Best 8 Vape Kits & Vape Mods for Clouds

    Best 8 Vape Kits & Vape Mods for Clouds

    It comes a time when the taste of nicotine and the desire to feel the punch down your throat is overlapped by the fun of chasing large clouds. To make big clouds, you need the best vape kits and vape mods for clouds. Mods with low ohms and high watts output are the biggest secret if you want to start cloud chasing.

    Instead of inventing new ways of sub ohming or fretting the coil surface area to produce massive clouds, we simplify your process by listing the best vape mods for clouds.

     What Is The Best Vape Mod For Clouds? 

    Not every vape mod is designed to produce big clouds. Whereas some are meant for strong flavour, others major on design. But for anyone looking for a vape mod for clouds the coil resistance, airflow intake and the coil’s heating capacity are critical.

    The best vape mods for intense, thick and flavour rich clouds have distinct characteristics. Most of these devices are engineered to heat the coil to too high temperatures in seconds and are equipped with a high wattage battery. Others are fitted with adjustable airflow for you to keep wide open when vaping.

    As more air is used to cool the coil, it also condenses the vapour saturated above the coil thus producing big clouds after exhaling.

    Again, the best vape mod for clouds uses sub-ohm coils due to their low heat resistance.

    Best 8 Vape Kits & Vape Mods for Clouds 

    1. SMOK RPM160 Kit   

    SMOK RPM160 Kit by a renowned manufacturer SMOKTECH is a vape mode powered by two batteries with a maximum power output of 160 watts. With the two 18650 batteries fully charged and the air adjustment ring operated at optimum, expect the biggest clouds.                      

    Loaded at the coil head of this vape kit are 2 V9 meshed coils whose resistance is 0.15Ω. Even with the IQ-160 intelligent chipset and a variable wattage feature, SMOK RPM160 Kit remains to be the simplest vape kit for clouds anyone can use. For you to vape for a lengthy time, the kit also comes with a refillable 2ml pod.

    1. GeekVape Aegis X 200W Box Mod

    Just as the name suggests, this Box Mod is powered by two 18650 batteries whose total power output is 200W. Being heavily equipped with smart features, Aegis X boasts of Memory (M1-4), 2.4-inch OLED touch screen, AS2.0 advanced chipset and IP67 waterproof/ dustproof and shockproof.

    With the advanced chipset, Aegis X 200W promises great accuracy, top-notch memory, fast response time and stable power output.

    For you to exhale a blast of the huge cloud, the pod features a dual air inlet. The large amounts of air being heated by the sub-ohm coil largely contribute to producing the clouds you desire. With the 5.0ml vape tank, you’ll enjoy continuous vaping without refilling.

    1. Vaporesso LUXE II 220W Vape Mod

    Besides the modes impressive design, the LUXE II mode features a colourful 2.0-inch TFT touch screen for an improved user experience. Just like the Aegis X 200W Box Mod, the regulated dual air inlet allows sufficient air into the GT mesh coils. And with coils producing 220 watts, large clouds are guaranteed.

    This vaping mod for clouds comes with a dual 18650 battery pack and a large e-liquid tank. With the two in full capacity and with the help of the AXON Chipset, you’ll enjoy long vaping durations.

    1. Lost Vape Centaurus DNA 250C Box Mod

    The Lost Vape’s large tank, high capacity battery and low resistant coils make it more suitable for vaping large clouds. And if the impressive design isn’t worth attracting you, the unique panels wrapped with luxurious leather should.

    The number of safety features incorporated into this mod promises long life. Some include temperature protection, short circuit protection and atomizer protection.

    For enhanced end-user experience, the full-colour TFT display helps adjust the settings for full satisfaction.  With the boost mode function, you can adjust the power output when firing to meet your clouds levels.

    1. Wismec Reuleaux Tinker

    If you’ve been yarning for a massive cloud, Wismec Reuleaux Tinker is the vaping mod to go for. While other mods are powered by two 18650 batteries, Tinker is powered by three. Now coupled with a low resistant coil that covers a large area, you are assured of large clouds all the time.     

    This beautifully coloured vaping mod for clouds features an ergonomic design and a 0.96-inch TFT colour screen making it interesting to use. The new column is personalized to meet your sports theme. Besides the short circuit and reverse polarity protection, the overcurrent protection will make the batteries last longer.

    1. Smok Mag Grip Kit

    Smok Mag is compatible with three battery models; 20700, 21700 and 18650. To make this vaping mod produce large clouds, it’s made to adopt both V2 S1 and V2 S2 coils. What’s more fancied in this vaping kit is the grip mod which conveniently holds the controls buttons and the magazine release button.


    The large baby V2 tank (5ML) holds large quantities of e-liquid for a longer vaping experience. No e-liquid spillage as there is no need for you to keep refilling the tank. The smooth firing button surface is likely to tempt you to keep press it unnecessary.


    This easy to refill-kit for clouds utilizes a fast charge technology that 3X faster. With the 5000MAh built-in battery, you’ll not have to load and reload the battery. The top cap even though firmly fixed is easy to open and refill e-liquid. ZEPHYR has a 2-inch touch screen which makes it easy to operate. Every detail is sharply displayed and thus easy to set the correct parameters for a huge cloud.

    Its option to use five different ohm rated coils makes it the right vaping mod if you use different e-liquids. It is equipped with a superfast charging system.  

    1. Odin DNA250C Box Mod

    Odin DNA250C Box Mod is made of aluminium alloy which gives it a long life span. Added to its ergonomic design is the striking outer chassis that’s meant to give a strong and quality impression. And to make it produce massive clouds, it’s powered by dual 21700 batteries with the capacity to produce 200 watts. It also uses the 20700 or 81650 battery types.                          

    For an intuitive user experience, the DNA250C Box Mod is loaded with a 0.96 inch colourful TFT screen and an evolve dna250c chip. With safety precaution features like Atomizer Protection, Reverse polarity protection and Overheat protection, this vape mod for clouds will serve you for a long period.

    What Is The Best Vape Juice For Clouds?

    If you are a starter, finding the best vaping juice for clouds should be a challenge. All you need is to first understand the different characteristics between vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG).

    There are times when you only crave massive clouds without feeling what vapers call “throat hit”. PG juices are responsible for this effect. With the bottom coil e-cigarettes, lacing PG juices with VG juices at a ratio of 30/70 per cent respectively would make a good e-juice for clouds.

    So, the most suitable vape juices for clouds are those with 100% VG. Some vaping juices with VG as the main component include Tasty Cloud, Audio Fog Juice, Mafia Cloud Collection and Straw-Nana smoothie by VaporFi.

    How To Get Bigger Clouds Of Vapor

    Vaping can be described as an art if you are aiming for a specific experience i.e. big clouds, cooling sensation or a deep throat hit. To get bigger clouds of vapor, the first important thing to consider is e-juice to use.

    As said above, fill the vape tank with an e-juice that contains large quantities of VG content. The vape mode should have a wattage rating above 40 watts. All the above-listed vape mods are rated above 100 watts.

    After firing your mod, make sure the airflows are open to allow unrestricted airflow to the sub-ohm coil. Practice purging. This is how to do it; first, exhale into the vaping mode before you inhale. By so doing, more air is forced into the coils thus produce massive clouds.

    Where to Buy Vaping Supplies Online

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    The number of vape mods designed for chasing large clouds has grown tremendously over the past years.  And with almost every brand having one or more vaping mods with high out power, low resistant coil and dual airflow, find the best vape kit and vape mod for clouds is simple and fast.

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