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Best Vape Pen for cartridges 2023: A Complete Review of Features and Performance of the Best Vape Pen for Cartridges.

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You might be looking for a vape device that best suits your dream vaping lifestyle. Vape devices are highly accessible, and they come in various designs that make it difficult for vape users to identify the one that will work magic on them. Having a vape pen at your access means a lot in your vaping journey. Vape pens are small, discreet, and lightweight, allowing you to carry them to your office or any other place. This article aims at covering the best vape pens that perfectly function with cartridges available in the present market.

What is a Vape Pen for Cartridges 2023?

Vape pens are slim, narrow, and often cylindrical and similar to regular pens. This serves as the reason why they are termed Vape ‘pens. The devices are produced to help tobacco smokers to embrace the modern way of consuming nicotine. The vape pens can as well be used by those who need to quit nicotine intake and smoke at large. All vape pens are designed to feature the battery part that plays a significant role in heating the device. There is a tank or pod in every vape pen you purchase to hold your desired vape e-liquid.

In the battery section, there are simple controls that are as well found on vape mods. If you go ahead and locate the tank section, you will realize that this is where the coil is incorporated for heating the vape juice contained in the vape tank. Once the coil heats up, the liquid changes into a vapor that brings truly awaited happiness.


  • They produce strong flavors
  • They are easy to use
  • They are the best alternative for disposable
  • They come with long-lasting batteries
  • They support a range of inhaling styles


  • They are expensive

Best Vape Pen for Cartridges 2023 Review: Is Vape Pen for Cartridges Good?

Check out the impressive vape pens currently available in the market;

Elf Bar Elfa Vape Pen

Elf Bar Elf Vape Pen is one of the best vape pens with cartridges in 2023. This vape pen model is highly popular for its ease of use which is complimented by the great delicious flavors. This vape pen is reusable and as well disposable to ensure that it is environmentally friendly, and this will require a more budget when dealing with this kind of vape pen. The Elf Bar Vape pen is absolutely easy to use as you enjoy the great flavors produced. Remember, the ELF Bar Elfa reusable vape pen serves you the exact flavors as the disposables.

The Elf Bar Elfa vape employs fixed-coil pods that are prefilled with high-quality flavors for increased convenience. The device is designed in a way you can simply attach the pod and take a deep inhale on the mouthpiece. Once the pod is empty, you can replace it and recharge the vape pen’s battery as you prepare for the next vaping session.


  • It has adjustable heat and airflow
  • It is easy to use
  • It is hygienic


  • It is expensive
  • It is problematic for the environment

Voopoo Doric 20 Doric 60 Vape Pen

The developer of these vape pens boasts of their classic design that achieves a minimalist look and stylish matte finish to make it fall among the best vape pen for cartridges 2023. The main difference between these two vape pens is that the Doric 60 is a bit chunkier while the Doric 20 is more slimline. Both vape pens feature a single button that gives the user an easy time controlling the 3-level power output. The devices have got long-lasting power that is sourced from high-quality batteries that be recharged after they are used up.

The 18W Doric 20 is meant to exclusively offer mouth-to-lung vaping, while the Doric 60 features a 60W and has the capability of offering both MTL and DTL inhales. For every vape pen, an adjustable airflow control. This will help you to further tailor your inhale between tight and loose or restricted and airy.


  • There are simple 3-level power output
  • The Doric 60 supports a range of inhaling styles
  • They feature long-lasting batteries.


  • They are expensive

Innokin Go Series Vape Pen

Welcome to the premium collection of single-button and easy-to-use vape pens. The Go-S rewards its customers with a simple automatic output and a long-lasting battery. The vape pens from the GO series are geared towards bringing the ultimate convenience every user needs. There is a fixed-coil disposable tank that is essential when the vape user wants to avoid replacing coils. The coils are part and parcel of the vape pen, and you are not urged to replace them.

The Innokin managed to develop the GO-Z in 2021 and it is still the best vape pen for cartridges 2023. The GO-Z brings you a replaceable version of the Go-S that operates with 0.8 ohms and 1.6-ohm coils. These coils are responsible for a long-lasting tank, and they are the best option for the more environmentally considerate vaper. Both the Go-S and Go-Z are ideal for mouth-to-lung vaping.


  • It embraces a sliding top
  • It is easy and simple to use
  • It offers 3-options to suit various users


  • It is not ideal for direct to lung

Innokin Endura T1811 Vape Pen

Most vapers are impressed by the Innokin Endura series as it brings the ultimate ease of use. This vape pen allows you to adjust the heat in the vape depending on the amount of vapor you intend to enjoy. You can as well adjust the airflow into the vape with uttermost ease. A magnetic top that clips are positioned at the top of the mouthpiece. This improvisation helps in keeping the mouthpiece clean, hygienic, and dust-free.


  • It is hygienic
  • It is easy and simple to operate
  • It features adjustable heat and airflow


  • It is costly

Aspire PockeX Vape Pen

With the Aspire PocketX vape an exception, all the other reviewed are newly developed vape pen models. This vape pen first came into the market in 2016 and had, over the years, stood out as the most popular vape pen. What makes this vape pen stand out in this fast-changing vape product market is its sturdy, reliability, and ease of use.

Every throat hit you get from this vape pen gives you a heavenly feeling. The throat hits from this vape pen are worth experiencing, especially for those smokers who will miss the throat hit that is derived from smoking. You need to protect the vape pen from physical damage as it is made of glass which can sometimes be delicate to break. The glass, fortunately, is replaceable, and you will comfortably continue your good time with the Aspire PockeX vape pen’s noble services.


  • It comes with an easy top-fill
  • It delivers superb throat hits
  • It features a great build quality
  • It comes with a compact design
  • It offers brainless coil swapping


  • There is a slight rattle from the firing button

Frequently Asked Questions about Vape Pens for Cartridges 2023

You can find your daily concern on issues relating to the vape pen of your interest in the following questions;

Why is my vape pen not working?

There exist so many factors that can make a vape pen tease function as expected. The mishaps may include; a leaking tank, battery not working, not enough flavor, not receiving enough nicotine hits, not enough vapor, no atomizer message, or even a vape charger not working.

If the vape pen tends to produce low nicotine, it is high time you try out higher nicotine strengths that should be higher than 1.8mg or use a lower-power vape battery. This problem can also result from a flooded tank.

Since coils are responsible for the heating of the vape juice, they tend not to last forever, and hence you need a modern vape pen with vape tanks that come with replacement coils. This will help you continue vaping without any inconveniences that arise from worn-out vape coils.

How to choose the best vape?

When searching for your favorite vape pen, this is what you are supposed to consider for the best vape pen performance;

Wattage-this is the first thing you should look at as it is the measure of the power and intensity of the throat hits that you are to experience. The equipment you choose should also allow you to adjust the wattage to your preference. This makes a vape pen to be of great help to beginner, intermediate and experienced vapor to find their favorite vape settings.

Battery life-your vape pen should have the capability to last for one to two days before it needs another recharge.

Ease of Use-this is the most desired aspect; you should easily consume your vape flavor from your vape pen.

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