Caliburn Vapes Review And Instructions

    Caliburn Vapes Review And Instructions

    Vaping is more than just a practice. It is something that can remain as the most vital part of the day for those who never want to compromise the best part of their day. Vaping is meant not for all, but those who wish to live their life to the fullest and craziest! It’s not just an experience but rather the different shades of life hidden within the smoke and vapor, which can be as unique as a person’s trait. It takes on different dimensions with different people. For some, vaping is the medicine to relax their stress, to some, it’s an art, and to some it’s an energy booster. Forget about the form, because it’s meant for those who wish to make it to the best out of their good times and bad times. Hence a vape just needs to be simple and unique to create the best out good times and offer satisfaction. The Caliburn vapes are here to make create the change! These are a clear and distant diversion from conventional e-cigarettes. It’s the one best option for crazy ones out there and the finely crafted vape pen ever made.

    Throughout this article, we will go through some of the main features and unique characteristics of this fantastic and innovative product.


    The Uwell Caliburn 11w pod system is simply the best product with imperfections designed for the perfect ones! It contains an Aluminum alloy chassis, 52mh battery, and a refillable pod of capacity 2mL with the Uwell’s PRO-FOCS flavor technology to push all the limits of flavors to something limitless. It consists of an integrated, rechargeable 520mAh rechargeable battery and the product is constructed from lightweight aluminum alloy. It also features a duel method firing mechanism which includes both the draw-activated firing mechanism and the intuitive firing button. One striking feature of the Uwell Caliburn vape is the PRO-FOCS flavor technology that recycles the drawn airflow to load the airflow with condensed vapors through the atomizer core. The firing resistance is 1.4ohm and the top fill capacity is 2mL.


    • PRO-FOCS flavor technology
    • Dual firing mechanism


    • Low power alert
    • Rechargeable 520mAh battery
    • 5mm fill port
    • Low power alert
    • Easy to use, top-fill cartridges
    • Safe for children
    • 2mL capacity juice pods
    • Gold -plated snap-in connection


    • Available in a variety of colors
    • Multiple protection features

    Pros and cons of Uwell Caliburn vapes


    • Lightweight
    • Portable
    • Economic


    • Some customers raised issues about packaging

    How to use Uwell Caliburn vapes?

    1. Unlock the device by clicking 5 times on the fire button and make sure that the LED light flashes green 3 times
    2. Add the juice after removing the pot cartridge and removing the drip tip
    3. After filling the e-juice put the drip tip back on and install the pod back on the body
    4. Allow it to stand for 10 minutes
    5. When the device is on, take a draw or press the fire button to vape, the LED will stay on
    6. To stop the device hold the button for longer than 10 seconds


    Frequently asked questions?

    1.How to understand the battery level from LED indication?

    Ans. The color of the LED can indicate the remaining capacity of the battery. When the capacity is over 60%, the color of the LED is green. When it is between 30%-60%, the color of LED is blue. The color of the LED is red when it is below 30%. Thus the LED indications clearly give the battery indication.

    1. How to charge the Uwell Caliburn vape?

    Ans. When charging the device with micro USB cable, the indicator light flashes slowly to indicate that the product is charging. It will flash red to indicate low battery, flash blue to indicate medium power, and flash green to indicate sufficient power and the green light stays on after charging is completed.

    Customer Reviews

    Master pc

    Amith Thomas on Jun 09, 2021

    Uwell Caliburn is amazing device . The cartridges are easy-to-fill, easy-to-install, and have a very good life, depending on usage. They work well with all kinds of e-juices .

    Great Flavour

    Akshay on Apr 21, 2021

    Caliburn Pod System utilizes the Pro-FOCS flavor technology coil system, Great Battery life, I really enjoy the caliburn pod system.


    Supratim on Apr 05, 2021

    Amazing device at a great price. This device literally helped me quit cigarettes. Very smooth vape intake and superb taste. Thank you Uwell for creating this masterpiece and thank you VAPE HERE for making it available in India!

    Upends: An emerging promise to vape lovers

              Upends is currently the new dimension for best quality vapes at affordable prices and valuable designs. Its goal is to sell simple and usable devices that anyone can use, whether a first-time vaper or a ‘vape guru’ Upends has the best pods for anyone who wishes to vape! Let us now have a look at some of their path-breaking designs that is really going to create a spot-on transformation in the vape market.

    1. Uppen Plus

    Uppen plus is a simple pod system and a unique version of Uppen’s core products. It is a completely wonderful product designed just to provide you with the fresh, natural taste you desire. With a minimalist and elegant design, Uppen plus has the best features to satisfy you at each puff. The metal cap over the cap protects the E-juice from dirt and thus you can enjoy that same flavor even after several days of no vaping. The product is simple to use, affordable, and is made from aerospace-grade aluminum with a refined touch.


    1. UpOX

    Upox is a highly economic and quality mini-open pod system. With a minimalist design, simple usage, and spectacular features Upox is one of the alternatives to many other vapes that are just an aid to vape. Its coil is made of special cotton cultivated at the golden cultivation zone in the Tianshan mountains. Hence it has the perfect balance between fiber density and liquid absorption which will thus gift you with nothing else but the pure taste of your E-liquid. Upox features the Etchip 2.0 flavor master coil and has the optimum heat efficiency which will thus provide you with a mouthful of flavored vapes at each puff. It is portable, long-lasting, and has a dust-proof design.



    Hope this article was useful to give you a broad idea about the quality and unique features of the Uwell Caliburn products. To know more about our new designs and idea please contact us and we look forward to your valuable suggestions and review. Please log onto our Facebook and Instagram pages to know more about our unique commodities, upcoming events, future ideas, and innovations.














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