WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Candy King Vape Juice Reviews,Buy in bulk quantities & wholesale price

25th Mar 2021 | 21 | ZengGreta

This includes a line of vape juice from the most famous DripMore. The candy-based flavors of Candy King leaves a pleasant sensation to your teeth as you take in a puff to another. Candy King vape juice features amongst a list of six other vape juices developed by DripMore.

DripMore has taken the e-juice industry to another level. The Company produces commonly consumed brands in the market. They use most favored and premium ingredients for flavor-packed e-juices. Their popular line of juices include Candy King, Original DripMore, Candy King On Ice, Cookie King, Candy King On Salt and the latest edition known as Milk King.

With this e-juice line, you can taste contrasting flavors ranging from sweet desserts, succulent candies to creamy milk bases. Whatever your teeth craves for, Candy King developed by DripMore can inconsistently supply you with candied flavor of your choice. You can now feed those cravings any time. Candy King comes in 100ml chubby gorilla bottle and features 3 incompatible nicotine variants that include 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. Their PG/VG ratio is 70/30 to provide a cloud of thick puff vapor of exhale. You experience flavor that can satisfy your taste bud.

  1. Batch

Batch provides an eventual balance between sweet and tart fruity candies. The tangy lemons, sweet cherries and juicy oranges offers perfect fusion for batch e-liquid. The addition of candy base, Batch can quench your taste bud from each drop you take.

You inhale sugar rush and the candy oranges and light sour notes follows up to provide authentic candy flavor. Each puff delights the taste buds with sweet cherries. You experience refreshing exhale with tangy lemons that puckers your lips with pleasure.

  1. Batch on Ice

Batch on ice has the original batch flavor, spiced up with menthol for menthol enthusiasts. Batch on ice promises to satisfy sweet tooth the whole day while providing an icy exhale you desire. The tart and sweet refreshing lemons blended with those ripe oranges and juicy cherries gives the sweetest and tangy taste as you take the first drop until the end. The sweet candy orange taste combined with juicy cherries flood your tongue when you exhale. On exhale you experience the refreshing sour lemons rush with a fusion of menthol base. The perfectly-balanced sweet and tart fusion ensures you don’t experience that overwhelming flavor.

  1. Belts Strawberry

Belts by Candy King features a perfection of different flavors of strawberry candies. Each puff comprises of juicy strawberries, perfectly rolled in sugar so that you can sweeten you’re the taste buds to full. The intense sweetness of candy flavor has an equal amount of light sour notes. The sour notes gives out authentic candy taste without overwhelming the flavor.

You exhale a pleasant flavor of fresh sweet strawberries and the sour notes proceeding to the taste buds. The exhale has sour but sweetest strawberry candy flavor.

  1. Belts Strawberry On Ice

Belts strawberry on ice has the original flavor of Belts with a fusion of icy menthol base. This tangy candy combination provides refreshing twist. The strawberries dunked in sugar makes them easy for consumption. To make it more pleasing, the e-liquid has bit of sour notes. Such combination of sweet and sour offers perfect balance to minimize overwhelming of the flavor. Menthol enthusiasts can take a seat and enjoy the savory taste this e-juice brings. Bits of ice additions provides a refreshing and cooling exhale on every puff.

  1. Lemon Drops by Candy Kings


This is a new release Candy King vape juice, full of savory flavor. The nostalgic flavor in this vape juice reflects the specific taste of lemon hard candy you enjoyed in your youth. It has a lemon candy flavor that gives out sugar and tart sour notes to please the sweet tooth.

The tart hard candies and sour notes come in a packed bottle of 100ml. This takes you through the entire day as you enjoy the vape juice. When you inhale the mouth begins watering with sugar-coated lemon taste smothering the tongue to intoxicate the taste bud. An exhale, the sour notes puckers your lips. The ultra-pleasing treat favors sour lemon candy lovers who can’t have enough of it.

  1. Worms by Candy Kings


Previously called Sour Worms but Candy King calls it Worms. Common flavors found in worms include juicy green apples, tart lemons, savory oranges, fresh cherries and tangy blue raspberry. Such fusion flavors promise to please, providing perfect balance of tart and sweet. Bits of sour notes can make the sweet tooth feel the sweet flavor while fully satisfying the cravings. The inhale gives your tongue with smothering bits of sour green apples alongside juicy oranges. What follows include juicy cherries and tart blue raspberries. The inhale features candy lemon taste.

  1. Candy Kings on Ice Worms


Worms on ice by Candy Kings has the original flavor of worms but with bits of icy menthol base. The original natural sour gummy sensation of this e-juice has a completion of refreshing and sour ending. The blend in this worms on ice e-juice include savory oranges and crisp green apples on the inhale. Your mouth floods with tangy blue raspberry alongside a flavor of sweet cherry to dance on the taste buds to delight them. You now have an improved exhale fused with lemon candy base with extra addition of menthol flavor.

  1. Candy Kings on Ice Swedish


If you like frosty menthol alongside chewy candies in e-juice form, you can try this delicious e-juice. It has similar taste like that favorite candy in your childhood. It takes your taste buds far away in the snowy adventure. It is covered with snow cherry trees with fallen powder from branches to bring that lush frozen fruits on branches. The fresh fruits come in form of liquid candy and appears in fish-shaped mold. It contains honeyed cherry candies accompanied by fresh menthol clouds.

  1. Candy Kings on Ice Hard Apple


Quench those taste buds with the sweetest and sour cloud of green apples fused in candy and icy cool. The hard apples sway perfectly in the fall breeze as you get a taste of beautiful orchard. The fresh green apples come in a form of liquid candy, chilled and poured in 100ml bottle. The sour and chilled green apples e-liquid in a tart and tangy flavor takes you to an irresistible level.

  1. Candy King on Ice Pink Squares


This iced pink square e-juice brings a burst of chewy flavors, soft but sweet taffy in symmetrical square. The e-juice features a fusion of chewy yummy fruits including cherry and strawberry all in cool ice clouds. The candy tasty vape juice promises a gentle cool experience with sweetness dominating the flavor.

What Are the Top 10 Vape Juices?

  1. Boosted by Boosted E-juice

Boosted e-juice receives the most votes to top the list of top 10 vape juices. The Colorado-based e-juice came into vape industry towards the end of 2013 and early 2014. It features a blend of strawberry milkshake.

  1. 32 by Beard Vape Co

The e-juice has an impressive cinnamon funnel cake flavor. It reminds you of your youth with a sugary cinnamon additions transforming it from other e-juices.

  1. Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood

This LA-based e-juice comes in milk flavor and the most popular brand by Cuttwood. It is creamy with bits of strawberries that quenches the taste buds.

  1. Shurb by Jimmy the Juice Man

Based in Chicago, Shurb is one of the top 10 e-juices, fused with raspberry, orange, lime and coated with sugar. The perfect balance of sour citrus notes brings a smooth sensation.

  1. Mother’s Milk by Suicide Bunny

A legendary e-juice by Suicide Bunny based in Texas. It has creamy and smooth custard dessert flavor richness and sweet strawberry on exhale.

  1. Blue Voodoo by Mister-E-Liquid

One of top 10 juices based in Michigan that has rich sweet blueberry flavor with mystery undertones you can’t pin down.

  1. Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100

Features amongst impressive line of Naked 100 e-juices with a fusion of orange, pineapple and guava. The slightly tart juice perfectly blends with sweet fruits to strike a balance liked by most vapers.

  1. Cavendish Blend by Back Note

One of excellent option of Back Note include the Cavendish Blend. It has distinctive aromatic sensation with a sweet baseline.

  1. Strawberry by Jam Monster

Packed in 100ml bottle, this e-juice by Jam Monster has strawberry as predominant fruit flavor. The classic strawberry flavor has realistic sweetness that you can’t ignore when you inhale.

  1. B.Y.C. by Sicboy

Based in Denver, Colorado, M.B.Y.C. e-juice features highest quality ingredients to quench your taste buds the whole day.

What is the Best Vape Juice on the Market?

We have a list of several top-quality vape juices on the market with unique and consistent taste. The best vape juice actually depends on your personal flavor as they come in various flavors. Boosted by Boosted e-juice comes favorite for many as it has a touch of strawberry milkshake.

What is the Safest Vape Juice to Use?

For sweet tooth, the Candy King Juice offers several vape juices you can’t resist. The quality e-juices follows thorough research and development with innovation and rigorous testing, making it safe vape juices you can use.

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