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Cartisan Vape Pen Review and Instructions

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UPENDS Cartisan Vape Pen Review and Instructions

You must have been advised that vaping is the best option when you want to quit smoking. While vaping is the best alternative to smoking, you need to own the right vaping equipment for you to enjoy vaping. A vape pen is the basic vaping equipment that you need to understand its working mechanism as you start vaping.

UPENDS.com as the main developer, wholesaler, and distributor of vape equipment, understands more about vape pens and has set aside a Cartisan Vape Pen review for you. Here, you will understand all about Cartisan Vape Pen, its workability, its design, its battery, how you can use it to vape, and many more.

The insights about Cartisan Vape Pen are useful; thus, let’s read to the end.

Cartisan Vape Pen Review

In case you are looking for the most efficient and coolest vape pen, then Cartisan Vape Pen is the best for you. Its advantages range from ease of use, coolest and powerful battery, compatibility with standard cartridges, slim and sleek design, among other outstanding specifications.

Cartisan Vape Pen is powered by a 510-threaded battery which is highly compatible with standard cartridges. The Lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 900Ah that is enough to allow you to enjoy vaping all day long. We shall discuss this battery more in a short while.

Using Cartisan Vape Pen 

Cartisan Vape Pen is marked as an easy-to-use vape pen in the market. If you are a newbie in the vaping field, then you need to consider vaping using Cartisan Vape Pen.

To use your Cartisan Vape Pen, follow the following simple steps,

  • Remove the protective cover before screwing it to your standard 510 cartridges. The protective cover serves to protect your Cartisan Vape Pen against being contaminated by foreign objects, including dust.
  • After screwing your Cartisan Vape Pen into the cartridge, close the device.
  • Make a puff to activate your Cartisan Vape Pen.
  • Start puffing a draw at a time. 

The Cartisan Vape Pen does not require you to press any button to activate it; it is auto-draw activated. This is advantageous as Cartisan Vape Pen will not fire in your pocket, and you don’t need to struggle pushing any button to activate it.

Cartisan Vape Pen Battery

As earlier stated, Cartisan Vape Pen is compatible with a 510-threaded 900mAh battery. The battery comes with elegant branding on its body and on its base. This way, it is easy for you to tell an original battery from the fake ones in the market.

With a 900mAh capacity, this battery makes your Cartisan Vape Pen outstanding. It allows you to vape at variable voltages that you can adjust between 3.3V to 4.8V. This allows you to enjoy variable hits depending on your choice. You can vary the voltages easily using a dial on the device.

The battery is powerful enough to power your Cartisan Vape Pen for long. You can enjoy vaping for days before you recharge it again. Although the battery is powerful, it is lightweight enough and does not compromise the portability of the Cartisan Vape Pen. It comes with a USB charger perfect for reliable recharging.

Instructions of using Cartisan Vape Pen Battery

The Cartisan Vape Pen battery is easy to use as Cartisan Vape Pen itself.

  • Press the ON/OFF button on the battery 5-times to turn the battery ON/OFF.
  • Screw the battery to your Cartisan Vape Pen. Make sure the batter is 510-threaded.
  • Set your preferred vaping voltage by adjusting the dial on the bottom of your device.
  • Then puff your Cartisan Vape Pen to activate it and start vaping.

Before recharging the battery:

  1. Unscrew it from Cartisan Vape Pen.
  2. Attach the 510-Threaded USB charger to the battery.
  • Plug the charger into a power source, preferably a computer or laptop USB port.

What are the Pros and Cons that Accompany Cartisan Vape Pen?


  • Cartisan Vape Pen comes with an ingenious design that allows you to vape while the cartridge is protected and hidden.
  • It is blow-activated, making it easy to use. You don’t need to struggle to operate it.
  • Cartisan Vape Pen comes with custom branding. This allows you to choose the branding design that you adore.
  • Cartisan Vape Pen is 510-threaded thus fits in numerous standard vaping equipment.
  • Allows you to vary the vaping voltages between 3.2V to 4.2V. This voltage range is wide enough to let you enjoy the best vaping experience.
  • The Cartisan Vape Pen battery is powerful enough to allow you to enjoy vaping for a long time after a full charge.
  • Cartisan Vape Pen unit comes with a dimensional size of 34 x 18.2 x 79.6mm. This size is enough to fit into your pocket, allowing you to vape anywhere and anytime.
  • It comes with a detailed user manual but easy to understand and follow.


  • Cartisan Vape Pen does not work with taller mouthpieces
  • The battery needs to be bought differently

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FAQs Associated to Cartisan Vape Pen

Cartisan Vape Pen Charger

Cartisan Vape Pen makes use of a 510 threaded USB charger. You only need to screw the charger's threaded end onto your Cartisan Vape Pen and the USB end into the power source, preferably a computer or your laptop.

It takes approximately 60-90 minutes to recharge a battery with a capacity of 650-1300mAh. Since it is 510-threaded, it is compatible with your Cartisan Vape Pen.

This charger is wireless, thus saves on space, and it is highly convenient to carry along.

How to Use Cartisan Vape Pen?

Cartisan Vape Pen is classified as an easy-to-use vape pen. When you are ready to start vaping;

  • Screw you're battery to your Cartisan Vape Pen.
  • Click the button on your battery five times in quick succession. Make sure you achieve the five clicks within 3 minutes. This switches your battery ON.
  • Remove the protection cap from your Cartisan Vape Pen and place it on your mouth.
  • Make a puff to activate your Cartisan Vape Pen, then continue vaping.
  • If you want to change the vaping voltage, make quick clicks on the button on your Cartisan Vape Pen battery. The LED light on the Cartisan Vape Pen unit will let you know the vaping voltage as it indicates the voltages using different colors. The green color indicates 3.4V; BLUE indicates 3.7V, and RED indicating 4.0V vaping voltage.
  • After the Cartisan Vape Pen battery is depleted, you need to screw the battery to its charger before plugging in the USB end to the power source.


Vaping is the best option to continue enjoying your favorite hit after quitting smoking. Vaping cannot work for you if at all you miss good and trustable vaping equipment. Cartisan Vape Pen is one of the best and trustable vape pens that you can trust for your daily vaping. Many vapers prefer Cartisan Vape Pen because of how easy it is to use, variable vaping voltages, and a strong battery. It is time to try Cartisan Vape Pen out!