Blue Vape Review. The Ultimate Review of the Blue E-Cig and Blue Pro E-Cig

    Blue Vape Review. The Ultimate Review of the Blue E-Cig and Blue Pro E-Cig

    The blue vape is a line of vape products that are built and distributed by Blu Company. The company is solely an e-cigarette company and is owned by fontem, a subsidiary of imperial tobacco. The blue vape pens are very light in weight and are mostly considered to be starter kits.

    The beginner vapes come with pre-filled pods, and some of them are disposable. The Von Erl company released the initial device as my. Von Erl. The company then went through a series of acquisitions and became the blue brand. 

    There has not been any significant change from the device design and perspective since the original product was released. The only notable change is the flavors that the pens are available because the blue company has developed a wide range of flavor options.

    Currently, there are two kinds of pods available for the blue pens. You can get products depending on where you are making the purchase, but you will find US and UK lines to make it simpler. The difference between the lines is that they come with a notable difference in flavor selections and different nicotine strengths. The other significant difference is that the blue pens in the UK have four color options such as blue, red, purple, and gold.

    The blue company has its websites set in more than ten countries, including the UK, US, Japan, and many other EU countries. It can also be found in various locations, and you can look upon their website to see their stores.

    Blue e-cig

    Features of the blue e-cig

    • Matte black finish
    • Very light in the hand
    • LED display for power indication
    • Five-time consecutive press for activation
    • Delivers up to 400 puffs
    • 950mAh batteries
    • USB charging system

    The blue e-cig is a disposable vape pen that gives a perfect vaping experience without you having to face the complex nature of a standard vape pen. The pen costs much less compared to the lines of advanced vape pens.

    The pen is affordable, reliable, and very simple, which has made it a go-to device for most beginners. The pen will clearly show you the difference between vaping and using combustible cigarettes. 

    Blue disposables come in six flavors to give their customers a wide range of flavors to choose from. The cheaper price tag has made it even cheaper to acquire and try out the standard flavors of blue before choosing to buy a more expensive vape pen.

    Being a fully self-contained vape device, the e-cigarette does not need any maintenance or assembly in any way. The pens come ready to use while in the package, and all vapers need to do is take them out of the package and start using the pen. The pen uses a button-less design, and to activate the pen, you need to use a medium-strength draw. The pull makes it feel like you are using a regular cigarette. The pens do not need to be recharged, and the pre-filled liquid can last for a maximum of 400 puffs.

    Flavors of the blue e-cigarette

    • Classic tobacco
    • Menthol blu
    • Vivid vanilla
    • Blueberry
    • Strawberry mint
    • Cherry crush
    • Peach schnapps
    • Carolina bold

    The blue disposable e-cigarettes are easy to use, and they come in a box with a unit sealed in a plastic bag. The pen has a rubber cap that protects the mouthpiece, and users can replace it to keep the pen clean while not using it. 

    To start using the pen, take it out of the package and take off the cap from the mouthpiece. To activate the vape, you will have to take a pull from the mouthpiece because it is a draw-activated device that does not need any special buttons to power and fire.

    The tip has some indicator lights mounted on it, and it is a good way of engaging the users to tell them that the device is active. When you buy the unit, it comes with some charge already in it, so do not expect to see a charger in the kit. You will get one of the six flavors depending on what you bought, and this does not put you under the messiness of having to refill a pod. 

    The vape juice in the blue e-cig is sufficient, and the battery is enough to hold a charge that can give up to 400 puffs. These figures are not constant and are bound to change depending on the number of puffs the user takes. For people who take lighter draws, the pen can last longer than people who take longer draws. When your substances in pen get depleted, you can throw the device away and get a new one. 

    Pros and cons of the blu vape pen


    • The pen is affordable
    • It is easy to use
    • Comes with a full charge
    • Does not need a maintenance
    • Has six different flavors
    • The device is small and light
    • Automatic pull for ease of use


    • The flavor options are limited
    • Does not allow for customization

    Blue pro e-cig

    Features of the blu pro e-cig

    • Has a 1100mAH battery
    • Has a ten second cut off time
    • Available with LED indicators
    • Comes with pre-filled liquid pods
    • Draw activated heating method
    • Refillable tank

    As we have discussed that most blue products cater to the newbies, the blue pro kit is a different breed. The pen prides itself on being a vape pen for experienced users and comes with a long-lasting 1100mAh battery. You are guaranteed that you can get up to ten hours of non-stop vaping before you need to recharge it. The battery has indicator lighting, and the three-hour charging time is very conducive. 

    The device design is very convenient and can be measured at seven inches long, making the device smaller and sleek in design to allow for comfortability. 

    The blue pro kit is easy to use, and with the three-part design, you can easily screen and unscrew to assemble the device. You cannot find it hard to fix the pen, and the single button design makes it an easy-to-use device with only five successive presses.

    The vape pen does not come with any adjustable power options, and the vapor production is very okay compared to the high-level vape pens. However, the pen still gives a decent and reliable vapor for the people who do not want a pen that gives thicker clouds. 

    After taking the pen apart, you can connect the battery to a USB charging cable, and you can easily prep the clearomizer for easy refilling. Refilling ensures that the e-liquid only gets into the space between the centerpiece and the edge.

    You can refill the clearomizer using the blue e-liquids of your choice. When the clearomizer is full, you can screw the mouthpiece and seal it as you wait for the device to charge fully. After you have put all pieces together, you can proceed to use the pen.

    Pros and cons of the blue vape pen


    • Slim and stylish design
    • The charging time is very fast
    • The battery is long-lasting
    • Battery and e-liquid indicators are available
    • Easy to assemble and disassemble
    • The pen is refillable and reusable
    • Affordable in price


    • There is no power adjustment 
    • The pen is very long compared to other vape pens
    • The battery does not last longer


    With the solid design of the blu vape pen, you get an intuitive device that has a simple structure and an affordable price. The blu PRO device is a very compelling unit and tends to be overlooked by advanced vape users. For people looking for a simple vape pen that can be used on the go, the blu pro is the perfect pen.

    The blue e-cig is also a good disposable device that has been so easy for beginners to use. The pen has gained so much recognition, and its presence in the market is very significant. The affordability of blue vape devices makes them very convenient to use. 

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