Breeze Vape: Breeze Vape Colors, Flavors, Review, Shops Near Me, features, and Many More

    Breeze Vape: Breeze Vape Colors, Flavors, Review, Shops Near Me, features, and Many More

    Breeze vape in a Canadian company producing vape products to serve the global market. They claim to improve vaping experience by offering quality vaping devices. They also produce 10 flavors from which you can choose from. Let’s look at their products.

    Disposable vape devices

    Breeze Pro

    This is one of their best-selling disposable vape device coming in numerous flavors. The pod device offers smoother hits ideal for beginner and intermediate vapers. You’ll also enjoy the more hits this device affords you. Speaking of smoothness, it produces smooth clouds ideal for a show off. All pod devices come with a 100mAh battery for improved and consistent vaping.

    Here are some of the options you can choose in this category:

    • Breeze Smoke Anejo

    If you are an energy drink enthusiast, this is the perfect vaping device for you. with a perfect tart and sweet blend, you’ll have no choice but vape more. you get up to 2000 puffs per device and it comes fully charged so you don’t have to worry about interrupted vaping. The 6ml liquid capacity is ideal for serve you for a week or so if you are a moderate vaper.

    Just press the switch and inhale for 1.5 seconds. You’ll get a perfect hit. As you inhale, an indicator light will light up. And once it blinks 10 times, you’ll need to get another one. This e-cigarette contains nicotine, benzoic acid, flavor, glycerol, and other ingredients.

    • Blueberry Banana

    This pod has a perfect blend of sweet berries and creamy bananas. As such, you get a rich yet balanced flavor with a rich inhale and a cloudy exhale. Again, you will enjoy up to 2000 puffs per disposable device. The best part, you don’t need to charge as it comes fully charged.

    The 5% nicotine is adequate for novice to seasoned vapers and with a capacity of 6ml, you can rest assured it will serve you for 2000 puffs. It is also lightweight weighing 48g and comes in a portable design. In addition, the mouthpiece has an angular design for easier inhalation.

    Other flavored pods you can purchase include:

    • Blueberry Mint
    • Cherry Lemon
    • Grape Soda
    • Lemon Mint
    • Mint
    • Raspberry Lemon

    Breeze Pro (TFN)

    If you want a nicotine-free vaping experience, you can opt for this product. Like Breeze Pro, you get a perfect hit and long lasting battery. The disposable pods come in a compact and lightweight design. They also come with a 1000mAh battery serving you up to 2000 puffs. Some of the flavors you can purchase include:

    • Banana mint

    This flavor populates your taste buds with a rich aroma of banana and mint, giving you a refreshing feeling. Like other pod devices, you will enjoy up to 2000 puffs. You get 5% tobacco-free nicotine so you don’t have to worry about tobacco-related health complications. Weighing 48g, you can carry it around with ease.

    • Bubble Gum Freeze

    You get to enjoy thre flavors in one setting. With an icy blast hitting your buds, followed by a soft strawberry hint, and a note of cotton candy, you’ll yearn for more after every puff. The indicator at the bottom lights up with every puff and blinks 10 times once it’s out of service. Thanks to the perfect combination of nicotine, flavors, vegetable glycerin, and other ingredients, you get the perfect product for every day vaping.

    Breeze Plus

    Breeze Plus is one of the products that saw Breeze get into the limelight. With a slim and ergonomic design, it affords every vaper convenience when vaping. Unlike the Breeze Pro, it has a capacity of 800 puffs. This is adequate for light to moderate vaping. The 650mAh battery ensures you enjoy vaping uninterrupted. Besides, you can choose between 11 flavors. Let’s look at a few.

    • Berry Mint

    You get hints of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and black berries for that perfect hit. The icy finish leaves you feeling refreshed with every puff. With a weight of 15g, you can carry it around with ease. The 3.5ml capacity does ensure you get your 800 puffs hassle-free.

    • Blueberry Mint

    Want to experience the natural blueberry flavor? Well, why not get your hands on this pod device. The blueberry flavor with a minty finish ensures you get the refreshing experience with every hit.

    Other flavors to choose from include:

    • Cherry Lemon
    • Grape Soda
    • Lemon Mint
    • Mint
    • Raspberry Lemon


    Breeze plus 0% Nic

    If you are looking for a vape without nicotine, this is the perfect bet for you. While it lacks nicotine, you get the same vaping experience like the other products. You can enjoy up to 800 puffs and it comes with a 3.5ML capacity. To ensure consistent vaping, it comes equipped with a 650mAh battery. You can choose between the 10 available flavors.

    • Mint
    • Peach Mango
    • Pink lemonade
    • Strawberry Cream
    • Strawberry mint
    • Watermelon Mint
    • Lemon Mint

    Breeze Vape flavors

    As we’ve seen Breeze vape provides a user with up to 10 flavors per product category. Some have tobacco, 5% nicotine, while others have 0% nicotine. As such, the company aims to cater for the needs of most vapers who want to vape but keep their health in check. Unfortunately, you cannot refill the pods since they are disposable.

    These flavors include mint, peach mango, pink lemonade, strawberry cream, strawberry mint, watermelon mint, lemon mint, and others. If you want a refreshing feeling, you can opt for the mint line. For that sweeter taste, you can always go with the cream options.

    Breeze vape battery & charger

    Since these Breeze devices are disposable, they do not have chargers. However, the battery can last for up to 2000 or 800puffs. With the 1000mAh battery lasting you 2000 puffs and the 650mAh lasting you 800 puffs. If you drain the battery, the indicator at the bottom will blink 10 times. This means you have to dispose it and get a new one.

    Breeze vape colors and skins

    The colors of Breeze vape disposables depend on the flavor in them. For example, the blueberry mint flavored pod has a blue color while the banana cream flavor has a yellow color. In short, the company sees to it the colors match what is in the pod. However, all mouthpieces have a black color.

    Breeze Vape coupon and promo code

    There are no coupon and promo codes for Breeze Vape. However, watch out for updates.

    Breeze Vape review

    • Simple website: Breeze has a website that is easy to navigate. With well-labeled drop-down menus, you can navigate from one page to another with ease. Also, the menu has all the details you need to make a purchase or send an inquiry.
    • Many flavors: the company does not focus on one flavor, but different varieties. For example, you get flavors with nicotine and others without. Also, you can get tobacco-free flavors ideal for any vaper. These flavors range from mango, watermelon, and lemon, to vanilla.
    • Improved safety: all Breeze products have a security tag with which you can use to authenticate the product. Just shine a light on the tag and you’ll have it illuminate.
    • Large footprint: Many stores sell their products. This means, while you can still purchase online, you can head to local store for on-the-ground buying.
    • Wholesale services: the company also supports wholesale services. So if you want to stock your store with Breeze products, you can always send an inquiry.


    How do I refill Breeze Vape?

    You cannot refill a Breeze Vape device since it is a disposable vaping device. Once you deplete your e-liquid, you’ll need to buy another one.

    How do I tell a fake from a real Breeze Vape device?

    Luckily, verifying a Breeze Vape device is as easy as shinning a light on the security tag. If it displays a code, the product is genuine; otherwise, it is a fake product. A genuine Breeze vape device also has a V-shape packaging.

    Where can I buy a Breeze Vape product?

    You can buy the disposable pods from their official website. You can also buy from authorized stores that are listed on the website.

    Breeze Vape not hitting

    Well, you need to buy another one since the e-liquid is depleted.

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