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Best 12 Menthol Vape Juices in 2021

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Best 12 Menthol Vape Juices in 2021

With the recent boom in the acceptability of vape juices amongst so many people today, it is very important to know the very good ones that give you the best vaping experience and that is why we would be looking at the best 12 menthol vape juices in 2021

1.      Why Do People Like Menthol Vape Juices?

Even with the decline in the cigarette smoking trend, most people still love and long for the taste of menthol on their buds. Why is that? Menthol flavours are delicious, refreshing, cooling, sun, and delicious on the buds.

Menthol itself is a taste that is present in a lot of edibles asides vapes, it can be found in certain drinks, foods, oils, sweets, and so on.

The menthol taste is all-natural and helps you taste better- No wonder vaping leaves a mind-blowing experience. Because of this reason, many people prefer to go for menthol vape juices for a perfect and enjoyable vape.


2.      Top 12 Best Menthol Vape Juices

2.1 Pearidise City by Motley Brew



You are certainly sure that one of the leading vape juices producing companies is Motley Brew. Have you tried checking the Pearadise City vape juice from them out? It is quite amazing!

The vape juice is a blend of natural pears with perfect silky French Vanilla bean cream. You should try this vape juice out if you are a lover of minty pears, and roses. The Company did a very good job mixing these fruity taste with a hint of mint that is quite cooling on the bud. It does look like we are exaggerating? Then try laying your hands on this particular vape oil to see how awesome it really is.


2.2 Chill Vines by Quiet owl


Here is another cool one from Quiet Owl. This vape juice’s quality is not a quiet one as opposed to its name; it is really loud! It has a very good blend and it is richly flavoured, you should not just walk pass it the next time you come across it in the market.

This vape juice is a mixture of grape and menthol and it gives you a really enjoyable vaping experience.  It is a product of Quiet Owl and it comes in a bottle of 10ml. It is loaded with 80% VG and it is a really good and refreshing one that is worth trying out! It is sold for £5.99. Yeah! It is that cheap. It is one of the best, yet highly affordable vape juices out there. Try checking it out!


2.3 VaporFi E-liquid



VaporFi is an online shop that deals with very great and high quality E-liquid blends. Their product is from the USA and they have a variety of flavours that include: strawberry, watermelon, kiwi, apple pie, menthol tobacco, Maui Menthol and many more.

Yes! All of these flavours. We presently cannot say specifically which of these flavours from VaporFi is the best because they are all very great! They are carefully mixed and will keep your taste bud asking for more every time. You want to confirm how true that statement is? Try getting one and see it yourself!


2.4 Chilled Tobacco by Cosmic fog

Chilled Tobacco by Cosmic Fog is a perfect blend of chocolate-toasted tobacco leaves and a hint of peppermint oil. Yeah! Interesting right? The vape juice leaves you with a tobacco taste and also a cool, refreshing taste. You know how refreshing peppermint oil can be? It is a great source of mint and menthol and it all natural.

It comes in a 50ml bottle and it has a 70% VG and 30% PG. It is sold for £14.99.


2.5 Naked 100



The Naked 100 brand can be traced to the US and it is one of the best E-liquid you could ever lay your hands on. This company is a well-known one and it is one of the leading vape juices producing companies. Imagine you vaping and you can actually enjoy the taste of delicious candies with some hints of tobacco and mint. That taste is heavenly!

This E-liquid comes either in a 10ml bottle with a nicotine strength of 3mg and 6mg or in a 50ml short-fills with a space of 10ml nicotine. Its VG ratio is 70% and that is a really good one to get thick clouds when vaping.


2.6 Watermelon Ice by Reds Apple E-juice

This vape juice is a right blend of watermelon and apple, plus a refreshing and cooling touch of menthol. Being a product of the Reds juices, this product is a top-rated one as the company is known to be one of the top producers of apple vape juices. Adding watermelon and menthol to the initial apple flavour makes it really awesome! Yeah! The combination of these great flavours gives a really sweet and satisfying vaping experience- it makes you feel like you are having some really great fruit juices mixed with a bit of menthol.

The vape juice comes in a bottle of 60mls and it has a balanced flavour of watermelon, apple, and menthol. Its price is $17.



2.7 Crisp Menthol by US Vape Lab


This vape juice from the US Vape Lab comes with high VG that makes it produce really thick clouds and intriguing flavours. Are you a lover of cloud thickness and great flavours? Then this vape juice right here is just for you! It comes with a mix of cooling mint and chilling menthol that leaves an enjoyable chill in your mouth.  The combination of mint and menthol makes it a great choice for lovers of menthol as it is not only refreshing,  it also gives your bud a chilling, and as well cooling experience.

It is a highly refreshing one and is a great example of an enjoyable menthol vape juice at a token of $25.


2.8 Blue Slushie by Keep it 100

This Vape juice is a product of Keep it 100 and it has refreshing flavours for you. It is a nice blend of icy blue raspberry and a slight hint of strawberry slushie Yeah! It gives you a feeling that can exactly be likened to you laying your hands on a very cold drink that is enriched with exciting flavours, on a very hot, sunny day

You will definitely enjoy this rich blend of blue raspberry, with a strawberry slushie, mixed with cooling menthol for $30.


2.9 ICED Pink Punch Lemonade by Lemon Twist




This vape juice by the Lemon Twist is one of the best Lemonade capes you could ever get out there. Are you a lover of lemonades? Or do you even love lemon itself? Just try this vape juice out!

With its natural and tasty lemon flavour mixed with refreshing icy elements, the Iced Pink punch leaves you much refreshed and joyful. Imagine a taste of rich lemonade and then ice on your taste bud, wouldn’t that be great?

To really understand how much thrilling this vape juice can make vaping feel, ty this product out for just $20.


2.10 Blue Razz Ice by Air Factory


With a blend of Menthol and blue raspberry taffy candy, the Air Factory Company did a mind-blowing job with this vape juice. It leaves a very delicious and refreshing taste in your mouth and the vape juice comes in a 100ml bottle.

With just $19.50, you get to freely enjoy a very sweet candy taste and a highly cool and refreshing menthol taste at the same time. This vape juice is indeed worth trying out!


2.11 Batch ICE by Candy King

Looking for an excellent sweet and sour candy vape juice? Try checking Batch ICE out. A reasonable number of vapers love to experience a sweet taste mixed with a sour taste as the deem that feeling to be unquantifiable! The product is a brand of Candy king and it is an excellent blend of exciting flavours.

It leaves your mouth and throat with a very sweet and cooling taste that makes you want to vape it over and over again. It comes in a 100ml bottle and for $20.


2.12  Mint by Solace vapour


With just $16.99, you get to enjoy this very awesome vape juice from Solace Vapour. It is quite refreshing and filled with natural mints. You will really enjoy this vape juice if you are a lover of minty flavours.

The vape juice presents in a 60ml bottle and it has a PG of 30% and a VG of 70%. Enjoy the cooling and refreshing taste of this vape juice.




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4.      Conclusion

A very large number of vapers cannot do without menthol flavours. If you are one of them, you can try out any of the above-discussed vape juices for an excellent and refreshing vale experience. Looking to try out more variant flavours? Then try out Upends!