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CBD Dosage: How much CBD should I Add to Vape Juice?

12th May 2022 | 7 | upends v

One major dilemma that many lovers of CBD vape tend to be in is what quantity of CBD should be added to their vape juice at a time. Another concern is whether CBD can cause harm if a certain quantity is vaped at once. In this article, we shall take you through everything you need to know about adding CBD to a vape juice and how much of it should be added to your vape juice at a time.

1.      How Much CBD Should I Take?


We are very certain that this question is likely to have crossed your mind a lot of times, you are not the only one. Most vapers tend to wonder from time to time as to what amount of CBD they should take. The simple answer is that there is no straightforward quantity. The quantity of CBD that should be taken at a time depends on a number of factors ranging from the vapers body, to the type of CBD itself, and even the condition surrounding the vape.

The amount of CBD you should take depends on the following factors:

1.1 Weight

Your weight has a long way in determining how much CBD, or even any other drug, your body can tolerate. The bigger you are, the more the amount of drug your body can tolerate at a time. So might want to look out for how much you weigh before you take a particular quantity of CBD so that you do not end up taking an excess amount that your body finds too hard to process or a too low amount that does not have any effect.

1.2 Age

This is another very important factor too. Your age is a major determinant of the amount of CBD you can safely tolerate at a time. Just like any other drug, older people or aged people have the tendency to weakly tolerate a certain dose of CBD over younger people. So, if you are way above 50, you might want to be extra careful of taking excess doses that would be very difficult for your body to tolerate and process. The older you are, the lesser your level of tolerance for drugs get.

1.3 Individual Tolerance

This depends on your personal body system- how much your body tolerates CBD. No one is created with the same body so this leads to a lot of variation in everyone’s individual body tolerance.  Your body might naturally be able to handle higher doses of CBD while someone else’s might not. To be sure of your body's tolerance, you might want to start with a low dose of CBD to see how your body initially reacts and holds on to it, you can then increase it subsequently as deemed fit. This factor indicates that you should never compare yourself with your friend when it comes to tolerating CBD, what can be regarded as a high dose for your friend might be a low dose for you and what can be a high dose for you can be a low dose for your friend!

1.4 Symptoms

You already know by now that CBD is a great healing agent for so many health conditions. One important factor that determines the level of CBD to be vaped most times is what type of symptom of medical condition you have. While some conditions require lower doses to clear off, some other conditions require that you increase your dose to a certain high level in order to feel relief. Therefore, understanding your health condition, how to handle it, and then what exact amount of CBD suits it, is very essential when determining the amount of CBD you should take.

1.5 Intake Frequency

This is another determining factor. How frequent you vape determines the amount of CBD you can take at a time, at times. If you are someone that vapes so often, you might one to reduce the dose of CBD per each vape but if you are someone that only vapes once in a while, increasing the dose of CBD you take in per each shot is not likely to cause you any serious problem. The short gist is that: the more frequent you vape, the lesser the need to increase the dose of CBD you take at a time.

2.      CBD Dosage Chart and Tips

2.1  CBD Dosage Chart



















2.2 CBD E-Liquid Strength

50 – 200 (Low)

200– 500 mg (Medium)

500 – 2000 mg (High)

2000 – 4000 mg (Very high)

2.3 Tips for Vaping CBD

If you are vaping CBD for the first time, you can start with a smaller dose like we noted previously; this will enable you to study how your body reacts to it and how best your body can cope with it.

The first thing to do is the fill your device with the CBD E-liquid and then wait for about 10 to 15 minutes. This will allow the CBD soak well in the coil and wick. After this, you should start on a slow pace, ensuring that you take small puffs at a time.

After taking the small puffs for a while, you might want to gradually switch to bigger puffs while inhaling and exhaling without delays. CBD vapes would likely leave a hint of earthy of slightly bitter aftertaste in your mouth- just know that it is very normal and that it does not mean the CBD is spoilt.

2.4 Effects of CBD

Talking about the effects of vaping CBD, it has a lot of positive benefits with some few reported side effects.

The benefits of CBD includes:

2.4.1 Stress Reduction

If you had a very long and hard day and you are very stressed out, you might want to take a puff of CBD to relax your nerves. When taken at the right dose, CBD effectively reduces stress level and gives a calming and relaxing feeling to your body and soul as well.

2.4.2 Anxiety Reduction

Are you feeling very scared, apprehensive, and a bit anxious about something and you are looking to calm your brain and nerves? You can try taking CBD. It does an excellent job in bringing your anxiety down which makes you more relaxed and more focused on how to easily tackle your worries.

2.4.3 Pain Reduction

CBD serves excellently as an analgesic as it has pain reduction properties. It reduces your pain to a very bare level and so you can give it a try if there is a pain you are looking to get rid if within a small amount if time. It is used in so many pharmaceutical companies for this particular purpose

2.4.4 Reduced Insomnia

If you are finding it very difficult to get to sleep or you are having a hard time getting a smooth, undisputed sleep, you can try laying your hands on CBD. It has been studied to have some healing properties that aid smooth sleep and body calmness.

One other benefit of CBD is that it elevates mood. If your mood is down or you are looking for something that would set you in a really cool and happy mood, you can try vaping CBD. It has a lot of other benefits that we wouldn’t be able to mention them all here.

2.4.5 Side Effects of CBD

Because there is hardly a thing that has benefits without its own disadvantages too, CBD has been reported to have the ability to cause certain side effects at times in some people and not everybody. It can at times lead to loose stool (diarrhea), tiredness, and dry mouth.

You should look out for any of this side effect so that you can take caution and adjust the dose to the level your body can tolerate.

3.      Tips To Finding the Best CBD E-liquid for You

You have to be very careful when buying your CBD E-liquid because not selecting a good one has a great impact on how much you would enjoy the vape and how much the effect you would get.

To ensure that you are buying the best CBD E-liquid, you should ensure that you are buying from a well-trusted and reliable store. These days, there are so many stores that deal in CBD e-liquids; both local stores and online stores. Only go for stores that are popular and known for their good quality and trustworthiness.

Another way to ensure you are buying the Best CBD E-liquid is to watch out for the ingredients on the label. Check the ingredients to be sure that they are very safe and have been tested in the lab and approved by the necessary bodies.

You might want to look out for the brand too, go for top-ranking brands as this will give you some reasonable level of confidence in the product and then you can easily reach out to them if there is any problem.


Vaping CBD allows you the chance to determine what dose you are taking at a time. You get the chance to personalised your CBD intake such that you increase it when you are using it for some serious condition and then reduce it when the condition is just mild. It gives room for a customised dosing.

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6. Conclusion

Now that you know what determines the amount of CBD to add to your Vape Juice at a time, ensure that you get the best CBD products and Vape juices to enjoy a very satisfying vape experience. If you are looking to get the best products, check Upends.com