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Can You Vape While Driving?

2nd Mar 2024 | 155 | Dickson

You have probably heard a thousand times that drinking while driving is a taboo. Many studies say drinking affects our concentration and is behind many of the dreadful road accidents. However, what about vaping? 

As vaping becomes increasingly popular, many people have started to question if it is possible to vape and drive. In this vaping guide, we dig into the implications of vaping and driving. We also highlight whether regulations and rules guide people to vape and drink. Keep reading for more information on vaping and driving! 

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What Are the Legal Considerations of Vaping While Driving? 

According to the law, you are not prohibited from vaping and driving. However, you are still subject to numerous traffic regulations. One of the many regulations is that you can't have clouded windshields. When vaping, the exhale significantly impacts the visibility of your windshield. More so, the phenomenon can attract legal fines or jail time. 

Laws against driving without due care and attention or driving without reasonable consideration for other road users can also apply to a vaper. When you are vaping, there are grounds for several legal penalties, especially when you refuse to concentrate while you drive. 

You must stay updated with the law and regulation changes, as they happen more than you think.

While the legality of vaping and driving is in a grey area, it goes without saying that the practice comes with risks. While vaping is not as stimulating or mentally demanding as drinking, the act of vaping can distract you from driving. 

If you have ever ridden a vehicle, paying attention is integral as it prevents accidents and other related road incidents. What's more is that vaping causes a lot of vapor, which can significantly reduce your visibility. Your focus and reaction time is limited, which can be dangerous for you, the driver, your passengers, and other people on the road. 

What Are the Safety Concerns About Driving And Vaping Simultaneously? 

What are the safety concerns linked to driving and vaping? This section offers the answers you need: 

A. Reduced visibility due to vape clouds

When you vape, you create vape clouds. Vapes with more significant VG (vegetable glycerin) content create thicker clouds. When the clouds get very wide, they significantly impact visibility, making it difficult to see through all the white clouds. 

Without proper sight, vape drivers no longer have the liberty of driving smoothly. Many people have died from brief occlusion of sight. Now imagine there is a mention of a cloud forming in front of you! Moreover, if spotted, it can attract fines or death. 

B. Risks of Impacted Driving

Vaping is an attention-demanding practice. The calculated puffs require you to be present, especially if you are not a consistent vaper. What's more, is that nicotine can lead to impaired driving by causing lightheadedness and dizziness. When you start to feel dizzy and lightheaded, driving becomes a chore. If you continue to drive, you stand the risk of crashes. 

What Are the Alternatives to Vaping While Driving? 

Undoubtedly, the act of vaping is an enjoyable pastime, and many users can wait till they settle to light a vape. However, as we have seen above, this is very unsafe. Instead of risking your life and others around you, here are the alternatives to vaping while driving: 

1) Pulling Over to Vape

If you can't wait to get to where you will vape, you can pull over to take a few drawers before continuing your journey. The pulling over ensures you offer vaping your full attention and do not have to risk an accident or other related incidents. 

Note: If the vape caused big clouds, you might have to wait for them to disappear before returning to the road. 

2) Wait Until the Vehicle is Stationary 

If you want to get into vaping, it is safer if you opt for when your vehicle becomes stationary. It might be when you parked or arrived at your location. Instead of on the road where your mindfulness is needed, you can stay in a place and vape without any risk to other road users. 

What Are the Potential Health Risks of Vaping While Driving?

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Vaping while driving poses several health risks to yourself and the passengers. First off, the more you inhale while you drive, the more nicotine that gets into your bloodstream. Nicotine is a toxic substance.

This substance can lead to several health complications, including lung-related illness and cardiovascular problems. If you have passengers, ensure they get round ventilation. 

What Are Company and Rental Car Policies on Vaping?

Most car companies and rentals have stringent policies against smoking in their vehicles. Hence, smoking inside the rental is forbidden and often results in extra charges. The cost of smoking in rental cars varies with the company and state.

State Van Rentals charges up to $350 for the cleaning fee, which they collect when the customer returns the vehicle. 

You might be curious about vaping and rental companies. At the same time, it is outrightly stated that companies that prohibit smoking are also likely to prohibit vaping as well.

If they can prove you vaped while using the car, you will be charged. While the scent that comes from vapes is much lighter than those from cigarettes, it still lingers. 

The extra fee arises from the fact that the rental company has to deodorize the vehicle while they clean it. The moral process is to eliminate the lingering smoke or vaping scent that many non-smoking customers pick up quickly.

The deodorization process requires taking vehicles out of service temporarily. The fee imposed on smoking or vaping in a rental car covers the vehicle's cleaning cost plus the lost potential revenue from its lack of availability.

How Do They Know If You Smoked or Vaped in a Rental?

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There is an agent that inspects the interior of the vehicle after you return it. They look for signs of damage and smoking, including:

  • A used ashtray or vaping paraphernalia 
  • Litters of ashes or butts inside the vehicle
  • Cigarette burns on seats and other interior surfaces
  • The stench of tobacco

If these signs are noted, the company imposes a smoking bill on you for breaking their policy. The same applies for vaping. While vaping leaves a weak stench, it is noticeable. You will be penalized if there are signs that you vaped in the vehicle. It's best to avoid smoking or using your vape in a rental car altogether. 

Tips for Responsible Vaping

Regarding driving and vaping, it is recommended that you go for responsible vaping options when you want to draw on your e-cigarette while in the car; here are tips to note to ensure that you are practicing responsible vaping and not putting your life or anybody else life at risk. 

A. Use Designated Vaping/Smoking Areas 

Most starts have their designated smoking areas. When you are on the go, you can explore these places to get a puff or two before returning to the road. More so, ten activities have been assigned to these areas. Hence, you can vape in them until you return from your trip. 

B. Ensure Proper Ventilation

If you will vape in your car at all, you will need to ensure proper ventilation. Lower the windows and open the doors. This way, the smoke around doesn't build up in the car and dissipates almost as quickly as it forms. Moreover, this prevents the vape clouds from pilling up in one place and irritating the eyes or skin. 

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Driving is a conscious activity that requires your attention and sight. When it comes to the topic of vaping and driving, it seems many people have come to a consensus it does more harm than good. Although the activity hasn't been struck as illegal, it raises many safety concerns. Your health is at risk, and you also stand a chance to jam your car against a tree. 

If you want to vape while you are on a road trip, take stops and ensure your car is well-ventilated. More so, get vapes with lower VG contents. They reduce the thick clouds that usually form while vaping. If you want a customizable VG content vape, check Upends and get the offer at a giveaway price.