Best 10 Disposable Vape Pen near me (Find Local disposable Vape Shops)

    Best 10 Disposable Vape Pen near me (Find Local disposable Vape Shops)

    Vaping can be a highly enjoyable experience if you are using the exact vape pen for you. The diverse models of disposable vape pens in the market today makes it very difficult for most vapers to choose the best for themselves, and that is why in this article, we shall take you through the best 10 disposable vape pen near you.

    1.      How to Find the Cheapest Disposable Vape Store Near Me

    With the introduction of online stores for vapes, things seem to have gotten easier- but also a bit complicated. The easy part is the fact that you can easily go online to buy whatever product you want even from the comfort of your room, but why it seems to be complicated is the diverse stores that happen to be vape sellers today. This leaves you with the difficulty of choosing between varieties and not knowing the particular one that is best for you. Some of the top reliable and cheapest vape store near you that we recommend are: UPENDS, E-juice Deals, Central Vapor, Vapor4life, and so many others.

    2.      Best 10 disposable vape pen

    2.1 PUFF Bar Vape Pen

    This one of the top-selling disposable vape pens out there! This quality, attractive vape pen comes in variety of delicious flavors which makes it quite unique. Its flavor varies from Pineapple, orange, mango, lemon and a whole lot more. The vape pen gives a calming vaping experience and it needs no charging or refilling as it is disposable.

    PUFF Bar vape pen presents in 1.3ml e-liquid capacity, its puff is about 500(that is quite huge), and it has a nicotine strength of 24mg.

    2.1.1 Benefits of PUFF Bar vape pen

    One of the most unique things about this disposable vape pen is the fact that it has a whole lot of flavors, this allows you the chance to feel and enjoy various tasteful vape experience. Some other benefits are the fact that when compared to many other vape pens, PUFF Bar pen is highly budget-friendly, and it has a high nicotine content. This means that for a price that is reasonably affordable, you get to enjoy varieties of flavors plus a high nicotine content.

    2.1.2 Demerit of Puff Bar vape pen

    The major known disadvantage of this vape pen is the fact that its vapor production is relatively small compared to come other vape pens.


    2.2 POSH Vape Pen

    This very colourful vape pen is for you if you are a lover of fruity flavours. Its flavors range from grape, to blueberry to lemon, and to 5 other amazing fruity flavours that makes a total of 8 flavours. The vape pen has its uniqueness in the fact that it is air-activated with no single buttons.

    POSH vape pen presents in 1.8ml e-liquid capacity, it has a battery capacity of 280mAh, its puff is about 200, and it has a nicotine strength of 6mg.

    2.2.1 Benefits of POSH vape pen

    This vape pen has its awesomeness in the fact that it is very portable and gives a really perfect throat hit. Another thing is its vapor production strength which is very good when compared with vapor productions from other vape pens.

    2.2.2 Demerit of POSH vape pen

    One hitch we discovered about this vape pen is the fact that it has some of its flavours that taste exactly the same with no differences.

    2.3 VGOD STIG pods

    This device is also one of the best out there. It comes with no buttons and it is breadth-activated. It has 5 amazing flavours you can choose from which ranges from Lush ice, to tropical mango, and others.  This device is one of the very easy to use vape devices out there.

    VGOD STIG pods presents in 1.2ml e-liquid capacity, its puff is about 500(that is really huge!), its battery life is around 12hrs. and it has a nicotine strength of 60mg.

    2.3.1 Benefits of VGOD STIG pods

    This device is very portable and easy to use and it is a great option for simulating cigarette smoking. It has a really nice blend of nicotine and its throat hit is really huge. The flavours too- they are very interesting and enjoyable!

    2.3.2 Demerit of VGOD STIG pods

    One major demerit of the device is that its vapor production is really poor compared with many other vape pens.

    2.4 BLU E-Cigarette


    Have you ever come across a vape device that comes in fully charge without needing you to refill or recharge before enjoying it? No, right! Then try this e-cigarette out! The BLU e-cigarette is a really amazing one too. This very affordable device has varieties of flavor ranging from vanilla, menthol, cherry, and others.

    BLU E0cigarette has its puff about 400, and it has a nicotine strength of 20 and 50mg.

    2.4.1 Benefits of BLU E-Cigarette

    This device is very affordable and yet its quality is highly good. It has awesome flavors and it comes with no maintenance costs. It is worth giving a trial.

    2.4.2 Demerit of BLU E-Cigarette

    One major hitch of this device is that you do not get the chance to customize it unlike some other vape devices.

    2.5 MOJO


    You would have likely come across this name a lot of time because it is very popular! Yes! MOJO is only designed for the strong-minded vapers. The device comes with a draw-activated feature and it has 8 different interesting flavors that range from peach, iced pineapple, menthol, tobacco, and others.

    MOJO presents in 1.2ml of salt nicotine e-liquid capacity, its puff is about 250, and it has a nicotine strength of 50mg.

    2.5.1 Benefits of MOJO

    This device produces a really huge flavor and it gives a great hit on the throat. A very unique feature it has is that its favors are all differently colored.

    2.5.2 Demerit of MOJO

    MOJO does not come with the automatic shutdown feature.

    2.6 ePuffer XPOD


    This disposable vape pen is a very good one too and it comes with cartridges that are pre-filled. It has a fifty-fifty blend of PG and VG and it is draw-activated with no single button.

    ePuffer XPOD presents in 1.2ml e-liquid capacity, its puff is about 300, and it has a nicotine strength of 18mg.

    2.6.1 Benefits of ePuffer XPOD

    It is very quiet and as well quite easy to use. The device is also very portable which makes it easy to carry about and it leaves an awesome throat hit.

    2.6.2 Demerit of ePuffer XPOD

    The device has a very limited flavor option.

    2.7 ePuffer ECO


    This device is made to perfectly simulate cigarettes. It is very portable and gives you an exciting vaping experience with tight draws. There are three available flavours of this device, Menthol, Premium Tobacco, and Caramel Mocha!

    ePuffer ECO has a battery life of 12hrs. its puff is about 500(that is quite huge), and it has a nicotine strength of 0mg, 2.4mg, and 1.2mg.

    2.7.1 Benefits of ePuffer ECO

    The device comes with an attractive charcoal led tip and its ingredients are really delicious. It has a PG-VG ration of 70-30 and it gives a really enjoyable vaping experience.

    2.7.2 Demerit of the ePuffer ECO

    It does not have varieties of flavors to choose from.

    2.8 DINNER Lady Vape Pen

    This brand is an award-winner over the years. It comes with a satisfying mouth to lung draw and it has a collection of diverse awesome 9 flavours that range from Strawberry ice, Lemon tart, Bubblegum ice, and many others.

    Dinner Lady vape pen presents in 6.5ml e-liquid capacity, its puff is about 1500(that is highly thrilling!), and it has a nicotine strength of 30 or 50mg.

    2.8.1 Benefits of DINNER Lady Vape Pen

    It gives a very smooth draw with no reports of leaking and its throat hit is a really great one. Its flavors too are quite amazing!

    2.8.2 Demerit of DINNER Lady Vape pen

    One major hitch of this vape pen is that it is not portable unlike many other vape pens, it is quite large.

    2.9 CALI BARS

    This very beautiful vape pen would make you want to ask for it over and over again. It gives a very enjoyable vaping experience and it comes in 16 various flavours- amazing!

    CALI Bars vape pen presents in 1.3ml e-liquid capacity, its puff is about 300, and it has a nicotine strength of 2% or 5%.

    2.9.1 Benefits of CALI BARS vape pen

    It has a very good quality and also a great draw. It is quite attractive and its flavours are very delicious. You are very likely to enjoy it!

    2.9.2 Demerit of CALI BARS vape pen

    This vape pen does not have the tobacco flavor.

    2.10 HYPPE BAR

    This vape pen is a very portable one with 13 diverse flavours. IT has a very unique and perfect draw and it is one of the best vape pens in the market today.

    HYPPE BAR vape pen presents in 1.3 ml e-liquid capacity, its puff is about 300, and it has a nicotine salt strength of 5%.

    2.10.1 Benefit of HYPPE BAR vape pen

    The vape pen is not complicated to use at all and it also has a great throat hit. Its flavors are quite amazing too.

    2.10.2 Demerit of HYPPE BAR vape pen

    This vape pen does not also have the tobacco flavor.

    3.      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    3.1 How to recharge a disposable pen

    This is where the whole idea of “disposable” comes in. Most disposable vape pens are not designed to be recharged. One it stops working, it means that the tank is already empty and the battery is as well dead. You should get a new one at this point.

    3.2 How to use a disposable vape pen

    You can use your disposable vape pen by pressing the activating button to launch it, placing the mouthpiece correctly and safely in your mouth, inhaling shortly while making sure you enjoy the vapor for some moments, and then finally exhaling the vapor. It is as simple as that!

    3.3 Disposable vape not working

    Your disposable pen might not work for lots of various reasons. If this happens, you should check for any form of leaking, check to see if there is still oil left in the pen, and also check if your battery is still working right. If there is no oil left or the battery is dead, that means you have to get another vape pen.

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    5.      Conclusion

    You can choose from any of the mentioned disposable vape pens above as they are highly trusted models, like we also noted, you can check out UPENDS.com for other amazing flavours too- you sure wouldn’t regret it!


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