WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Boulder Vape Pen Review & Instructions

16th Mar 2021 | 34 | upends v

The boulder vape pen is one of those you will have great moments with. Coming on a simple design makes it easier and convenient to use. You, therefore, have an assurance that the quality of service you will have is fantastic.

It boasts excellent flexibility, making it simple to refill. It feels great in your hands hence convenient to use. Having stylish designs makes it most suitable for day-to-day use.

UPENDS is one boulder vape pen product that will make you enjoy the moments. The quality is outstanding, and the performance is more remarkable.

Boulder Rock Vape Pen

Among the best things you will enjoy with the boulder rock vape pen are quick refilling, simplicity in charging, and the indigenous design. You, therefore, have an assurance that the quality is something you will enjoy. Below are some of the models that you will find lovely to buy.

1. The Aspen Slim

The Aspen Slim

The quality of this vape pen is lovely as it allows you to enjoy consistent satisfaction. You will love the slim and sleek design that makes it convenient and straightforward to carry from one place to another. the vape pen is simple to use because of its small and compact size. 

In terms of safety, the vape pen is one of those that you will comfortably use. It is accident-free, and you have a choice to make as to where you want to place it. A high-quality 720mAh battery keeps it powered for the longest time hence delivering a remarkable performance. 

It is also a great model when it comes to power conservation. You will also find it to be a lovelier model because it saves and preserves power. When connected to the USB cable, it takes a shorter time to charge. An LED light indicates the status of the battery hence a reliable model.


  • It has a premium finish
  • Perfect slim size
  • Easy to refill and use
  • It is available in many colors


  • May not stay for too long with the charge

2. The Aspen Air

The Aspen Air

Do you want to upscale the vaping experience? This is the vape pen to use because it offers a remarkable service. This vape pen stands out because of its style, performance, and features.

If you are a fan of customizing, his model will make your experience better and remarkable.  It comes along with a bottom that you will comfortably rotate to have the experience. Simple adjustments will make you enjoy your preferred vape strength. 

You also have an opportunity to set up the vape strength hence getting your preferred outcome. The transfer of heat and management is something you will have remarkable moments with. 

The vape pen also has excellent features, including security features that make it stand out. Replacing various parts of the model is something you will conveniently do. When you maintain some excellent care, the model will serve you for the longest time possible.


  • It has a quality make
  • Designed to deliver an outstanding performance
  • Saves on power
  • Comfortable to use


  • Needs proper management to maintain the durability  

3. The Boulder X1

This vape pen allows you to enjoy the best quality vaping. It does not have buttons to operate it. You will therefore pick it and begin to enjoy the moments. You will have special love and memorable moments with the compact size that makes it best, even for beginners.

Maintaining this vape pen is a straightforward process. The only thing you will need to do is to have the model charged and enjoy the moments. A rich and composing vapor gets produced every time you begin to vape. 

One thing that makes the vape pen great is the presence of replaceable pots with magnets. They play a massive role in ensuring that the model serves for a long. Having a slim and inconspicuous design makes the vape peen among the best in performance. 


  • It has a lightweight and portable design
  • Offers simplicity in use
  • Convenient for daily use
  • It is user friendly


  • The batteries capacity is limited

4. Boulder Rock Vape Pen Kit

This vape pen kit comes with a simple and intuitive design. You, therefore, have an assurance that you will enjoy reliable and outstanding service from it. You will appreciate the slim design that makes it serve well and easy to carry from one place to another.

You also have a chance to enjoy your liquid vapes as the model delivers reliable and remarkable performance. A stylish design tends to make the model stand out among the best.  Something unique is the fact that you will enjoy cycle vaping.

A powerful 360mAh battery ensures that you can comfortably use the vape pen for a more extended period. Traveling along with it, therefore, becomes one of the simplest tasks. Moreover, the battery makes sure that it retains adequate power to support 300 charge cycles. You will find the battery quite simple to charge if you have a USB port. If you choose to carry the charger on the way, you will find it more convenient as it is a simple task.

The compatibility of the kit is another lovely thing. You will appreciate the fact that you will enjoy the best quality. All boulder e-liquids perfectly work with the kit delivering the best outcomes. The filling method is natural and traditional. When refilling, you will insert the nozzle on the refilling port then begin to enjoy the moments.

During use, you will also enjoy great convenience. It features a button that you will press thrice to have it functioning. When you put it in the pocket, you have an assurance that it will not misbehave. You are, therefore, quite sure that you have the best moments when vaping. 

More About Boulder Rock Vape Pen Kit

In terms of size, the model is also large compared to the others. You, therefore, have an assurance that it will deliver outstanding and remarkable performance. Despite the size, you will still have it getting into your small bag.

The refillable design is ideal as it ensures that you do not get into losses. You, therefore, have a duty to maintain it so that the performance is outstanding and more enhanced.

You will also find the model to be most convenient as it accommodates most juices. Quitting cigarette smoking, therefore, becomes convenient when you embrace the use of this vape pen. It has a bit of tobacco taste that makes it sweeter and healthier to consume. 

The blend and flavor are other fantastic things. You will have some special appreciation because of the strawberry-apple-watermelon mix. Having a heavy flavor makes you enjoy the most significant moments when vaping.

Moreover, the charge is established and will ensure that you have reliable moments when vaping. The presence of the cap protector makes the model deliver the best as it is safe. When charging, you will enjoy the fast charging process with lots of reliance. You also have an option to carry the charging source as you move from one point to another.

As you buy the boulder pen, you also have a choice to make about the kind of juice you want to use. Something unique is the fact that you will have remarkable moments with your juice choice. The flexibility of the vape pen is, therefore, something you will have fun moments with.


  • Charges quickly
  • High-quality construction hence durable
  • It is user friendly
  • Compact and portable design


  • The battery will not serve for too long


  • Boulder rock vape pen charger
  • The charger of the vape pen consists of a USB cable and USB port. You will therefore make some simple connections to have the charging process implemented.  The charging process is straightforward, and in case of failures, you can easily detect where the specific problem is.

    You will connect the USB cable to the pen charging port. After that, you will connect the charger to the power source. You should therefore have the model charging. In case it fails, consider redoing the connection process. Changing the port, the USB cable, and the charging point should make it function.

  • Boulder vape pen not working  
  • There are high chances that your vape pen isn’t blinking because it has run out of charge. As a quick solution, you should charge the pen. While charging, leave the vape pen to charge for 2 hours. 

    What destroys the vape pen is liquids. When refilling it, you may have let liquids get into the battery. You should therefore do some cleaning on the battery part. If not worked on ASAP, the device will fail. Sometimes the rubber pod gets lost, or you forget to put it back. Your vape pen gets damaged.

  • How to use a boulder vape pen?
  • Using the boulder vape pen is very simple. Once you have adequately charged it and refilled it, you can begin to use it comfortably. You will need to understand how the vape pen works. You will then need to have a clue about how the refilling process. Once done, you will switch the vape pen on and begin to enjoy the moments.


    Boulder vape pen is a great thing to use. It comes packed with various security features that make it the best. Using it is, therefore, a safe process. You have an option to buy multiple pens that will serve you.