WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best Weed Vape Pen 2023: Brand Reviews

30th Nov 2023 | 309 | Dickson

The recent vaping trend in the cannabis market has taken quite a drastic improvement. The improvement is a result of the competition among the numerous vaping industries we now have in recent times. A few of these brands are topping the chart in 2023 and here's why.

 1.  G Pen Elite

 The G Pen Elite emerges as an exemplary choice, characterized by its high-performance attributes. Noteworthy for featuring the most extensive ceramic chamber in the market, this vaporizer ensures rapid and uniform heating, affording users the ability to experiment with temperature ranges between 200° and 428°F for a nuanced flavour spectrum. Augmenting this, its sleek LED interface delivers real-time information on chamber temperature and battery status, resulting in an unparalleled and indelible vaping experience.

2. More About These Brands:

a. Pulsar APX 3 - Best Budget Vaporizer:

Geared towards the economically conscious user, the Pulsar APX 3 impresses with a rapid 30-second heat-up time courtesy of its convection-style chamber.

Offering five intensity settings, it presents a satisfactory vaping experience, positioning it as an ideal selection for both novices and those mindful of budget constraints.

b. PAX Labs Era Pro - Smartest Vaporizer:

Marrying a sophisticated design with cutting-edge technology, the PAX Labs Era Pro introduces an intelligent sensor that deciphers proprietary oil pods.

Augmenting this, the Android app provides intricate details about the oil, encompassing its origin, strain, and safety tests, culminating in a refined and personalized vaping encounter.

c. DaVinci MIQRO - Most Covert Vaporizer:

Positioned as a conduction-heated vaporizer, the DaVinci MIQRO offers intelligent and precise temperature control within a discreet and portable framework.

Distinguished by a zirconium airflow system and ceramic pathway, it preserves flavour intricacies while providing controls that toggle between curated and manual pulls.

d. X-Max Starry V3 - Best Mid-Tier Vaporizer:

Balancing cost-effectiveness with a user-friendly design, the X-Max Starry V3 features a swift-working conduction oven with a replaceable battery.

While it may not deliver an intense high, refinements in the heating chamber, battery, and mouthpiece render it a reliable mid-tier option.

e. Storz & Bickel Mighty - Best Pro-Level Vaporizer:

Positioned as a pro-level vaporizer, the Storz & Bickel Mighty employs a dual conduction and convection system, delivering superior vapour quality.

Renowned for reliability and durability, this vaporizer features precise temperature controls, establishing it as a premier choice for seasoned users.

f. DaVinci IQ2 - Most Stylish Vaporizer:

Exhibiting futuristic LED lights and an accompanying app for optimal setting experimentation, the DaVinci IQ2 stands as a conduction vaporizer of aesthetic sophistication.

Compact in size, it integrates a zirconia pathway to preserve pure flavour, making a statement of significant gadgetry.

g. Firefly 2+ - Coolest Vaporizer:

Earned the epithet of the “coolest” cool kid, the Firefly 2+ boasts a 3-second heat-up time and convection heating for superior vapour flavour.

Positioned as a premium product, its unique heating and cooling cycle contributes to its appeal, despite a higher price point and a non-beginner-friendly stance.

h. Puffco The Plus Pen - Best Vape Pen Design:

Earning commendation for its coil-free heating chamber, built-in loading tool, and futuristic design, Puffco's Plus Pen stands out in form and function.

While its battery life may not be optimal, its sleek barrel and metallic sheen evoke a futuristic aesthetic for on-the-go use.

i. Arizer Solo II - Best Vaporizer for Customization:


The Arizer Solo II excels in customization, offering two tube sizes for varied vapour paths and digital temperature control.

Despite a smaller bowl size, its hybrid system ensures swift and uniform heating, providing users with a personalized and nuanced vaping experience.

j. Magic Flight Launch Box - Best Old-School Vaporizer:

Catering to enthusiasts of classic charm, the Magic Flight Launch Box, a handcrafted wooden vaporizer, boasts rapid heat-up times and user-friendly operation.

While demanding some practice, its simplicity and value position it as a commendable choice for those seeking a traditional vaping experience.

Understanding Conduction vs. Convection Heating:

In delineating the technological facets of vaping, two primary heating systems are employed: conduction and convection.

Conduction heating involves direct contact with the heating element, ensuring a swifter heat time, while convection heating circulates hot air, averting combustion for a more uniform and flavorful vapour.

Vaping vs. Smoking:

The adoption of vaping cannabis is deemed "likely less harmful than smoking," as articulated by experts.

While vaping mitigates exposure to toxic chemicals, caution is advised, considering potential health risks associated with e-cigarettes and the dearth of extensive research on vaping marijuana.

Vaping and Social Justice Reform:

In tandem with the progression of cannabis legalization, the burgeoning industry prompts concerns regarding inequality.

Users are encouraged to support businesses championing social justice, thereby addressing historical disparities in the cannabis industry.


G Pen Elite:


Largest ceramic chamber for rapid and uniform heating.

Temperature experimentation between 200° and 428°F for diverse flavours.

Sleek LED interface displaying chamber temperature and battery status.


Long charging time.

Pulsar APX 3 (Best Budget Vaporizer):


Beginner-friendly and affordable.

Heat-resistant mouthpiece.

30-second heat-up time.

Lasts for multiple sessions.


Very basic vapour quality.

PAX Labs Era Pro (Smartest Vaporizer):


Portable with significant hits.

Utilizes pre-filled pods for convenience.

Smart sensor and Android app for detailed information.

Multiple temperature settings with immediate draw time.


The app is only available on Android devices.

DaVinci MIQRO (Most Covert Vaporizer):


Smart and precise temperature control.

Portable and discreet.

Zirconium airflow system and ceramic pathway for flavour preservation.


Short battery life.

X-Max Starry V3 (Best Mid-Tier Vaporizer):


Cost-effective and simple to use.

Replaceable battery for extended usage.

Quality improvements in heating chamber, battery, and mouthpiece.


Moderate vapour potency.

Storz & Bickel Mighty (Best Pro-Level Vaporizer):


Delivers high-quality vapour with a dual conduction and convection system.

Wide and precise temperature controls.

Reliable and durable German engineering.


High cost and not beginner-friendly.

DaVinci IQ2 (Most Stylish Vaporizer):


Long battery life with efficient heating.

Precision temperature control through an app.

Zirconia pathway for pure flavour.


Very pricey.

Firefly 2+ (Coolest Vaporizer):


3-second heat-up time for quick usage.

High-quality vapour flavour with convection heating.

Visible heating chamber for easy cleaning.


Pricey and not beginner-friendly.

Puffco The Plus Pen (Best Vape Pen Design):


Coil-free heating chamber for clean vapour.

Built-in loading tool for convenience.

Sleek design with a futuristic aesthetic.


Not the best battery life.

Arizer Solo II (Best Vaporizer for Customization):


Fully personalized vaping experience.

Digital temperature control with adjustable brightness.

Swift and even heating with a hybrid system.


Small bowl size for limited doses.

Magic Flight Launch Box (Best Old-School Vaporizer):


Fast heat-up time with easy operation.

Handcrafted wooden design for classic charm.

Value purchase without exorbitant costs.


Risk of combustion with a learning curve.


In summation, the diverse array of weed vape pens in 2023 caters comprehensively to varied preferences and needs. Offering a spectrum of features ranging from budget-friendly options to pro-level devices, users can make informed choices based on their stylistic, budgetary, and experiential preferences.


Q1: What distinguishes the G Pen Elite from other weed vape pens?

A1: The G Pen Elite stands out with the largest ceramic chamber, enabling rapid and even heating. It offers temperature experimentation, a sleek LED interface, and a distinctive vaping experience.

Q2: Why is the Pulsar APX 3 considered the best budget vaporizer?

A2: The Pulsar APX 3 is budget-friendly, beginner-friendly, and features a heat-resistant mouthpiece. While offering basic vapour quality, it provides multiple sessions and a quick 30-second heat-up time.

Q3: What makes the PAX Labs Era Pro a smart vaporizer?

A3: The PAX Labs Era Pro is considered smart due to its portable design, pre-filled pods, and smart sensor. It comes with an Android app for detailed information, multiple temperature settings, and an immediate draw time.

Q4: How does the DaVinci MIQRO prioritize covert vaping?

A4: The DaVinci MIQRO excels in discreet vaping with smart, precise temperature control. It features a zirconium airflow system, a ceramic pathway for flavour preservation, and a portable design.

Q5: Why is the X-Max Starry V3 considered the best mid-tier vaporizer?

A5: The X-Max Starry V3 is cost-effective, simple to use, and offers a replaceable battery. It comes with quality improvements in the heating chamber, battery, and mouthpiece.

Q6: What sets the Storz & Bickel Mighty apart as a pro-level vaporizer?

A6: The Storz & Bickel Mighty delivers high-quality vapour with a dual conduction and convection system. It features wide and precise temperature controls, reliability, and durability with German engineering.

Q7: How does the DaVinci IQ2 combine style and functionality?

A7: The DaVinci IQ2 boasts long battery life, efficient heating, and precision temperature control through an app. Its zirconia pathway preserves pure flavour, although it comes at a higher price.

Q8: What makes the Firefly 2+ the coolest vaporizer?

A8: The Firefly 2+ stands out with a 3-second heat-up time, high-quality vapour flavour, and a visible heating chamber for easy cleaning. However, it comes at a higher price and may not be beginner-friendly.

Q9: What defines the design of Puffco The Plus Pen as the best?

A9: Puffco The Plus Pen is recognized for its coil-free heating chamber, built-in loading tool, and sleek design with a futuristic aesthetic. However, it falls short in terms of battery life.

Q10: Why is the Arizer Solo II recommended for customization?

A10: The Arizer Solo II allows fully personalized vaping with digital temperature control and a hybrid heating system. It offers a variety of options for users seeking a customized experience.