WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best Vape Pens for E-Liquid to Buy in 2021

3rd Mar 2021 | 431 | upends v

The use of vape pens has become a common trend in recent days. Many people do vape to benefit themselves and have an energized day. You will appreciate the presence of the e-liquid vape pens.

They have made the vaping process more concentrated and healthier.

Most people who want to stop smoking prefer to go for vaping. They, therefore, opt to do vaping, which in turn gives reliable and outstanding performances. The major challenge that comes in at that point is getting the models that serve you well.

Today, our research is based on bringing you the models that will deliver the most outstanding performance with the e-liquid vape pens.

Best e-liquid vape pens in 2021



This vape pen is known for delivering the best e-liquid for some time now. It has captured many people's attention recently who have become frequent users. It has a sleek design and a color screen that makes it simple to manage and control. On its front, you will find the adjustment buttons that will make your operations work easier.

Moreover, it has an integrated battery that is very quick to charge. With a capacity of 3000 mAh, you will find the model among the best to use. It is very good at maintaining the flavor hence ranked among the best. You will enjoy using the device because it has coils that make the process of adjustment remarkable.


  • It has a lovely design
  • Boasts of a powerful battery
  • Quick to set and use
  • Convenient for day to day use and long hours


  • Complicated to handle
  • It is not compatible

Innokin Zlide Tube Pen

This vape pen comes from a brand that is responsible for making various models. You will enjoy its use because it has an outstanding performance hence reliable. You will love the stylish tank that makes everything easier for you because of its capacity. One unique thing with this model is that it has a limited power output that makes its energy-saving ability lovely.

A powerful battery makes the model most reliable even for traveling. 3000 mAh makes the battery quite reliable and the service remarkable. You will therefore vape for the whole day without having any struggling. It comes with coils of 1.2 and 0.8. They play a role in regulating the airflow in the tank hence quite reliable. Inside the tank, you will monitor the progress and the status of the juice using the glass.


  • It has a powerful battery
  • Features a glass that makes monitoring the progress lovely
  • Convenient for use for long hours
  • Maintains high-quality flavor


  • May not deliver as you expect if you do not adequately control it
  • Not convenient for long travels

Aspire Tigon

You will love the vaporizer because it has a lovely design and size. You will therefore have an easy time doing your stuff. It has a beautiful elegance that makes it one of the best performing models. Operations are lovely as they are limited to a single button. A fantastic thing is an adjustable airflow that allows you to have sweet moments. An assurance for performance is, therefore, one of the things you will have enjoyment with.

A battery of 2600mAh makes the vape pen serve for the longest time. You will therefore be quite sure that the outstanding performance gets maintained. In case you are using a higher resistance coil, the model still keeps an exceptional performance. Filling it up is a straightforward task because the glass opening only needs you to slide it and enjoy the moments.


  • Has a reliable and outstanding performance
  • Convenient for long day use
  • It has a remarkable design
  • It is user friendly


  • For people who love the use of multiple buttons, it may not be the best
  • The adjustment may not be so easy

Vandy Vape Trident

If you are looking for a beast vape pen, this model is best. You will love the evoking memories that it will deliver all through the use. The incredible thing about it is that it will make you have enjoyable moments. You will have pleasant moments because of its powerful battery that will serve you for the longest time.

The battery is not only chargeable but also changeable. You will quickly switch between the batteries and continue to enjoy your best moments with vaping. Amazingly it features a rubber coating that will protect it from knocks and damages hence durability.

It also has a capacity of 3.5Ml that can get further extended to 5mls. You will love the pre-installed mesh that tends to make its performance more outstanding and reliable. When combined with limited power, it will deliver excellent performance. You will enjoy the moments because of the possible changes that come when vaping.


  • It has a lovely design that will make the moments lovely
  • Boasts of a large capacity
  • Convenient because of its large size
  • Easy to change the battery


  • It may not be simple to carry along
  • It may interfere with the battery

FreeMax GEMM

This model ranges between a vape pen and an e-juice pen. You will therefore be quite sure that it will deliver reliable performance. Something you will enjoy moments with it because of the single button. You will find it simple to dispose of the key as it is environmentally friendly. To the inside, a silicone stopper keeps it in place and makes the air movement lovelier.

You will soak the model in water and straightaway start your vaping sessions. A 1300 mAh battery keeps the model powered for the longest time possible. You are, therefore, quite sure that the model will deliver the most reliable performance. Vaping daily is something you will have lovelier moments. The price is friendly and dependable.


  • It has a lovely design and performance
  • Boasts of a higher resistance
  • It has a portable design
  • It comes at a friendlier price


  • Managing the flavor may be slightly challenging
  • Serving for the longest time may be challenging

Halo Triton II

This model is one of the best performing as it has an outstanding performance. You will therefore have a quick jumpstart to your vaping sessions. One thing you will love with this vape pen is that it will deliver the most outstanding outcomes. Unlike other modern designs, it is lightweight hence making things much easier for you. You will enjoy the fantastic battery life that keeps it working for an extended period.

Moreover, it also has a 700 mAh battery that is responsible for enhancing a long-time service. You will therefore use it for some extended time before it gets spoilt. It is, therefore, quite reliable. A 1.5-ohm resistance ensures that the performance is outstanding and dependable.


  • Has a lovely and extended performance
  • Reliable quality
  • Serves for a more extended period
  • Convenient for daily use


  • The battery will not stay for long
  • It needs some more vital liquids

SMOK Nord 22 AIO


If you are looking for a vape pen that will offer a more traditional design and service, this model is fantastic. You will have an easy time having it set as it will deliver reliable performance. Remarkably, you will enjoy stability as it amplifies everything that each vaper would want to have. You will enjoy its design and the lovely shape that it comes along with.

The capacity of the tank is 3.5 MLS that makes it quite large and reliable. You, therefore, have a guarantee that the model will deliver more than expected. Compatibility with 1.4-ohm options also makes the model lovely and quite reliable. Its user-friendliness makes it one of the best models you will enjoy using. An LED light built-in is beautiful as it ensures that you can comfortably monitor what is happening with the model.


  • Has a reliable performance
  • Delivers ease of use
  • Reliable for day to day use
  • Convenient for great performances


  • Managing functions under one button is a challenge
  • It may not be amicable to use

Innokin Gomax Tube Pen

You may not clearly understand how important vaping can be until you use a high-quality vape pen. This model is known for making your vaping sessions more reliable. You are therefore quite sure that outstanding performance is something you will have fun moments while doing. Massive and maximum power output is responsible for having an exceptional performance.

A large capacity of 5.5ml makes this model one of the best in terms of performance. You will therefore be quite sure that outstanding performance is your portion. When combined with a 3000mAh battery, you will enjoy vaping for a longer time.


  • It has a lovely design
  • Delivers a solid performance
  • Convenient for day to day use
  • Quick to set up


  • Having disposable tanks makes it not cost-friendly
  • Exposed to handling challenges

Final verdict

The process of acquiring such high-performing models is fast and reliable. One thing you will have fun moments with is outstanding quality. The user-friendliness of the model is something you will be happy to have. After finding the right e-juice, it is best to accompany it with UPENDS's best vape pen. Visit UPENDS and get the vape product of your choice.