on an exceptional vaping journey, promising to elevate your vaping experience to new heights.


  • 10mL E-liquid Capacity
  • 1.0Ω Resistance
  • 500mAh Battery Capacity
  • Type-C Charging Port


  • Are cheap vape pens of low quality?

Not necessarily. While some inexpensive vape pens may have fewer features compared to more expensive options, they can still provide a satisfactory vaping experience. Quality may vary, so it's essential to research and choose a reputable brand.

  • What should I consider when buying a cheap vape pen?

When purchasing a cheap vape pen, consider factors such as battery life, ease of use, compatibility with e-liquids or cartridges, and overall build quality. Reading product reviews can help you make an informed decision.


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