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Best Online Vape Stores and Shops 2021

2nd Mar 2021 | 872 | ZengGreta

The UPENDS guide to the best vape product websites for the coming year

Many things in life are moving online,. including easy and convenient shopping for all kinds of products. Due to the emergence of numerous online vape stores and shops, there is likelihood that you may miss choosing the right seller for you from the wide variety. 
Anyone can start a store or a shop, so how to identify a legitimate store you can trust? To help you, we have narrowed down the best online vape stores and shops that you can trust. These stores carry a wide selection of vape gear, provide great after-sales service, and quickly deliver your orders.
Later, we will look at some of the frequently asked questions about vape stores. But first, ass you are interested in buying vape products, let’s take a quick look at what vaping is.


1.What is vaping?

Vaping is simply an act of inhaling of a vapor generated by a vaping device. Therefore, a vape is a device that heats up a liquid to form the vapor that you can use in vaping. Over the years, vaping has come to be considered by many as a healthier alternative to consuming marijuana and tobacco.
Now that we know the basic vaping concepts, let’s look at our selection of thebest vape online retailers.
Please note, all prices are given in US dollars.


2.Best Online Vape Stores and Shops 2021

2.1. Vapor.com

Vapor.com is among the best online stores for you as a vaporizer, , accessories, glass bongs and CBD products enthusiast. They stock a wide variety of well-known vaporizers ranging from portable pens to desktop ones. Vapor.com is trustworthy, dealing with vape products from renowned companies, including Grenco Science, Firefly, KandyPens, Airvape, DaVinci, and many others..
Vapor.com is a convenient, friendly online vape store with good customer service. For instance, they offer free shipping for orders exceeding $50,and a 10% discount on your first order.
Vapor.com is highly trusted as the founders of the e-Cigarette Forum, the largest and oldest vaping forum in the world. This has given them a great experience in the vaping world; thus, they can never disappoint.
Here are more reasons to trust Vapor.com:

  • They offer free shipping for goods above $50.
  • They have a great selection of the beginner kits best for you as a beginner in vaping.
  • They offer the friendliest prices.
  • Vapor.com was founded by vaping experts.

2.2. Element Vape
Element Vape falls among the few online vape stores that have maintained a steady supply of trending vapes. Apart from vape devices, Element Vape has also maintained stocks of popular accessories such as wires, wicks and batteries.
Aside from individual vapers, Element Vape also caters for the supply of vaping elements for other companies. If your company is interested in cannabis vaporizers, nicotine vapes with Pax sitting, then Element Vape is the best online store to trust.
Element Vape also focuses on nicotine vaping products such as mods, e-liquids, vape pod systems and much more. 
Key customer services include:

  • Their site offers easy navigation and order placement
  • They offer a wide range of products,serving as a one-stop vape shop
  • They offer competitive prices

2.3. MyVpro

MyVpro is the most visited online vape store. It is headquartered in Michigan, USA, and offers up-to-date selections of vaping devices such as atomizers, accessories, mods and e-juice.
MyVpro only deals with trending vape brands like Vandy Vape, Geekvape, SMOK, Naked, Aspire and many more. Once you become a prime member, MyVpro offers you a priority for free shipping and to receive exclusive offers from time to time.
Some of the other outstanding services include:

  • They only stock a variety of the hottest brands
  • They offer competitive pricing
  • When you become a prime member, they allow you access to additional benefits

2.4. VaporDNA
VaporDNA takes the third position as the most reliable online shop that you can buy Vape mods from. Their website has a massive range of vaping gear and e-liquid, with a constantly updated stock list which always features the most trending vaping devices.
As their customer, you are assured of their services; VaporDNA is the only online vape shop to have been awarded the Circle of Excellence Award, in 2016. This was in recognition of their participation in the vaping world.
Some of VaporDNA’s key services include:

  • Massive selection of vaping equipment
  • They offer you free shipping for orders exceeding $49
  • They offer worldwide shipping, so no matter where you are located, VaporDNA is for you

2.5. Black Note

Black Note is best known for high quality and authentic vaping products. Having been in the market since 2015, Black Note has built good customer relation and vape selling experience.
Black Note offers the best services for premium e-juice tobacco flavors and emphasizes their contribution to creating a smoke-free world, in providing the most authentic and enjoyable alternative to smokers.
Some of their outstanding services to you as their customer include:

  • They craft natural tobacco e-liquid instead of laboratory-concocted synthetic flavors.
  • They offer free priority shipping
  • They offer a reward program for their regular customers.
  • If you want your purchases to be labelled, they offer this service for free
  • They offer a free 90-day returns policy on products you buy from them

2.6. KandyPens
KandyPens makes and sells some of the best and most popular vaporizers currently trending on the market. Their products are mostly suited to dry herb, waxy concentrates, oils and e-liquids. This provides you with a variety of vape products that you can choose from at one stop.
KandyPens pride themselves with high traffic of superior, loyal customers – a good signifier of trustworthiness.You will further receive the following services:

  • They offer a lifetime warranty on vape products purchased from them
  • They carry a wide range of vaporizers
  • You will also love their great customer suppor.

2.7. MyVaporestore
MyVaporestore is the largest online vape store in the US and has been in operation since 2009. They stock an enormous selection of the best and trustable vape mods, e-liquids and accessories.
MyVaporestore is known as the pioneer of vape online stores and has managed to maintain its great online services to its customers over the years. 
With MyVaporestore you will find the following key advantages:

  • They offer a wide variety of vape products allowing you to get all you need at onestop
  • MyVaporestore is continually expanding its inventory
  • Offers rapid delivery on completed orders

2.8. Direct Vapor

Apart from offering the best vaping products in the market, Direct Vapor is known for its beautiful, detailed and easy-to-use website. It stocks a wide variety of affordable vape products that make it a one-stop online shop for all your vaping needs.
Direct Vapor also allows you to enjoy the following products and services:

  • They offer free shipping on orders
  • There is a 60-day warranty with guaranteed roundtrip shipping
  • They sell a variety of CBD products together with many other vape products
  • You are assured of original products.
2.9. Giant Vapes
Giant Vapes is a well-known online vape store which limits itself to vape hardware including sub-ohm tanks, non-sub ohm tanks, regulated and unregulated mods, atomizers, spare coils, batteries and so on.
This is the right shop if you want to get a specific vape product.
Some of the services that you will enjoy include:


  • They offer free shipping for all domestic vape products
  • They offer fast shipping
  • They give you easy access to specific vape products.

3.Let’s look at some FAQs around online vape stores

How Much Profit do Vape Stores and Shops Make?
Different vape stores make a wide range of profits depending on their customer traffic. Some online vape stores that have an expense ratio of $10,000 report an average of $26,000 monthly profits. With the growing number of vapers and the convenience of online ordering, the profits are expected to rise for many vape shops and stores.
How many Vape Shops are in the US?
With the rising demand for vaping elements, there is a rise in the number of vaping shops with a recent survey showing about 5,000 to 10,000 shops in different major US cities.


The online vape stores listed above are all great, convenient sites to pick your vape products from. You are not limited to these stores, but now with our analysis, you can always make a decision that best fits you in terms of policies, shipping, variety of products and warranty details.