Buttonless Vape Pen Review. A Complete Review and Instruction Guide About Buttonless Vape Pens

    Buttonless Vape Pen Review. A Complete Review and Instruction Guide About Buttonless Vape Pens

    What is a Button Less Vape Pen?

    This kind of vape pen is unique in its way since it contains a rechargeable lithium battery and an atomizer that heats the oil and automatically converts it to vapour. Its cartridges you can fill manually, and it usually comes prefilled with vape juice.

    How does a buttonless vape pen work?

    The button-less vape pen works by turning dials. It means there is no clicking of buttons. Instead, it automatically turns on when you inhale. Press the start button to activate the push-button model, and the device is on, producing a flavorful vapour that contains nicotine and the flavour of your choice.

    Once the perfect puff has been reached, it turns off until needed again. Apart from the atomizer and the lithium battery, it has a software and sensor which is electronic, and its performance differs based on the push button and without button design.

    The following are easy steps to use the Button Less Vape pen if you are a first time user. 

    • Since it comes prefilled, you only need to inhale it and always wait for 5 seconds after the first inhale.
    • Monitor your feelings after a few inhale, and if you feel dizzy, halt inhaling for few minutes.
    • Keep on inhaling but have an interval in between. It is recommended to use the pen without the juice for the first time. This is for the safety of your lungs since it will burn off harmful materials.

    Button Less Vape Pen Battery Quality

    The buttonless vape pen has a 510 thread battery which has a capacity of approximately 400mAh. In addition, it has a preheat functionality and when on low power, it indicates by blinking ten times. 

    Charging the battery does not take long since it comes with a USB charging adapter, making it easier for it. You will know that the battery needs to be charged it is fully charged, or the voltage needs to be regulated if it shows the following colours on the LED indicator:

    • 3.5V-Blue
    • 3.7V-Green
    • 3.9V-Yellow
    • 4.1V-Red

    The battery power can last for 3 to 5 days, depending on the use. If you are using the vape pen most of the time, it will consume more power. If you are no using it much of the time, it will stay for quite some time.

    It is recommended that the green setting is good as it prolongs the battery shelf life and reduces heat used to vaporize contents in the cartridge. 

    Button fewer vape pods Kits

    The pod’s body material is Ceramic which makes it very light to be carried around. The pod is compatible with an ultra-boost coil pod which is ranged at 1.5ohm. The pod is suitable for mouth-to-lung inhalation. You can get some massive thick clouds if you inhale long enough. 

    The pod capacity ranges from 0.5ml to 1ml with a battery capacity of 400mAh. The pod also features an internally heated ceramic element with a wickless and coil-less design. It helps in heating the oil directly from the ceramic element. 

    Button Less Vape pen pod lifespan 

    The pods are designed to support all-time vaping, they do not have an expiry date, and they are expected to have a lifespan of 6 months when customarily used.

    Although, the lifespan will vary depending on how frequent it is used and how much THC or CBD is in the cartridge. If used well and stored in a cool place, you are assured that they will last a little longer.

     Its makeup is designed to be leak-free, hence used in seconds for effortless prolongation. 

    Cleaning of the vape pen and its Maintenance

    Cleaning the vape pen is simple, and it's highly advised to be cleaning your pen from time to time. However, it would be best if you had a clean vape pen all the time so that you can save money on buying new pens each now and then. 


    The following are easy steps on how to clean your pen:

    1. Dismantle your pen. Unscrew all components starting with the mouthpiece heading downwards. Make sure the chamber is fully emptied by tapping out the contents. 
    2. Use a brush to clean the parts of the pen. It is not advised to use water since the pen also includes electrical parts. Most of the pen comes with a brush in the kit. 
    3. You can also use soft tissue or cotton to clean the mouthpiece, that is, if it does not detach. Also, you can use running water.
    4. Once everything is clean and dry, screw everything back and make sure it is properly attached. 
    5. Press the button a few times to start your device, and it will automatically work once you start inhaling since it is buttonless.

    Pros and Cons of Button Less Vape Pen

    Most of the vape pens share or do have similar pros and cons. This makes the pros and cons of the Buttonless Vape pen quite similar but unique.

    • The pens are portable, and they easily slide into pockets or purses. This is not only because of their size but also their weight. Moreover, it is light because of the Ceramic casing.
    • Due to their stability, the concentrate tends to stay more potent and more prolonged, maintaining a reliable potency. 
    • They've got a variety of cartridges that come in the same strain-specific variety.
    • Discrete outlook that gives you the confidence to take it anywhere you need.
    • The button-less feature does not make it prone to any device damage when vaping. 
    • Electronics used together with the pod and pen may be faulty.
    • Vapor Production may be insufficient, which can be resulted in cartridges having issues. Inadequate vapour production you can solve most of the time by setting up your cartridge upright on a flat surface.  
    • Most of the cartridge producers are starting to manufacture additive-free products. Nevertheless, most vape cartridges contain PG (Propylene Glycol) or PEG (Polyethylene glycol). 
    • One has to charge the battery from time to time, thus risking the battery shelf life.
    • General maintenance includes cleaning the pen so that you may get the best vaping experience possible from it. 

    FAQS about Buttonless vape Pen

    How long does a buttonless vape pen last?

    The disposable ones ready to use out of the box can only last for about 300 puffs. However, it will depend on the usage. This means that you will never replace the carts or charge the battery. 

    How would you know that a Buttonless vape pen is charging?

    The battery has a special USB charger, and the 510 thread is specially made to charge the battery stronger. It usually turns red on charging and then turns green when it fully charged. 

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    The above article depicts that this particular device is ideal for casual vapers who do not care much about power and performance. Hence it gives a special vaping experience since it is buttonless and requires minimum effort to vape. 


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